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The Magazine Of Classic Horror, Science Fiction, Suspense, And Noir Cinema
Horror, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Classic Monsters Monthly Magazine from United States
Ceased publication

- First and last issue: 1977-2018
- First issue was called Gore Creatures. Beginning with issue 26, it was officially renamed Midnight Marquee.
- A serious look at the fantasy cinema of the past.
- Editor: Gary J. Svehla
- Published tri-annually, 68 b+w pages in A4 format.
- Website: www.midmar.com

Last updated:
24 April 2024
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Garry Malvern
Scott Matheson
Debi Ziemkowski

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Issue 82
October 2023

Issue 81
November 2022

Issue 80
April 2018

Issue 79

Issue 78
October/November/December 2011

Issue 77
July/August/September 2010

Issue 76
May/June/July 2009
Plan 9 From Outer Space

Issue 75
Gary Don Rhodes takes a look at Lugosi Vs. Karloff-Eternally; Gary J. Svehla offers Groundbreakers: Horror's 13 Most Influential Films; Gregory Mank writes on Carl Laemmle Jr.; Forum/Against Em: The Wolfman; The Three Faces of Dracula; Beauty and Beasts: The Eroticism of King Kong plus over 40 pages of DVD Reviews.

Issue 73/74
March 2006

Issue 71/72
Vol 2 # 4
Mad Doctor Mania; 2001's Cinematic Relativity; Homicidal; D.W.Griffith's Avenging Conscience; So Good They're Bad; 105 Years of Women in Horror; DVD Reviews

Issue 69/70
Vol 2 # 3
Sounds of Silents by Steven Thornton
Terror from 1963 and Beyond: Past 40 Years ?
Top 50 Films
The Spider: Weaving a Web of Suspense; Things That Came: Significant Horror Movie Trends (1963-2003) Forum/Against ?Em: The Wicker Man; Return of the Ape Man ?Revisiting the Wartime Savage from a Post- Modern Perspective; DVD Reviews

Issue 67/68
Vol 2 # 2
The Lost Treasures of Universal
The Rise and Fall of the Downbeat Ending
Overrated/Underrated: Performances
Lost Horrors
Televisions 12 Scariest Moments
DVD Reviews

Issue 65/66
Vol 2 # 1
A Diary of Dracula by Gary Don Rhodes and Gregory William Mank;
Battle Scarred Horrors by Arhtur Lundquist - takes a chilling look at the influence of WWI on horror films of the 1930s;
If I Only Had a Brain by Steven Thornton - Mad Doctors and Brain Transplants;
Overrated or Underrated Horror/Sci-Fi Films from Silents to Present Day are rated by Anthony Ambrogio, James Janis, Jomathan Lampley, Cindy Collins Smith and Jeff Thompson;
Forum/Against 'Em: Bride of Frankenstein by Anthony Ambrogio and Gary J. Svehla - The pros and cons of this classic horror film are discussed;
Into Africa Again: White Pongo by James JJ Janis;
Hitchcock and Herrmann: The Torn Curtain by Steve Vertlieb;
Plus tributes to John Agar and Lucille Lund and the latest scoop on DVDs.

Issue 64
Frankenstein Revisited: Universal and the Selling of Boris Karloff by Gregory Mank and Gary Don Rhodes.
Into Africa: Nabonga by James J.J. Janis.
Universal's Horror Whodunits: The Strange Case of Dr. RX and The House of Fear by Jeff Miller.
Floyd Gibbons Airs Out The Attic of Terror by Michael H. Price.
Plus: Movie, DVD and Book Reviews.

Issue 63
Summer 2000
Mythos and the Horror Film; Creature from the Haunted Sea; Boy, Were the Critics Wrong; Gift of Gab; Marilyn Harris; How I Beat Dope Addiction by Bela Lugosi; , DVD Reviews

Issue 62
Midnight Marquee Monsters Special Pictorial Edition

This special 98 page pictorial, which is printed on photo quality paper, is dedicated to 1950s monsters, from teenagers to oozing blobs, from aliens to natures mutants.

Issue 61
The Fourth Most Important Horror Film Ever Made by J.J. Janis
Dark Cities: Urban Hell by Steven Thornton
The Beast Within Cocteau's Beauty and the Beast by Wolf Forrest
Monster Rally Remembered
Seven Vs. Dr. Phibes by David Kalat
Reviews by Gary J. Svehla: Eyes Wide Shut, The Haunting, John Carpenter's Vampires, The Sixth Sense, The Iron Giant, Sleepy Hollow
DVDs: Dracula Prince of Darkness, Quatermass and the Pit and Five Million Years to Earth, Indestructible Man and The Amazing Transparent Man, The Bat and House on Haunted Hill, The Asphyx, The Brute Man, and Spider Baby.The Art of the Low-Budget Horror Film, The Blair Witch Project

Issue 60
David Manners
The Invisible Man
Malibou Lake Michael A. Hoey on Navy vs. the Night Monsters
The Art of the Low-Budget Horror Film
The Blair Witch Project

Issue 59
Special pictorial edition packed with rare, vintage photos from the classic monster films of the past. High-quality reproduction.

