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Issue 22
December 1996
Jim Thompson's Lost Hollywood Years Greg Olson understands film noir. So did Jim Thompson, who gave us stories like Peckinpah's The Gateway and Kubrick's The Killing. Too bad Hollywood never understood Jim Thompson. by David Geffner Producing Features Regardless of the budget, both halves of your brain need to be in good working order if you want to be a producer. by Zorianna Kit Carl Franklin Devil in a Blue Dress got great reviews but didn't have legs. Where does a talented actor/writer/director go from here? by Erich Leon Harris

Issue 21
October 1996
Lucky Star Samuel L. Jackson One of Hollywood's most versatile actors comes clean about breaking stereotypes, the Oscars, and his new drug of choice. by Erich Leon Harris Shooting in Hollywood North A favorable exchange rate and that view have lured Hollywood to B.C. for years. But indies find that trickle-down doesn't work in the movie biz, either. Vincent Sherman: A Director's Life There aren't many directors left from Hollywood's Golden Age. Spry ninety-year-old Vincent Sherman, who directed many of the greatest actors of his generation, is one of them. by Eric Sherman

Issue 20
August 1996
Indie Film Sweetheart Adrienne Shelly Hal Hartley's ex-collaborator is five feet notothing and barely a hundred pounds, but Sudden Manhattan proves this actor/director double threat is anything but a lightweight. by Tim Rhys Rapping with John Sayles The Renaissance Man talks about the pressures of directing, the pleasures of editing, and how to save a buck, Corman-style. by Paula Nechak Master DP James Wong Howe On the 20th anniversary of his passing, this great 'poet of the camera' is remembered by his nephew. by Richard Francis James Lee

Issue 19
June 1996
Cover: Harvey Keitel, Master of His Domain One of our all-time favorite actors talks about first-time directors, the Marine Corps, and the health benefits of letting go with that old Primordial Instinct. by Tim Rhys with Brian O'Hare Paul Schrader Calls the Shots Mild-mannered, hellraising, walking contradiction Paul Schrader, one of America's greatest writer-directors, goes back to basics. by Tim Rhys Columns & Departments Home Cinema: Crooks, Psychos and Soldiers: the Cinema of Sam Fuller A new documentary by Tim Robbins sheds light on the career of one of America's most brutally honest directors. by Rus Thompson On The Set: Becoming the Director's Right Arm and Left Brain A good script supervisor can mean the difference between a professional and amateur look for your movie. by Tina Frolund

Issue 18
April 1996
Cover: John Frankenheimer Survives Hollywood Best known as the director of classics like The Manchurian Candidate, Birdman of Alcatraz and Seconds, J.F. returns to his television roots with the super-successful Andersonville and a new feature starring Marlon Brando. by Tim Rhys and Ian Bage The Life and Times of John Peirson Part II Clerks. She's Gotta Have It. Roger And Me. J.P. Part II, in which our hero single-handedly alters the American independent film landscape. by Peter Broderick Columns & Departments How They Did It: Queers, Fears and Crocodile Tears His and Hers tales of this low-budget indie prove nothing beats a good script and a hell of a lot of determination. by Ted Sod and Sandy Cioffi

Issue 17
February/March 1996
Cover: Dark Star Tim Roth Kicks Some Ass Blend one part Cagney, one part Keitel, and equal parts Sid Vicious and Larry Olivier, and you might get Tim Roth, the fiercely independent British actor who has made a career of playing characters on the edge. by Tim Rhys and Tom Allen The Life and Times of John Peirson Part I Clerks. She's Gotta Have It. Roger And Me. In inventing the position of producer's rep, John Pierson helped reinvent American independent cinema. by Peter Broderick 1996 Independent Movie Review Eighteen distributors, from the mini-majors to the micros, give us their mouthwatering lineup cards for the first few months of 1996. by Charles McEnerney Columns & Departments Profiles: John Duigan Duigan stands his ground down under. by Puala Nechak

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