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Fanzine from United Kingdom
Ceased publication

- First and last issue: 1990-1994
- Horror and dark fantasy fiction plus cult movie reviews.
- Editor/Publisher: George N. Houston.
- Continues online.
- Published by Grave Orc Publishing
- Website: www.midnightinhell.com

Last updated:
26 June 2010

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Issue 12
September 1994
Russ Meyer Filmography
Chimera Arts Showcase by Michael Philbin & Hertzan Chimera
Cover Art by... Jaeson Finn
Graphic Novel: GRIMASQUEL by Kerry Earl & GNH
Whofage Fiction Article by D.F.Lewis
Death Laid An Egg Article by Gary Needham
On The Call Of Cthulhu
collumn by John Williams
Larry Buchanan Article by Bryan Senn
Fiction by...
John D. Chime
David Weston
William Meikle
Poetry by...
William Kopecky
James Morrison
Rosemary Rogers
Alan R. Bissett
& Ed Blundell

Issue 11
#11 did not get published due to various problems.

Issue 10
September 1993
Cover Art by Kerry Earl
Jess Franco Article by Ian Caunce
Obscure Films Article by Dave Szurek
Files of Yesterfear by Peter Benassi
Poetry section with...
T.Winter Damon
Wade Robertson
& Wayne Edwards
Fiction Art Plates by...
Jaeson Finn
& Mike Philbin
Fiction by...
Dan McGee
Paul D. Winter
Simon Wady
Steven A. Longley
David Weston
Ty Power
Lee Billingham
Shaun Jeffrey
Anthony North
A.J. Cox
Shane Greenaway

Issue 9
March 1993
Suzy McKee Charnas Interview by John Gilbert
Fiction Art Plates by... Kerry Earl
Vampire In Film collumn by Peter Benassi
Jean Rollin - Introspectively
collumn by Gary Needham
Blood of Blacksploitation
collumn by Hugh Leach
The Unknown Vampire
collumn by Kenny Burns
Fiction by...
Jim Steel
Graeme Clark
Pamela Ryan
Stephen A. Woodward
Jonathan Sharp
Todd Mecklem & Jonathan Falk
Paul McAvoy
Simon Wady
Matthew Lowe

Issue 8
December 1991
D.F.L. Cover by...
Kerry Earl
D.F.L. Bibliography...
1986 to 1991
- 8 short stories
with art plates by...
Kerry Earl

Issue 7
September 1991
Robert Rankin Interview
Cover Art by...
Robert Rankin & GNH
Trash Film Collumn
by Dave Szurek
Val Lewton Collumn
by Peter Benassi
Japanimation Collumn
by Jim McLennan
Fiction by...
James Morrison
Raymond K. Avery
& Shane Greenaway
Noel McCann
Gregory Nyman
& Steve Langton

Issue 6
June 1991
Peter Cushing Filmog.
Black Sunday 4 review
Film (Front) 242 by...
Gary Needham
Caruncula film review
Fiction by...
Jonathan Sharp
Hawk Hellson
James Morrison
& Shane Greenaway

Issue 5
March 1991
Nick Park Interview
Cover Art by...
Kerry Earl
Film Collumn by...
Gary Needham
Chimera Co. review by...
Iain McLachlan
Fiction by...
Anthony Cawood
James Morrison
Craig Fletcher
& D.F.Lewis

Issue 4
December 1990
Mario Bava Filmog.
Black Sunday 4 review
Video Obscura by...
Gary Needham
Videas Review (PART 2)...
by Iain McLachlan
Fiction by...
Anthony Cawood
Craig Fletcher

Issue 3
September 1990
George Romero Filmog.
Film Collumn by...
Gary Needham
Videas review by...
Iain McLachlan
Black Sunday 3 review
Fiction by...
Paul Gilbert
& Craig Fletcher

Issue 2
June 1990
H.P.Lovecraft Bibliog.
Black Sunday 3 preview
Reviews by...Big Iain
Fiction by...
Chris Murchie
Craig Fletcher
& Paul Gilbert

Issue 1
March 1990
Dario Argento Filmog.
Hellraiser review
Angel Heart review

Fiction by...
Chris Murchie
& Craig Fletcher

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