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- First issue: 1996
- "Bathroom Litter-ature For Men..."
- "But Chicks Can Read It, Too!"
- "Beer, monsters, UFOs, Horror, sci-fi, Frank Sinatra, Capt. Kirk, James Bond, Planet of the Apes, Ron Jeremy, Godzilla, Jaws, Simpsons, KISS, Spice Girls, Barbarella, naked chicks, movies, books, The Archies, computer games, dinosaur rock, magazines, Mothra, classifieds."
- Creator: Jeff Gilbert
- Printed quarterly since 1996 (February, May, August, November)
- Website: www.mansplat.com

Horror, Sci-Fi, Fantasy
United States

Ceased publication
Last updated:
29 May 2018

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25 listed issue(s)

Issue 42

Issue 40
Dude Looks Like A Brady, ManSplat's Guide to Hell, Mysterious Power of Panties II

Issue 23
Temptation on Gilligan's Island, Haircut 100, The Many Moods of Spock

Issue 22
In Search of the Hamburgler, How To See Through Supergirl's Dress, Empire of the Aunts

Issue 21
From Brassiere To Eternity, Viagra: Father's Little Helper, Cafe Splat

Issue 20
Evel Knievel Vs. Thelma & Louise, Handy Guide to Orgasm Faces, Just Say No To Rugs

Issue 19
Cereal: Behind The Music, Batman's Utility Belt, Seahunt Underwater Signals

Issue 18
Burpology, Bartenders: Touched By An Angel, Godzilla Haikus

Issue 17
Rockstar or Cartoon Character, Bikers: Born To Be Riled, Folk You

Issue 16
In Praise of Fat Chicks, 59 Things That Killed Rock 'n Roll, Frankenstein Unplugged

Issue 15
Handy Guide to Vampires, Fart Dictionary, Ron Jeremy Bumperstickers

Issue 14
Worst Cartoon Characters of All Time, Gumby Gets Shit-faced Drunk, History of Swear Words

Issue 13
Pensises of the Stars, World's Greatest Tits, Bare Essentials

Issue 12
May 1998

This issue is dedicated to Godzilla with The Encyclopedia Godzillicus.
An A-to-Z on the world's most popular reptile,
Gilbert covers such topics as Godzilla's origin to Godzilla's butt.

Issue 11

ManSplat's History of Beer, Superstars of the Unexplained, The Skids Are Alright

Issue 10
Ward Cleaver, Ambassador to the World, Frank Sinatra: Lord of the Ring-A-Ding Dings, Chick Farts Vs. Guy Farts

Issue 9
Creature From the Black Saloon, Lost Prophecies of Cheech & Chong, The Birth of ManSplat

Issue 8
KISS: A Thesis in Greasepaint, Superhero Ass Kick, Star Trek Bumperstickers, Things JAWS Won't Eat

Issue 7
Tribute to American Ghost Movies, Inner Secrets of the Outer Limits, How To Catch Bigfoot

Issue 6

Crossfire on the Planet of the Apes, Debbie Rochon: Girl of Your Screams, Monster Anagrams

Issue 5

Backdraft: Match The Fart with the Butt, Paranormal Dictionary, Godzilla Bumperstickers

Issue 4
100 Men Who Shook The World, Interview with Pumpkinhead, 10 Commandments of Drinking

Issue 3
Mad Max Anger Management Course, 100 Great Horror/Sci-Fi Moments, Sit On My Mars Face, Joe Bob's Drive-in

Issue 2
JAWS III is a Chick Flick, Exorcist Vomit Recipe, Give Kong a Dong, Godzilla Dictionary

Issue 1
Being A Werewolf: A Survival Guide, How To Build A UFO, Godzilla's Job Application, Horror Rock

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