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May 2009

April 2000
Pushing the Big Envelope Large-format CGI by Ellen Wolff
The Digital Road to El Dorado... ...and Beyond by Michael Goldman
First Person Inside Dream Works Animation by Michael Goldman
The Visual Language Creating Modern Film Imagery by Michael Goldman
Regional Production Guide: Canada by Kristinha McCort
Regional Production Guide: New England by Matt Cheplic
Step by Step: Snow Day The Flakes Progress by Ellen Wolff
Real SANs Fibre Channel at Work by Erich Spencer
The Mix MetaSynth by Matt Cheplic
Beta Sight Digital Voodoo's D1 Desktop Card by Matt Silverman
Fade to Black Anthony Dod Mantle

March 2000
Film Biz in Cyberspace Online film distribution by Michael Goldman
Coming Attractions Design luminaries predict future trends by Kristinha McCort
Spot Directors' POV How to improve the visual-effects process by Michael Goldman
First Person Opening a one-person editorial company by Dave Winter
Regional Production Guide: Southwest by Matt Cheplic
Step by Step: The Beach CFC goes from particles to plankton by Ellen Wolff
Working on the Web Online production and post by Dan Ochiva
NAB Preview Choose Your Weapons
Fade to Black Jim Jarmusch

February 2000
The Business of HD Real or imagined? by Cynthia Wisehart
Ahead of the Crowd Editors discuss coming trends by Kristinha McCort
Best Laid Plans How to prepare for on-site editorial installations by Matt Cheplic
Regional Report: Mid-Atlantic and Southeast From news to networks by Kristinha McCort
Step by Step: Magnolia A surreal storm from ILM by Ellen Wolff
Update on 24p Universal mastering format? by Dan Ochiva
On the Bandwagon Electronic cinema gains momentum by Peter H. Putman
The Mix: Dat Recovery by Ty Ford
Beta Sight: StageTools' MovingPicture
Fade to Black Steve Beck

January 2000
Real-Time Optical Motion Capture Will it change how you make TV animation? by Michael Goldman
Facility Executives' Forum Playing the content-ownership game by Michael Goldman
Get It Now Stock footage on the Internet by Audrey Doyle
Regional Report: Los Angeles Staying vital in L.A. by Kristinha McCort
Step by Step: Cirque du Soleil: Journey of Man Seeing double for large format by Ellen Wolff
Desktop Compositing Revolution $1,500 programs lead the way by Dan Ochiva
Video for DVD Understanding MPEG-2 compression by Philip De Lancie
New Lens Products Choose your compromises carefully by Barry Braverman
The Mix: Surround for Picture by Philip De Lancie
Fade to Black Mike Figgis, Director
California Spotlight

December 1999
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November 1999
From Sprints to Marathons What feature films taught four spot directors by Michael Goldman
Immaculate Conversion Pennebaker/Hegedus on digital field production by Darroch Greer
Digital Field Production: Assignment Hanoi by Darroch Greer and Mel Lambert
Field Ready The rental perspective on HD production by Philip De Lancie
Fear and Loathing on the Low-Budget Trail Unions, right-to-work, and other dilemmas by Marsha Scarbrough
Doing It Bright Florida proves location does matter by Kristinha McCort
Step by Step: Stuart Little No small feat for SPI by Ellen Wolff
Digital Cinema The studio perspective, Part II by Peter H. Putman
The Basics Getting the best out of video duplication by Philip De Lancie
IBC Wrap Up Notes from the Floor by Dan Ochiva
The Mix: Wired for Sound Integrated production at DS&P by Philip De Lancie
Beta Sight Post Impressions' SpiDDR
Fade to Black Zhao Fei, Cinematographer

October 1999
Ad Agency Round Table What are agencies looking for? by Audrey Doyle
Thinking in Color New ideas for 2K and HD telecine by Cynthia Wisehart
Keeping Track Digital facility management by Michael Goldman
It Takes All Kinds Stock shooters on the job by Matt Cheplic
Step by Step: The Thomas Crown Affair Getting off the ground by Ellen Wolff
Production Guide: Texas/Hawaii Texas and Hawaii stay sharp by Kristinha McCort
A Digital Force Lucasfilm on electronic cinema. Following this story, read Pete's report from Loew's Mediow 6 screening featuring TI's DLP digital cinema projector. by Peter H. Putman
Workstation Round-Up Graphics goes commodity by Dan Ochiva
Impressions of Siggraph Standouts from the show floor by Dan Ochiva, Michael Goldman, and Kristinha McCort
Mix to Pix Sexy gear and fishy Foley by Ty Ford
Beta Sight Cinema Graphics ShadeTree Renderer by Dave Rand and Dale Mayeda
HDTV Handbook News and advice from the HDTV frontier by Jerry Whitaker
Fade to Black Sydney Pollack, Director
Reel of Fame

September 1999
Beyond Limits Shooting in the field by Darroch Greer
Audio in the Field by Mel Lambert
A Lot from a Little Low-budget indies and digital effects by Michael Goldman
Chasing the Muse How music video directors devise treatments by Matt Cheplic
Production Guide: Chicago/Detroit Chicago and Detroit head into the diversification frontier by Kristinha McCort
Step by Step: Inspector Gadget Dream Quest devises digital gadgetry by Ellen Wolff
After Market Effects A guide to plug-ins, meshes, models, links, and more by S.D. Katz
Network Rationale Why move to Fibre Channel? by Dan Ochiva
Mix to Pix New York's newest screening facility by Ty Ford
dSP Postation at Margarita Mix by Philip De Lancie
Breaking the rules to get bigger sound by Ty Ford
Audio Equipment Preview by Kristinha McCort
Beta Sight Brainstorm's Virtual Set Software
Fade to Black Janusz Kaminski, Director/Cinematographer

