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Issue 56
September/October/November 2004
Hollywood Effects on an Indie Budget When his latest script called for ghosts, one moviemaker turned to DIY special effects-on the cheap. BY STEFAN AVALOS Lessons from William Fraker He broke ground-and speed limits-with Bullitt. The veteran DP shares some poignant lessons from a half century in the business. BY DAVID KONOW Festival Beat How to schmooze like a champion. BY BRIAN O'HARE Profile: Robert Greenwald He's taking aim at the establishment-and challenging the way we watch movies. BY RUS THOMPSON ALSO IN THIS ISSUE: *Cover: John C. Reilly *Anatomy of a Word of Mouth Movie *The Politics of Moviemaking *Spotlight on NYC *Location Scouting with the Experts *Model Making 101 *Movies--Italian Style *Handling the Truth in Documentary *In Gear: Going Pro *Film Traveler: Puerto Vallarta *On Location: Seattle *James Toback *Robert Greenwald *Rose Bryne *Catherine Breillat

Issue 55
June/July/August 2004
The Making of Blockbuster Even Hollywood's most successful producers have a hard time putting their finger on the formula for breaking the box office. BY DAVID GEFFNER Easy Rider: 35 Years Later 35 years after Easy Rider redefined the meaning of indie cinema, the film's famed DP looks back on the making of this American classic. BY BOB FISHER Richard Kelly's Second Chance Savvy cineastes may have discovered Richard Kelly's quirky Donnie Darko at late-night screenings and on DVD. But the freshman moviemaker will soon get a second chance to hit the big screen. BY JENNIFER SOONG Midnight Movie Madness From The Rocky Horror Picture Show to The Big Lebowski, MM counts down the movies that are most likely to keep you up all night-and loving it. BY JENNIFER M. WOOD John Waters' Golden Rules The 'Pope of Trash' shares what he's learned after 40 years of breaking the rules. BY JOHN WATERS Also Included: * Maria Bello Breaks Out * The Return of Animation * Zach Braff on Garden State * Guide to Film Education 2004 * Zhang Yimou * Alfred Molina * Takeshi Kitano * Fred Wiseman * Lisa France * Top 10 Digital Tools * The Greatest Baseball Movies * International Flavor: Buenos Aires, Philadelphia & Washington D.C. Festivals

Issue 54
March/April/May 2004
Cover: Mark Ruffalo's Revenge If revenge is a dish best served cold, the formerly long-struggling Mark Ruffalo might have to wait a bit... because right now this phenomenally talented actor's career is pretty much on fire. BY TIMOTHY RHYS Funny Business Some of today's most celebrated comedy writers talk about what it takes to be funny-and get paid for it. BY KAREN HOLLY The Super 16 Revolution Following the lead of Cesar Chalone (City of God), several hot cinematographers are teaming up with distinguished directors to tell their latest tales in a suddenly chic format-Super 16. BY BOB FISHER The Natural: Lars von Trier on Dogville Which comes first, the story or the style? For Lars von Trier, each new project yields a different answer. BY TRAVIS CRAWFORD The Clip's in the Can Stock footage offers moviemakers a reliable way to save money-and still get the shot! Right now it's easier than ever. BY ANDY ROSE 60 Made in Manhattan Legendary cinematographer Gordon Willis looks back on shooting Woody Allen's Manhattan a quarter-century later. BY TIMOTHY RHYS What Producers Want Producers are always looking for their next 'great script'-but what that means and where they look just might surprise you. BY KAREN HOLLY & CAITLIN DAHL Confessions of a Hack One young screenwriter learns to embrace the 'H'word. BY JOHN WEIDNER Marketing Your Screenplay- and Yourself Writing a great script is the first hurdle, but getting someone who counts to read it is what really matters. BY JERROL LEBARON Orson Welles: Beacon and Exile He was American cinema's first golden boy genius, and Hollywood's first independent. Here's a new take on Welles' latter years. BY GABRIEL M. PALETZ Chromakeying Can Change Your Life A techno-savvy moviemaker reveals how to break the rules and make your ultra-low-budget digital movie look like a million bucks. BY MATT POWER COLUMNS & DEPTS. MM Notebook Letters Festival Beat: Park City 2004 & Insider Secrets Introducing our brand new Festival Coop section-with news from Sundance, Slamdance, TromaDance, and a some insider tips on how to get your film noticed by festival programmers. BY JESSICA HUNDLEY & CHRISTOPHER ZARA Home Cinema: The Best First Films of All Time First films may bear an unpredictable relationship to a moviemaker's work to come, but every so often the stars align. BY SAUL AUSTERLITZ Documentary: Dawn of the Doc The exploding interest in reality entertainment is paying direct dividends to documentary moviemakers. And it's about time! BY RANDEE DAWN Shorts: Foo-Foo Dust One journalist-turned-director shares the nine tough lessons she learned in making a short on drug addiction. BY GINA LEVY World Cinema: New Argentine Moviemaking An economic crisis can't keep Argentina down as one of the world's fastest-growing international film hot spots. BY RICHARD SHPUNTOFF Extreme Indie: Your Questions Answered Veteran maverick moviemaker Rick Schmidt answers your questions on cameras, formats and more. BY RICK SCHMIDT Indie Counselor A top indie attorney debunks some moviemaking myths and legends-and welcomes your questions for this new column. BY DAVID ALBERT PIERCE, ESQ. Profile: Philip Kaufman's Twisted Writer-director Philip Kaufman walks the line between Hollywood and Indiewood-and always does it his way. BY PHILLIP WILLIAMS Profile: Charlie Kaufman, Outlaw Scribe Hollywood's most imaginative writer slips the shackles of conventional screenwriting once more with Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. If only he could remember how he did it... BY DAVID FEAR Flash Forward: Judy Greer Talent, versatility, beauty, brains... a profile of the hardest-working actress you've likely never heard of. BY TIMOTHY RHYS

