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Issue 36
December 1999
Kimberly Peirce by A.G. Basoli Director Peirce's beautiful, brutal Boys Don't Cry is being hailed as one of the most outstanding debut features in years. How to Think Like an Investor by Mark Litwak, ESQ. Moviemakers spend an ininordinate amount of time chasing private money. Here's an examination of the typical investor's motivations and concerns. The Path of the Artist: Part I by Ray Carney The world's leading expert on independent film and American culture (our opinion and probably his) takes a fresh look at what it means to make a worthwhile movie in this 'Open Letter to the Next Generation of American Filmmakers.' Bruce Beresford: Double Threat by Stephen Lynch How does a kid from Australia come to be one of Hollywood's most-respected directors? Beresford talks about Double Jeopardy, the differences between Hollywood and the land down under, and getting his knickers in a twist. The Journeys of Atom Egoyan by Kevin Lewis br> Egoyan follows the success of The Sweet Hereafter with a chilling portrayal of lost souls. He talked with us about Felicia's Journey and his career at the New York Film Festival. Post Perfect: In 10 Easy Steps by Susan J. Spohr Still intimidated by the post process? This walk-through by a longtime Hollywood post-production supervisor should inspire confidence. Andrew Goth and The War of Art by Erich Leon Harris Casting David Bowie and Goldie&emdash;and himself&emdash;in lead roles were just some of the gutsy moves Goth made when he put together this action-packed first feature. DIY Digital Editing by Scott Essman The world of independent moviemaking is getting more independent all the time. New technologies allogies allow digital filmmakers of all budgets to do their editing at home. Columns & Departments MM Notebook: A Letter to The Reader Home Cinema: The Best of Steve McQueen by Rus Thompson Rebel Actor with mythical man-child presense has been gone nearly 20 years. Art House by Max Harrold How They Did It: Lobster Power by Stephen Ashton The making of Goat on Fire and Smiling Fish. Ask Mr. Hollywood: Your film is shot. Now what? by Dov S-S Simens Festival Beat: World-Class Fall Film Fests by A.G. Basoli From the chic (Venice) to the mammoth (Toronto) to the diverse (Montreal). Documentary: Toronto Gives Docs Their Due by Stephen Ashton Stellar new group of documentaries presented at Toronto Film Festival. On Location: Spotlight on New England by Robert Basile Moviemaking heats up in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Crossing the Line: An Ageless Warrior Travels On< Travels On by Carmen Ficarra The Power, Grace and Rage of George C. Scott (1927-1999)

Issue 35
September 1999
Cover: Shooting Stars, Part II (The Women) Last year, for MM #29, David Geffner interviewed 14 of the 'World's Greatest Living Cinematographers,' compiled from an industry survey. No women were nominated. Gender bias has long been a problem in Hollywood, but there seem to be signs that things are changing. Seven female DPs, the best in the business, speak frankly about the state of their art. by David Geffner The Distribution Wars: What I Learned in the Trenches When two indie moviemakers set out to make their ambitious first feature, they knew that getting it in the can would be a challenge. They won all their production battles, but little did they realize that the real war hadn't even begun. by Joe Zimmerman Designer Genes by Tony Devenyi With a slew of big-budget, high-profile movies to his credit, (The Outpost, 8mm, Last Man Standing, etc.) Gary Wissner might just have an affinity for production design in his blood. The Art of Cinematic Design Even though no one but the director and the DP influences the look of a movie more than the production designer, little seems to get written about these behind-the-scenes magicians. We asked several of the industry's top designers to share some of their secrets with MM readers. by Scott Essman Golden Rules of the 35mm Transfer Of the few independent movies to 'strike gold' at Sundance recently, three, including The Blair Witch Project, were shot on video and transferred to film. Here's what their makers learned. by A.G. Basoli Latin Cinema: The Next Generation No greater mystery exists in the industry than why the 30-million-strong Latino population is consistently ignored by mainstream moviemakers. A whole generation is about to change all that. by David Geffner The Time is Now to Make a Short Film Short films used to be the domain of students and reel-builders. But with several very serious new distributors turning shorts into cash, everyone seems to want to get in on the act. by Jennifer Hinkey Marketing Your Movie on the Internet With much of the early success of the phenomenally popular Blair Witch Project attributed to a savvy web campaign, moviemakers are lining up to learn the basics of internet marketing. by Glen Berry Columns & Departments MM Notebook Letters Home Cinema: Haskell Wexler by Rus Thompson Art House Fare by Max Harrold Ask Mr. Hollywood: Your Camera... Your Money by Dov S-S Simens How They Did It: The Making of Under Hellgate Bridge by Michael Sergio Coming Attractions: Fellow USC Grads/Friends Come of Age by Kathleen McInnis Frame by Frame: Casting Your Cinematographer by Eric Sherman On Location: New Orleans by Robert Basile Shorts: The Making of Love, Life, and Laundry by Stacie Turk Mixed Reviews by Carsten Dau and Paula Hunt Profiles: Luise Rainer and Peter Ustinov by Kevin Lewis Crossing the Line: Edward Dmytryk by Kevin Lewis