August 1999
Same Game, New Rules Sports and News get a boost from new technology by Matt Cheplic
Digital Independents Seven entrepreneurial stories by Erich Spencer
DVD Deconstructed Becoming a smart DVD client by Philip De Lancie
The Haunting Gets Physical Practical effects at work by Michael Goldman
Production Guide: California California's facilities branch into new services by Kristinha McCort
Step by Step: Deep Blue Sea Hammerhead dives into the digital deep by Ellen Wolff
See All That You Can See Video monitors for the HDV age by Peter Putman
Mix to Pix Orchestral audio for DVD by Philip De Lancie
Beta Sight Sierra Designs' HD 1.5 Plus
California Spotlight Check out our spotlight on California companies

July 1999
DPs In the Digital Realm: What's a cinematographer for?
Internet Toonz: Make it move and they will come.
Spiderman Leaps Into 3D: Kleiser-Walczak takes viewers along for the ride.
Rising Stock: The boom in licensed images continues.
First Person: HDTV: Birth of an Art.
Step by Step: Wild Wild West: ILM Creates 80-foot Arachnid.
Siggraph '99: Coming home to California.
Desktop HD: A perspective.
HDTV Handbook: News and advice from the HDTV frontier.
Reel of Fame: The best and most recent work of commercial directors and teleproduction facilities.

June 1999
How ILM's Army Conquered The Phantom Menace: A look inside ILM's digital pipeline.
The Tommy Awards: Millimeter's third annual NAB awards.
Virtual Sets: Designing for Broadcast.
The Mother of Rental Trends: Digital video evolution impacts all corners of the industry.
Production Guide: New York: The Big Apple means new methods, media.
Asset Management: Getting started with asset management.
Cinematography Update: NAB and Beyond.
Mix to Pix: Inside IMAX Sound.
Beta Sight: Discreet's Fire 3.0.

May 1999
Big Pictures: Filmmakers assess the state of the giant screen.
A Different Cirque: Cirque du Soleil in IMAX 3D.
Speaking About Compositing: Six things producers should know.
Pioneering 2K Transfer: The future of color begins slowly.
Production Guide: Eastern Canada/New England: Variety is key in Eastern Canada and New England.
Step by Step: Pushing Tin: Seeing the light at 30,000 feet.
Fibre Channel: Network of the future...?
New Digital Tools: Notes on cameras, lenses, VTRs and editors.
Mix to Pix: A Loud Irony Enters the Mix: The Film Volume Issue.
Mix to Pix: Audio Equipment Preview: by Kristinha McCort.
Beta Sight: MTI's IntelliDeck.

April 1999
The Camera Changes Everything: How Ron Howard and company melded video and film for EDtv.
Adding Value to DVD: Designing featurettes and web connectivity for feature film DVDs.
The Right Track: Filmmakers discuss the increasing importance of 3D tracking software.
Roll With the Punches: Mobile companies face the unexpected.
Leaping Over the Line: Moving from a below-the-line production job into the director's chair.
Step by Step: eXistenZ Toy Box, Toronto applies motion control and CG to Cronenberg's mutants.
Faster and Better: Technology Pushes Storage: Nine things to know from the storage frontier.
NAB: The Megashow: A few final words on the big event.
NAB Audio.
Mix to Pix: Making Panasonic's DA7 console.
Beta Sight: Interactive Effects' Piranha Compositing Software.

March 1999
The Cinematic Sell: How to bring feature film style to commercials.
The Road to HD: Post veterans sound off on what's real now.
A Whole New Ball Game: Techniques for shooting HD sports.
First Person: The Basics of HD Audio.
Step by Step: Virus: Arete and proprietary ingenuity build a tidal wave for Virus.
NAB '99: What to look for at the convergence-fest.
Sound Integrity: Guidelines for audio studio.
Mix to Pix: HD surround for the Tournament of Roses Parade.
Beta Sight: Avid Symphony.

February 1999
Now You See Them, Now You Don't: What you need to know about color and electronic cinema.
To Finish or Not to Finish: Should editorial shops bring finish in-house?
Light for Rent: Reports from the lighting and grip rental business.
Rectangle in the Square: Mobile companies size up HD.
NAB : Trend Spotting: Telecine and asset management trends.
Bin Management for Shared Media.
Step by Step: Star Trek Voyager: LightWave and Photoshop build Trek's Harry Kim from the bones up.
Mix to Pix: Todd-AO Studios East heads down the digital path.
Beta Sight: Imagica IMAGER3000v real time scanner.
Production Guide: Los Angeles: Production and postproduction update from Los Angeles.

January 1999
Practical MoCap: Motion capture on the job for weekly TV.
Shooting in the Extremes: Underwater, into space, across the desert, and to Sturges with the Harleys.
Creative Stock: Innovative applications of stock footage.
Digital Dilemmas: What CG still can't do (Part II).
Trend Spotting: NAB: Trends to look for at NAB '99.
Step by Step: Meteor Attacks: PC software plus 70mm equals ridefilm effects.
Mix to Pix: Micing for sports coverage.
Production Guide: Mid-Atlantic/Southeast: Production and postproduction update from the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast regions.
HDTV Handbook (Volume I): Special Advertising Supplement: News and advice from the HDTV frontier.

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