Sci-Fi, Classic Monsters, Horror Quarterly Magazine from United States
Ceased publication

- First and last issue: 1993-1997
- Features, articles and terrific photos covering classic Hollywood and TV.
- Editor-Publisher: Don Dohler (founder of Cinemagic magazine published between 1972 and 1978).
- Sceduled as a bimonthly publication. 44 black and white A4 pages.

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3 April 2017
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Issue 12
Final magazine edition of Movie Club features Haunted House Thrillers -- from The Haunting to Hillbillies in a Haunted House ; plus House on Haunted Hill, and more!

Issue 11
Summer 1997
Fantastic cover featuring a striking, colorized photo of Mamie Van Doren (and one which Mamie said she had never seen before, but is now her favorite ever published). Inside, there's a 14-page, photo-filled interview with Mamie about her days at Universal; twin theme features on Universal Horrors and Universal Comedy offer an array of 16 films, from The Mole People and This Island Earth to Abbott and Costello Meet the Mummy and Francis in the Haunted House; plus, special tributes to James Stewart and Robert Mitchum. Also, a beautiful, colorized back-cover photo of Boris Karloff from The Black Castle.

Issue 10
Spring 1997
Special "all water" issue offers a theme feature on Terrors From The Deep - from Crater Lake Monster to It Came From Beneath the Sea; an 8-page, photo-filled spread on the three Creature movies; revisit the Beach Party movies with Frankie and Annette; and a Film Flashback on The Monster of Piedras Blancas.

Issue 9
Thematic issue featuring Wax Museums - from classics such as Mystery of the Wax Museum to TV series with wax themes; Chaney's The Frozen Ghost; a look at Jungle Jim movies with Johnny Weissmuller; Film Flashback of Abbott & Costello Meet Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde.

Issue 8
"Killer Plant" movies: Day of the Triffids, The Lost World (1960), Little Shop of Horrors,The Thing, etc
A Retrospective on "The Monster That Challenged the World" complete with interview of it's star Max Showalter (aka Casey Adams).
Bowery Boys: Includes articles on such Bowery Boys classics such as "Blues Busters", "Clipped Wings", Smuggler's Cove, "Hard Boiled Mahoney" and the Bowery Boys Meet the Monsters.

Issue 7
Summer 1996
Theme article on Female Monsters Movies covers all the classics, from She-Creature to Weird Woman; interview with sexy "bad girl" Yvette Vickers, including exclusive photos from her private collection; Top Ten female horror film performances; Film Flashback on the films of Barbara Steele.

Issue 6
Spring 1995
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Issue 5
Winter 1995
Theme special on giants in the movies; a career interview with curvaceous Mara Corday, with many stunning photos; a unique perspective on the Ozzie and Harriet TV series; sci-fi films of independent director and FX artist John Ellis; Q&A with actor John Abbott.

Issue 4
Autumn 1994
Theme feature on invisibility in the movies, from the classics to the later spinoffs; preview of the latest Universal video horror releases; a tribute to Peter Cushing; Forbidden Planet's Id meets The Alien Factor's Leemoid.

Issue 3
May 1994
Unsung Gems- great horror films you rarely read about; the forgotten "ape woman" movies; profile of independent director Fred Olen Ray and his movies; revisit the stop-motion film, The Black Scorpion.

Issue 2
March 1994
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Issue 1
November 1993
A comparison of Jurassic Park to great dinosaur movies of the past; Universal's classic horrors; a look at the independent SF film, Regenerated Man; setting up your own home theater; collecting movies on video and laser.

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