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Edited By Robin Bean
Monthly Magazine from United Kingdom
Ceased publication

- First and last issue: 1985-1986
- Edited by Robin Bean.
- Published by Robud Productions

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29 September 2011

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Issue 9
January 1986

Issue 8
November 1985

Issue 7
October 1985
High Concepts, Low Returns (article by David Austen); From Cult Horror Movies To A Musical (Christopher Wicking interviewed by Raymond Durgnat); Preview: DESPERATELY SEEKING SUSAN (uncredited article); French Letter: The Race Is On (article by Tony Crawley); Review articles: RAMBO: FIRST BLOOD, PART TWO (by David Austen); CRIMES OF PASSION (by Robin Bean); THE BLACK CAULDRON (by Jane Ehrlich); COCOON (by Robin Bean).

Issue 6
July 1985

Issue 5
June 1985
Cannes Overview (film festival report by Tony Crawley); KING DAVID: Back To The Good Book (review article by David Austen); Ladies, Hawks, Supermen, Omen And Goonies (interview with Richard Donner by Tony Crawley); How Times Have Changed (article by Alan Warner); How We Lost The West (article by Scott Simmon); Laughs At First Sight (article by David Deutsch); Review Articles: THE PURPLE ROSE OF CAIRO and CATHOLIC BOYS (both by Raymond Durgnat).

Issue 4
May 1985

Issue 3
April 1985
The Los Angeles Film Festival (report by Ken Wlaschin); Unhappy Feet (article by Alan Warner); Strangers In A Time Warp (review article on STARMAN and WITNESS by David Austen); Elvis: Tragedy Of The King (article by David Austen); Hail, Mary, Full Of Godard (review article on JE VOUS SALUE, MARIE by Tony Crawley); Media Paradox (report on the Berlin Film Festival by Peter Cargin); Just A Harmless Little Thriller (interview with Michael Winner by Alan Roberts); Review Articles: LADYHAWKE (by Robin Bean); PHAR LAP (by Colin James); Of Stars And Shrimps And Slapstick Tricks (new film books reviewed by Raymond Durgnat).

Issue 2
March 1985
More Guns And Gangsters (article by David Austen); The Race Is On (article by Alan Warner);Arthur Penn: Personal Experiences (interview with Tony Crawley); Review Articles: A PASSAGE TO INDIA (by Raymond Durgnat); THE RIVER (by Robin Bean); THE NEVERENDING STORY (by Ray Robert Smith); BRAZIL (by Colin James); THIEF OF HEARTS (by Raymond Durgnat); A MAN LIKE EVA (by Raymond Durgnat).

Issue 1
February 1985

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