Issue 34
July 1999
Cover: The Legacy of Stanley Kubrick Stanley Kubrick wasn't just a master moviemaker. He was a cultural phenomenon. On the eve of the release of Eyes Wide Shut, the most eagerly anticipated of all his films, Rubric's biographer looks back at the late, great director's career. by Vincent LoBrutto The Changing Face of Film Festivals Chances are good there's a new film festival near you. With more than 600 and counting, festivals are branching out, specializing, and trying to become recognized as one of the few that matter. by George Wing State of the Art of F/X With so many exciting innovations making their way onto movie screens this year, we decided it's time to take an overall look at the visual effects industry. by Scott Essman Film Schools at the Millennium Traditional film schools need to keep up with trends and technology or quickly become irrelevant. Who better to explore the issues and get the answers to some FAQs than professional pollster, moviemaker and film school professor Eric Sherman? by Eric Sherman The Digital Revolution--What You Need To Know New technologies are at the point where masses of people are finally considering the moving image a viable means of personal expression and a pretty good way to earn a livingliving. If you're already a working moviemaker, you may want to bone up on digital media education. Here's how and where. by Robert Johnston and Sally O'Steen Columns & Departments MM Notebook: A Letter to The RReader Publisher Timothy Rhys invites you to the digital revolution in indie moviemaking. How They Did It: The Making of Men In Scoring Position 'Parade System' works for reckless souls who believe in striking when the passion is right. by Tim Rhys Documentary: The Making of Reed Paget's Amerikan Passport. Young documentarian risks life to explore man's predisposition toward violence. by George Wing

Issue 33
April 1999
Will the Writers Rescue Hollywood Many in the industry wonder if Sony's new deal with screenwriters signals a new trend that will give screenwriters some long-overdue respect and financial reward, or if it is just one more indication of studio desperation in an era of declining motion picture quality. by Rustin Thompson Cashing in on Historical Screenplays This year the five films that were nominated for best picture are all historical dramas. Here are some tips for screenwriting in this ever-popular genre. by John Egan Cyberscribes: The Power of Digital Screenwriting What new considerations are there for screenwriters who can now create stories with virtually no limits on their imaginations? by Scott Essman Hail Preston Sturges Over 100 years after his death and 50 years after one of the most amazing creative bursts in the history of the movies, audiences are discovering the genius of Preston Sturges again and for the first time. by Paula Hunt Hollywood's Homeless Screenplays Why do some of the best screenplays in Hollywood never get made? by Paul Gachot Quintessential Cool: A Conversation with James Coburn Brand-new Academy Award-winner James Coburn talks about acting, women, cigars, sobriety,Yul Brynner, Sam Peckinpah, the internet, etc. Oh, and the new movie that's revived his career, Affliction. by Timothy Rhys Spec Sale Strategies Marketing your script doesn't just mean sending out a few query letters anymore. Here are new ways to give yourself an edge as you look for gold in the lucrative but extremely competitive world of spec screenplays. by Anthony Kaufman Columns & Departments MM Notebook Letters Home Cinema: Paul Schrader by Rustin Thompson How They Did It: Paradise Falls by Nick Searcy Festival Beat: Sundance, Slamdance, Rotterdam by A.G. Basoli Profiles: Myles Berkowitz, Walkter Salles by Larry Getlen Documentary: Rock the Boat by Stephen Ashton Crossing the Line: Stanley Kubrick by Rustin Thompson

Issue 32
February 1999
The Best Boxing Movies Of All Times It's an ugly and magnificent game. It's the embodiment of our desire to see the whole of human conflict stripped down to a single, conclusive battle. by David Davis Boxing's Back But will the new movies be contenders or pretenders? by Carmen Ficarra Rebel Director John Boorman For his latest, Boorman reunites with Deliverance star, Jon Voight, and produces The General, his best movie in years. by Paula Hunt Jackie Chan at the Crossroads At 44, even as the world's #1 action superstar reaches new heights of popularity, he admits he can't keep up his pace forever. But does that mean he's (gulp) about to turn to romance? by Lyall Bush How to Beat the Odds with Indie Distributors Outspoken reps from four aggressive companies speak candidly about independent distribution. A must-read story for indie moviemakers. by A. G. Basoli

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