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The Magazine Of Personal Cinema In Action
Irregular Fanzine from United States
Ceased publication

- A magazine from central Illinois.
- Covers "small films, truly independent films, student films, and grassroots filmmaking."
- Editor: Jason Pankoke.
- 32 black and white A4 pages.
- Published by Opteryx Press
- Website: www.micro-film-magazine.com

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16 July 2014

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Issue 7
October 2005

Issue 6
March 2004

Issue 5
June 2002

Issue 4
August 2001

Issue 3
November 2000

2nd cover

Issue 2
Vol 1 #2 Spring 2000
Chris Smith on American Movie
Kevin DiNovis on Surrender Dorothy
Mark Pirro on Color-Blinded
Jay Rosenstein on In Whose Honor?
Hart Fisher on The Garbage Man
Maya Deren revisited
Bill Viola retrospective
Freaky Film Festival '99 recap
Big Muddy Film Festival preview
Letters, Film Slate, Reviews and more.

Issue 1
Vol 1 #1 November 1999
Slamdance, South by Southwest & Sundance: A trio of well-known American film festivals.
Ice From The Sun: The fourth feature of St. Louis-based director Eric Stanze and wis Wicked Pixel crew.
Josh Becker: A vereran filmmaker talks about his back-to-back independent productions, Running Time and If I Had A Hammer.
Alternative media: Adventures in the Indie film zine scene.
C-U Confidential: The epic tale of one man's quest to preserve the dignity of independent cinema for the people... at all costs!!!
The slate of things to come: Indie features in the words of the their filmmakers.

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