Issue 58
Dr. Mabuse
Forgotten Faces: Lucille LaVerne
Halloween Horrors
The Nightmare Before Christmas

Issue 57
Dangerous Dames
The 1940s Mummy films
60 Years of Werewolf Films

Issue 56
Dr. Pretorius
Patricia Morison
John Barrymore's Horror Films
Grave Diggings

Issue 55
Sugar Hill and Her Zombie Hitmen! by Bryan Senn
Attack of the Teenage Monsters! by Don G. Smith
Our Favorite Psychos
My Meeting with British Royalty: Horror Legend Christopher Lee by Tom Johnson
Children of the Night: Dracula's Progeny by Anthony Ambrogio
Music for Frankenstein by Vincent A. DiLeonardi
Grave Diggings

Issue 54
A Salute to Hammer Films Room to Let: Hammer's First Take on the Ripper Myth by Cindy Ruth Collins
Looking at Hammer's The Phantom of the Opera with Two Eyes by Kirk Henderson
Barbara Shelley: Hammer's Woman of Substance by Steven Thornton
Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee: The Gruesome Twosome Who Created Scream History by Mark A. Miller
The Reptile: The Birth of a Mini Hammer Classic by Wayne Kinsey
The Plague of the Zombies: A (Rare) Hammer Original by Bryan Senn
Hammer's Forgotten Frankensteins by David H. Smith

Issue 53
The Brain That Wouldn't Die by Bryan Senn
If You Need Me Just Whistle! Red Skelton's Whistling in the Dark by Susan Svehla
Stranger on the Third Floor by Gary J. Svehla
Lionel Atwill and Vincent Price Wax Poetic by Raymond Valinoti, Jr.
Movies We Hate!
What if The Uninvited Had Haunted Universal or RKO? by Anthony Ambrogio

Issue 52
Excavating The Mummy by Paul M. Jensen
Movies We Couldn't Live Without
Midnight Marquee's MidMarvelous Awards: The Best of the 1950s by J. J. Johnson
Creeping... Crawling... Slithering... Sliming... The Crawling Eye by Randy Palmer
The Reinvention of Miklos Rozsa by Steve Vertlieb

Issue 51
Summer 1996
A Do-it-yourself guide to 50s' flying saucers by Steven Thornton
The 50s meet the monsters by David H. Smith
From Housemaid to Space babe: Women in space by Bernice Bansak
50s' Sci-Fi film faves: Invasion of the body snatchers to The Day the Earth stood Still
Target Earth: Noir with a Dash of the Fantastic by John Soister
From Helpmate to monster: The evaluation of women in Sci-Fi/Horror movies by Don G. Smith

Issue 50
Son of Kong by Michael Brunas
In Awe and Wonder of Ed Wood by Cindy Ruth Collins
My Life as a Hideous Sun Demon by Robert Clarke and Tom Weaver
First Horror Film Experiences
Heavy Breathing on the Line-Blake Edwards' Experiment in Terror by Robert Alan Crick
Night of the Living Dead-Birth of the Contemporary Horror Film by Gary W. Harner
Below the Surface of The Mole People: Cynthia Patrick Interview by Tom Weaver

Issue 49
The Enigma of Vampyr by Bryan Senn
Vampires in the MTV Age by Steven Thornton
House of Carradine: Why Isn't Lugosi in The House? by John Parnum and Gregory Mank
Invasion of the 1960s' Non-Traditional Vampire Movie by John R. Duvoli
Hammer's Hunt for a New Vein of Vampire Film: Three Semi-Classic from the Seventies by Dennis Fischer
Brides of Dracula: Hammer Horror's Second Vampire Classic by Tom Johnson
High Midnight: The Vampire Goes West by John Parnum

Issue 48
A Salute to Hammer Films
Classic American Ghost Movies: The Uninvited and The Haunting by Gary J. Svehla
Paul Naschy and The Saga of Waldemar Daninsky [Including Sam Sherman Remembers Paul Naschy] by David H. Smith
And The Winner Isn't... Midnight Marquee Takes a Biased Look at the Academy Awards by Susan Svehla
Tomorrow You'll Be One of Us! The Evolution of the Alien-Doppelganger Film by Ed Bansak
They Collide by Night: Film Noir Meets the Horror Genre by Don Leifert
Much More!

Issue 47
A Tribute to Hammer Films
Evolving Worlds of Hammer's Baron Frankenstein by Gary J. Svehla
The Hammer Factory: Hammer Films, Corman Style by Fred Olen Ray
Harlots, Hedonists, and Heroines: The Women of Hammer Films by Susan Svehla
Hammer Studios' Karnstein Trilogy: The Lesbian Vampire and The Desiring Female by Gary W. Harner
Surviving The Lost Worlds of Hammer by John Parnum
Val Guest and Nigel Kneale: Hammer's Dynamic Duo by Dennis Fischer
Hammer Declares War by Tom Johnson
Much More!

