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The Magazine Of Classic Horror, Science Fiction, Suspense, And Noir Cinema
Horror, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Classic Monsters Monthly Magazine from United States
Ceased publication

- First and last issue: 1977-2018
- First issue was called Gore Creatures. Beginning with issue 26, it was officially renamed Midnight Marquee.
- A serious look at the fantasy cinema of the past.
- Editor: Gary J. Svehla
- Published tri-annually, 68 b+w pages in A4 format.
- Website: www.midmar.com

Last updated:
4 January 2021
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Issue 35
Fall 1986
Decades of the Dead: Dissecting George Romero's Zombie Trilogy by Gary J. Svehla
Universal's Golden Age: Some Facts and Figures by Greg Mank
Universal's Poverty Row: The Saga of the Ape Woman by Arthur Joseph Lundquist
Remembering The Thing That Couldn't Die by Paul Anthony Parla
What Spawned Alien by John R. Duvoli
Forgotten Faces of Fantastic Films: E. E. Clive and Arthur Edmund Carewe by Jim Coughlin
Borgo Pass Meets the Hollywood Freeway: The Shock Schlock of Al Adamson by Dean Chambers

Issue 34
Fall 1985
I Like a Good Monster: Chatting with Dick Smith Interview by Bill George
Wes Craven's Exploitative World by Gary J. Svehla
An Analysis of the Invisible Ray by Michael Brunas
The Scared Stiff Ghost Breakers by Dean Chambers
Prelude to Terror: The Evolution of Music in Early Horror Films by Jim Doherty
Directed, Written, and Produced by Larry Cohen by Dennis Fischer
Forgotten Faces of Fantastic Films: Kamijama Sojin and Doris Lloyd by Jim Coughlin

Issue 33
Fall 1984
Charles B. Griffith Interviewed by Dennis Fischer
Solar Sirens by Dean Chambers
William Dien Interviewed: From Leopard Man to Leech Woman by Tom Weaver and Michael Brunas
Ultra Gore: Slicing Open The Evil Dead and Basket Case by Gary J. Svehla
Forgotten Faces of Fantastic Films: Brandon Hurst and Gene Roth by Jim Coughlin
The Musical Brainstorms of James Horner by Jim Doherty

Issue 32
Fall 1983
A Monstrous Minority: The Heyday of Black Horror by Dean Chambers
Forgotten Faces of Fantastic Films: Una O'Connor & Montagu Love by Jim Coughlin
Shivers and Shadows: The Cinematography of Karl Struss by Dennis Fischer
Martin Kosleck: A Memorable Menace of Two Screen Genres by John Brunas
The Fantastic Visions of David Cronenberg by Gary J. Svehla
The 20,000 Houses of Colliding Wax Beasts by Jim Doherty

Issue 31
Fall 1982
I Do Not Believe: An Analysis of Burn Witch Burn by Gary J. Svehla
The Unsung Horrors of Abbott and Costello by Dean Chambers
The Herrmann Zone by Jim Doherty
Forgotten Faces of Fantasy Films: Lionel Belmore and Gustav Von Seyffertitz by Jim Coughlin
The Halloween Saga: The Night He Came Home (and Overstayed His Welcome!) by Lou Gaul
The Vampire: An Enduring Concoction of Fifties B Horror Supreme! by Paul Anthony
Milton Subotsky Interviewed by John R. Duvoli

Issue 30
Fall 1981
The 75 Greatest Scares by Gary J. Svehla
Only a Push Button Away by Arthur Joseph Lundquist
George Zucco by Jim Coughlin
The Career of Carl Kolchak by Dean Chambers
The Return of Pure Romance: Somewhere in Time by Jim Doherty
Forgotten Faces of Fantastic Films: William V. Mong and John Miljan by Jim Coughlin
John Carradine: A Matter of Record by Dave McDaniel
A Comprehensive Listing of Fantasy Movie Books Part Two by Dave McDaniel and Del Winans

Issue 29
October 1980
There is No Yeti: Mysticism, Evolution, and Snowmen by Gary J. Svehla
An Evil Enchantment: The Picture of Dorian Gray by David Balsom
The Fantasy Film Career of Caroline Munroby Bill George
Music for Worlds to Come by Jim Doherty
Joan Crawford and Michael Gough: The Herman Cohen Superstars!by Dean Chambers
A Comprehensive Listing of Fantasy Movie Books
by Dave McDaniel and Del Winans
Dementia's Son: Dwight Frye, Jr., Speaks
by John Antosiewicz and Charlie Rizzo

Issue 28
September 1979
William Castle: Five Portraits in Black by John Brunas
Conversing with Ingrid Pitt Interview by Gary D. Dorst
The Shop of Little Horrors by Dean Chambers
Richard Gordon: Cat and the Canary by John R. Duvoli
Edward Van Sloan by Jim Coughlin
Jungle Queen: Interview With Acquanetta by DelbertWinans
Actor: Icon 'Theory: and the Horror Film by Dr. Lane Roth

Issue 27
September 1978
25th Anniversary Issue--280 Pages
Unreal Reality: The Symbolist Cinema of Harry Kumel by David Soren
The William Sachs Interview by Delbert Winans
Dissecting the Fly Familyby Dean Chambers
Peter Lorre at Columbia by Don Leifert
Nightmare in Vinyl by Jim Doherty

Issue 26
September 1977
Ritual and Heroism in the Fantasy Film by Gary J. Svehla
Night of the Hunter: A Musical Critique by Jim Doherty
Allison Hayes by Dean Chambers
The Black Cat: A Prevalence of Perversion by Stephen Shutt
Zita Johann Interviewed by Delbert Winans

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