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Bimonthly Magazine from United States
Ceased publication

- First and last issue: 1944-1956
- Became Hollywood Screen Parade.
- Publishers: BUSE Publications, Inc. (Chicago) in the 40s, ACTUAL PUBLISHING CO Inc. in the 50s.
- Became Hollywood Movie Parade in November 1956.
- Published by Actual Publishing Co.

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September 1956

July 1956

May 1956

Vol 10 # 2 - March 1956
Cover stories:Debbie and Eddie: Love found A Way; Why Brando Now Loves Hollywood; Audrey Hepburn's Own War and Peace; Sinatra: Heading for Another Bust; Choose Hollywood's New Queen. Cover photo: Debbie Renolds.

January 1956

November 1955

September 1955

July 1955

May 1955
Pier Angeli

March 1955

January 1955

November 1954

September 1954

Vol 8 # 4 - July 1954
Debbie Reynolds and Terry Moore pictured on front COLOR cover
Issue Includes:June Allyson "I've changed my mind about me" (Large b/w pic + 4 b/w pix)
John Ericson "He Proved his Point" (4 b/w pix)
Jane Powell "Jane says she's through with love" (b/w pinup + 6 b/w pix)
Marlon Brando "What's Brando up too?" (large b/w pic)
Jeanne Crain "Jeanne in the Jungle" (Large b/w pic + 4 b/w pix)
Marilyn Monroe "I want a girl!" (5 large b/w pix + 1 b/w pic)
Doris Day "Faith" (B/w pinup + 5 b/w pix)
Piper Laurie "Is this Romance" (Large b/w pic)
Kirk Douglas "Kirk in Rome" (large b/w pic + 6 b/w pix.
Shelley Winters "Break Up" (large b/w pic + 4 b/w pix)
Ursula Thiess "in Las Vegas" (6 b/w pix)
Joan Crawford "Party for Joan" (Large b/w pic + 7 b/w pix)
Hildegarde Neff "Continental Sweetheart" (5 b/w pix)
Jan Sterling "Paul's Best Girl" (large b/w pic + 4 b/w pix)
Alfred Hitchcock "Mr. Hitchcock" (1 b/w pic)
Terry Moore and Debbie Reynolds "The men they date" (large b/w pic + 9 b/w pix)
Janet Leigh "Answers your love problems" (1 b/w pic)
Susan Hayward and Victor Mature "Demetrius and the Gladiators" (large b/w pic + 8 b/w pix)
Mona Freeman "Canine Candids" (10 b/w pix)
Ruth Roman "I like Bossy Men" (large b/w pic + 5 b/w pix)
Gregory Peck "American in London" (large b/w pic + 8 b/w pix)
Dorothy Patrick "pretty is..." (large b/w pic + 1 b/w pic)
Ann Miller "Daytime Magic" (large b/w pic +4 b/w pix)
"Heartthrob comebacks" (1 b/w pic of each) Guy Madison, Fred MacMurray,Ginger Rogers, Gilbert Roland
"Stars of Tomorrow" (1 large b/w pic + 1 b/w pic + a short article on each) Robert (Bob) Francis, Bella Darvi,Dianne Foster,
"Where do Hollywood's False rumors Start?" (1 b/w pic of each) Robert Taylor (large b/w pic) Esther Williams,Tyrone Power,James Stewart, Lana Turner.
Misc Pix throughout: Jane Russell, Robert Stack and June Haver, Jeanne Crain, Jeff Chandler, Rhonda Fleming, Greer Garson, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Deborah Kerr, Arlene Dahl, Ava Gardner, Joan Crawford, Betty Grable, Martha Hyer, Ann blyth, Rita Gam, John Derek, Gilbert Roland, Rosemary Clooney, Jeff Chandler, Marlon Brando, Aldo Rey and Tab Hunter, William Holden.

May 1954

March 1954

January 1954

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May 1953
Katy Grayson

March 1953

January 1953
June Allyson

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over: June Haver

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