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Issue 26
October 1997
Fake Independencake Independence and Reel Truth MovieMaker's favorite world-class independent film pundit sharpens his pen to take a few jabs at the motion picture establishment and get us to stop taking the true indie film for granted. by Ray Carney Is Film School Right for You? Discussions with three prominent indie directors about their film school experiences, advice on finding the program that best fits your needs and a thumbnail sampler of what's available. by Sharon Edwards Columns & Departments Profiles: Charles Weinstein's Under the Bridge Charles Weinstein's Under The Bridge was selected the winner of the MovieMaker Breakthrough Award at the 1997 Taos Talking Picture Festival. The movie is a warm, touching look at a group of would-be homeless friends living on the Brooklyn waterfront, told from the point of view of a boy whom they befriend. by Stephen Ashton Documentary: In Anthem Hollywood denizens, Kristen Hahn and Shainee Gabel, set out to find outind out if America is as cynical as Hollywood makes it out to be. Their documentary, Anthem, is the happy result. by Charles McEnerney

Issue 25
July 1997
Cover: Kelly Lynch, Still Waiting For Her Hitchcock Drugstore cowgirl Kelly Lynch talks about career choices, psycho directors, the power of beauty and how sometimes she just doesn't give a damn. by Lyall Bush Shooting For The Stars: Women Cinematographers 'The last thing my mother ever thought I'd be was a technician,' says Nancy Schreiber (Visions of Light). She and four other accomplished DPs tell what it takes to be a successful woman in the traditionally male world of cinematography. by Sharon Edwards Columns & Departments Ask Mr. Hollywood: Distribution: The Key To Success Moviemaking advice from America's #1 film instructor. Part I of a three part series called Distribution: The Key To Success. by Dov S-S Simens Home Cinema: Bergman's Women Ingmar Bergman found enlightenment in his exploration of femininity. by Rustin Thompson

Issue 24
March 1997
Spike Lee Speaks, Demystifying The Man The man, the myth and the misunderstandings that surround one of the most talented and prolific director-franchises in the business. by Erich Leon Harris Script Readers, Getting Past Hollywood's Gatekeepers Some writers think staged readings provide invaluable exposure and feedback. Others consider the exercise masturbatory. Is a public reading right for you? by George Wing Columns & Departments Profiles: Kolya Czech movie garners Best Foreign Language Film nomination; reflects trust of father-son filmmakers Jan and Zdenek Sverak. by Neil Kendricks The 1996 MovieMaker Readers Awards The year the secret got out about Joel, Ethan, Cameron, John, Frances, Geofrey, Natalie, Cuba and Emily. by Charles McEnerney

Issue 23
February 1997
Spotlight on North Carolina You've likely heard that North Carolina is the third most active film production state in the Union. Here's why. by Michaele Ballard Hanging Out with Richard Linklater The late 20th century's foremost chronicler of 20-something angst offers up subUrbia. by Tim Rhys Columns & Departments How They Did It: Justin Evan's No-Budget Odyssey Portland moviemaker Justin Evan's no-budget odyssey making A Day in the Lifeis a study in perseverance. by Justin Evans

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