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Magazine from Spain
Ceased publication

- First issue: 1998
- Website: mundomonstruo.blogspot.com

Last updated:
9 October 2015

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Issue 12
March 2014

Issue 11
January 2013

Issue 10
September 2011
Continues the numbering of the original series.

La noche del terror ciego, 40 años de un clásico del fantástico español.
Necrología del zombie cinematográfico Español. De zombie a zombie. Jorge Grau y los recuerdos de rodaje de "No profanar el sueño de los muertos" Entrevista.
Yo fui un zombie en la morgue de Manchester. Música de difuntos, melodía para profanar el sueño de los muertos.
Zombis all'italiana, un plato que se sirve frio. Retro TV: Salem´s Lot, la maldición de la casa Marsten.

Issue 3
2nd era
June 2010

Issue 2
2nd era
September 2007

Issue 1
2nd era
Spring 2005

Issue 6
1st era
February 2004

Issue 5
1st era
November 2002

Issue 4
1st era
January 2000

Issue 3
1st era
July 1999

Issue 2
1st era
December 1998

Issue 1
1st era
August 1998

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