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Fanzine from United Kingdom
Ceased publication

- First issue: 2002
- ''The one and only English language magazine that reviews both DVDs and VCDs''.
- Covers mostly ''obscure items from around the globe.''
- Editor: Trevor Barley.
- 32 A4 b&w pages.
- Published by Media Publications
- Website: www.sinerama.com

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Issue 1
Spring 2002
Reviews: Cut And Run, Cannibal Holocaust, Eaten Alive, Mondo Kannibalen, Valley Of The Doomed, Jungle Killers, Slave Of The Cannibal God, Mountain Of The Cannibal, Jungle Holocaust, Sore Losers, Things, Fantomas, Voices From Beyond, Das Haus An Der Friedhofmauer, Gates Of Hell, Touch Of Death, The Beyond, The Black Cat, Demonia, Fanatic, Deaux Yeux Malefiques, Asylum Of Terror, Splatter University, Henry Portrait Of A Serial Killer, Driller Killer, Nightmares In A Damaged Brain, Grim Reaper Special Edition, Revenge Of The Living Dead, Zombie Survivor Set Disc One: Dawn Of The Dead Argento Cut, Zombie Survivor Set Disc Two: Dawn Of The Dead Ultimate Version, Zombie Survivor Set Disc Three: Woodoo, Zombie Survivor Set Disc Four: Zombie 3, Zombie Survivor Set Disc Five: Zombie 4, Zombie Survivor Set Disc Six: Trilogy Of The Dead, Massacro, Killing Birds, Cradle Of Fear, Anthropophagus II, Hunting Creatures, Feneration: Dead, The Vanbebber Collection: Roadkil and My Sweet Satan, Generation: Dead, Riverplay, Jack The Ripper, The Rise And Fall Of Idi Amin, Shark Attack 2, Monster Shark, Creatures From The Abyss, Belphagor Le Fantome Du Louvre, Vidocq, Les Morsures De L'Aube, Dansoz, Filler Ve Cimen, Yilmayan Seytan, Kilink Istabul'da, Agir Roman, Turist Omer Uzay Yolunda, Kotrada Uc Guzel, Ya Sunadir Ya Bunda, Kizilmaske, Enayiler Krali, Maskeli Seytan, Eritikill, Damonen, Brut, Blutmond Terror Of The She-Wolf, Veil Of Blood, Emanuelle In America, Zombie Lake, Smpf Der Labenden Toten, Paprika, All Ladies Do It, Malena, Sex With A Smile Part 1 & 2, The Sexy School Teacher, Venus In Furs, Trilogy Of Lust 1, 2 & 3, Tokyo Love, Hong Kong Thug Life, Wild Zero, Man Wanted, The Prince Of Portland Street, Ite Oryantal, Rosso Venezia, Raks-1 Sahane Mega Oriental, It's Show Time Myiran, Butterfly Enoki Ran, De Serge Gainsbourg A Gainsbarre (1958-1991), The Doors Live In Europe, Mylene Farmer: Mylenium Tour, Mylene Farmer: Live A Bercy, Mylene Farmer: Music Videos.

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