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Issue 60
September/October/November 2005
Confessions of a Gun-Crazy Hippie: Thomas Vinterberg wrote the rules of '90s indie cinema when he co-authored the Dogme 95 manifesto. With his latest film, Dear Wendy, heseems happy to break them. BY DAVID FEAR
Life After Katrina: As New Orleans residents piece their lives back together after the destruction of Hurricane Katrina, Hollywood is helping to rebuild one of the fastest-growing film production hotspots. BY DAVE ROOS
The New Wave of Asian Horror: Unlike the slasher films of the 1980s, the new wave of Asian horror films is changing the way we look at fear. BY BRYAN REESMAN
Gotham Moviemakers: Have it Made in New York: New York's Made in NY program-with new tax credit incentives, vendor discount programs and free advertising-has ushered in more than $450 million in new business. BY SHARON KNOLLE
My Golden Rules: Atom Egoyan: The Oscar nominated auteur shares his 10 secrets to success. BY ATOM EGOYAN

Issue 59
June/July/August 2005
The Indie Summer Blockbuster Summer is the season for the studios' biggest blockbusters. But some of independent cinema's greatest success stories have premiered when the weather heats up, too. BY DAVID GEFFNER.
The Teen Film Revolution: Forget home videos. Today's teen auteurs are looking to go the pro route. BY TROY LANIER & CLAY NICHOLS.
Now Playing at Your Local Desktop: The Internet has resurfaced as a viable option for indie movie distribution. BY DANIEL NEMET-NEJAT
Shooting Jaws at 30: Thirty years after creating the very first summer blockbuster, Jaws DP Bill Butler looks back on the film that started it all. BY BOB FISHER
My Golden Rules: Joe Eszterhas: One of the world's best-known screenwriters talks about the importance of having a backbone in a tough business. BY JOE ESZTERHAS

Issue 58
March/April/May 2005
Todd Solondz Loves You The controversial auteur is back with what may be his most difficult film to date. BY JESSICA HUNDLEY Super 16 Renaissance Keeps Growing 2005 is set to become the year the Super 16 format finally reaches the moviegoing masses. BY BOB FISHER Home Cinema: Oscar Snubs One critic makes his case that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has overlooked far more worthy films than it has feted. Here are 20 of 'Oscar's greatest misses.' BY DONALD MELANSON In Gear: Homemade Gear Don't have the money for a dolly, crane or multi-outlet dimmer box? Why not build your own? BY MATTHEW POWER Profile: Xan Cassavetes The daughter of John Cassavetes and Gena Rowlands embraces her parents' independent spirit. BY JENNIFER SOONG ALSO IN THIS ISSUE: *Christian Bale: Unmasked Man *Cinema's Greatest Living Auteurs *Gus Van Sant's Golden Rules *Secrets from the Cutting Room Floor *24p in the Palm of Your Hand *Makeup Men and the CGI Revolution *Protecting Your Screenplay From Theft *The Best Places to Shoot Abroad *Danny Boyle Makes Millions *Screenwriting Advice, Tips & Interviews *Focus on LA Moviemaking *World Cinema: Vietnam *Mark Wexler on Tell Them Who You Are

Issue 57
Dec/January/February 2005
MovieMaker 2005 Top 10 Cities for Moviemakers Our fifth annual countdown of the best cities for independents to live and make movies. BY JENNIFER M. WOOD Fest to Impress Playing to your strengths can pay off in the festival game BY MICHELLE DEVEREAUX Home Cinema: Indies in the New Millennium These are the 20 greatest American indies of the new century. BY SAUL AUSTERLITZ How They Did It: Getting Lucky A first-timer scores a major cast for The Assassination of Richard Nixon. BY NIELS MUELLER In Gear: The Intelligent Lighting Kit Lighting equipment varies with every film. But these 10 state-of-the-craft tools can move with you from project to project. BY MATTHEW POWER Profile: Mike Binder The quadruple threat actor-writer-director-producer stops in Park City, UT to premiere his latest film, The Upside of Anger. BY JESSICA HUNDLEY ALSO IN THIS ISSUE: *Cover: Daniel Day-Lewis *Repression, Rage and Joan Allen *The Future of the Movie Experience *Greatest Documentaries of All Time *Lost Interview: Rouben Mamoulian *John Turturro: American Original *Film Traveler: Rome *Flash Forward: Camilla Belle *The Pioneers: Lois Webe

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