Issue 53
Dec/January/February 2004
Cover: Girl with the Golden Touch From her breakthrough role in Manny & Lo at the tender age of 10 to her acclaimed, understated performance in last year's Lost in Translation, Scarlett Johansson has been on her way to quirky Hollywood superstardom for a while now. As she takes on the challenge of a leading lady role in Girl With a Pearl Earring, it's hard to believe this seasoned actress is still a teenager. BY DOUG ATCHISON The Art of the Poster The era of the truly artistic movie poster may have passed, but a handful of legendary artists aren't done creating just yet. BY DAVID KONOW The Physics of Moving Pictures A panel of veteran cinematographers weighs in on balancing aesthetics with technology. BY BOB FISHER Sundance from the Inside With the spirit of John Cassavetes at his side, one young moviemaker travels to the Sundance Producer's Workshop, searching for enlightenment- and maybe a three-picture deal. BY BRIAN O'HARE 10 Years of MovieMaker; 10 Years of Indie Film A lot has happened since the first issue of MM hit newsstands. Here are a few highlights. BY ANDY ROSE Fritz Lang: The Lost Interview More than 30 years after two young film school graduates spent an afternoon with the legendary director, Lang's words still fascinate. BY LLOYD CHESLEY & MICHAEL GOULD What's New in Distribution Your movie may be great, but are you pitching it to the right distributor? Find out what some of today's hungriest companies are look for. BY JENNIFER M. WOOD Death, Taxes and Tom Hanks An A-List name may help you find financing for a movie, but the box office numbers show that a star alone is no guarantee of a return on your investment. BY JAMES L. MENZIES Soft Money in Hard Times Much to the chagrin of moviemakers, traditional financing avenues for indie film is drying up. Shooting in an area with film production incentives offers one bright spot. BY MARK LITWAK, ESQ. 20 Best Festival 'Investments' With film festival submission fees on the rise, choosing the best 'investments' for your buck is the only smart way to go. BY JENNIFER M. WOOD Indie Sizzle vs. Hollywood Fizzle The latest Sundance smash doesn't occupy as many screens as the newest action flick out of Hollywood-but maybe it should! BY W. DUKE GREENHILL Legends of Sundance Triumph on the mountain is what many moviemakers dream about, but where does it really get you? BY JENNIFER M. WOOD Where Are They Now? We foresaw big things from each of these past MM interview subjects. How many delivered? BY JENNIFER M. WOOD MM's 4th Annual List: 10 Best Cities to be a Moviemaker Think you know who made the cut? The answers may surprise you as MM counts down the 10 best cities in the U.S. to make movies. BY JAMES L. MENZIES Biograph's Biography After more than 100 years, the Biograph Company remains an important part of film's history-and maybe its future. BY JENNIFER M. WOOD When Opportunity Knocks In Hollywood, one actor's pass is another actor's golden ticket. BY RUSSELL COSTANZO & MELISSA MILLER COLUMNS & DEPTS. MM Notebook Letters Festival Beat: Marathon Moviemaking A crop of new 'marathon' festivals are daring moviemakers to write, produce, edit and show a movie in 72 hours or less! BY CHRISTOPHER ZARA Home Cinema: Poker Movies Like poker, moviemaking is a game of playing the odds-and getting lucky. What happens when these activities collide? BY RUSTIN THOMPSON WITH ANDY ROSE Documentary: Gayle Ferraro Most documentarians shy away from the kind of subject matter that intrigues Gayle Ferraro. With her gentle but unflinching eye, Ferraro has found a niche by serving as silent tourguide to the heart of the world's most enigmatic cultures. BY TIMOTHY RHYS How They Did It: An International Affair For one young New York-based producer, the making of Rent-A-Husband was a very educational, very international affair. BY BRANDI SAVITT World Cinema: Mexico Despite tough economic times, Mexican moviemakers are cementing the country's long reputation for innovation. BY DAVID WILLIAM FOSTER Indie Extreme: Top Guru Talks Indie moviemaking guru Rick Schmidt answers your questions. BY RICK SCHMIDT Jim Jarmusch's Golden Rules Indie film's outspoken auteur shares a few things he's learned after more than 20 years in the business. BY JIM JARMUSCH Sponsored Editorial: North Carolina School of the Arts With so many satisfied students vouching for them, it's not lonely at the top for this cutting-edge film education powerhouse.

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