Issue 46
The Mystery of Jean Brooks: Angel in a Cleopatra Wig by Gregory William Mank
The Lair of the White Worm: Sex and Christianity, Ken Russell Style by Gary W. Harner
Vincent Price, Always in Our Memory
I'm Not Finished! The Evolving Male in the Modern Fantasy Film by Stephen R. Johnson
Remembering Baltimore's Shock Theater: The Lucifers Strike Back by Gregory William Mank
Forgotten Faces of Fantastic Cinema: Edgar Norton by Jim Coughlin
The Horror of Suspense: Robert Mitchum's Cinema of Evil [Cape Fear and The Night of the Hunter] by Gary J. Svehla
Del Tenney: The Shockmeister of Stamford by Dean Chambers

Issue 45
Summer 1993
30th Anniversary Issue
Unhallowed Grounds: Vampire Films of the Seventies by Lorne Marshall
The Golden Age of Horror: Island of Lost Souls and Mad Love by Bryan Senn
Christopher Lee Interview: Horror After Hammer by Dennis Fischer
The Lair of Bel-Air: The Black Sleep, Voodoo Island, and The Pharaoh's Curse by Dean Chambers
Metropolis: The Eternal City Revisited by Terry Roark
Allen J. Koszowski's World of Cinematic Art
Beast from 20,000 Fathoms: The Essential Harryhausen by Ralph Vincelli

Issue 44
Summer 1992
Mark of the Vampire: When MGM Challenged Universal...and Lost! by Gregory William Mank
Barbara Steele: More Than a Horror Film Cult Actress, Thank You!!! by Mark A. Miller
Fearing the Dark: The Val Lewton Legacy (Part IV): The Body Snatcher by Ed Bansak Scoring Val Lewton: The Quiet Horror Music of Roy Webb (The Robert Wise Films) by Randall D. Larson

Issue 43
Winter 1992
The Fantastic Asian Video Invasion: Hopping Vampires, Annoying Aliens, and Atomic Cats by Donald C. Willis
Day the World Ended: The Real Beginning of American-International by Dean Chambers
Day the World Ended: The Real Beginning of American-International by Dean Chambers
The Richard Gordon/Antony Balch Connection: Filming Tower of Evil, Bizarre, and Horror Hospital by John R. Duvoli
Gravesites of Horror Personalities: Scott Wilson Interviewed by Gregory William Mank
Fanex 5 by Gary J. Svehla

Issue 42
Summer 1991
Evelyn Ankers: Queen of the Horrors by Gregory William Mank
Tobe Hooper's Oedipal Horrors: Confronting the Female by Steven R. Johnson
Forgotten Faces of Fantastic Films: Halliwell Hobbes by Jim Coughlin
Afterlife in the Cinema: Heaven, Hell, and Judgment in the Fantasy Film by Terry R. Roark
Fearing the Dark: The Val Lewton Legacy (The Robert Wise Films, Part One) by Ed Bansak

Issue 41
Fearing the Dark: The Val Lewton Legacy (The Mark Robson Films) by Ed Bansak
The Quiet Horror Music of Roy Webb: Scoring Val Lewton (The Mark Robson films) by Randall R. Larson
Protelco Productions: Remembering Island of Terror, The Projected Man, and Naked Evil by John R. Duvoli
Excavating Beneath the Planet of the Apes: Beware the Beast-Man! by Arthur Lundquist
Dream-Reality: Horror from a Child's Point of View by Gary J. Svehla

Issue 40
Spring 1990
Fearing the Dark: The Val Lewton Legacy (The Jacques Tourneur Films) by Ed Bansak
The Quiet Horror Music of Roy Webb: Scoring Val Lewton (The Jacques Tourneur Films) by Randall R. Larson
Casting Voodoo Spells: Analyzing Devil Doll and Curse of the Voodoo by John R. Duvoli
Slice 'n' Dice: Censorship and the Horror Cinema by Gary J. Svehla
Enticed by the Dark... Clutching the Hand of Night by Richard Ekstedt
Afterlife in the Cinema: Heaven, Hell, and Judgment in the Fantasy Film (Part One) by Terry Roark
Forgotten Faces of Fantastic Films: Forrester Harvey by Jim Coughlin

Issue 39
Fall 1989
Karloff Through the Looking Glass: Horror on Thriller by Jay Allen Sanford
Count Carradine: The Long John Draculas by Dean Chambers
High-Octane Entertainment: Aliens, The Terminator, The Abyss... Gale Anne Hurd Interviewed by Susan Svehla
Attack of the Killer Popcorn: Don't Look Under the Seat by John Parnum
Calvin Thomas Beck in Memorial by Gary J. Svehla
Forgotten Faces of Fantastic Films: Olga Baclanova by Jim Coughlin

Issue 38
Spring 1989
Planet Filmplays Inc.: The Science Fiction Cinema of W. Lee Wilder by Arthur Lundquist
Revisiting The Horror Chamber of Dr. Faustus by Gary J. Svehla
Grave of the Vampire Analyzed: The Family That Slays Together by Dean Chambers
Susanna Foster Interviewed: Unmasking Her Fantasy Film Career by Delbert Winans
The Gorgon: Music by James Bernard by Randall D. Larson
Horror Gleanings by Don G. Smith
Forgotten Faces of Fantastic Films: William Harrigan by Jim Coughlin

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