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Quarterly Fanzine from United Kingdom
Ceased publication

- First and last issue: 2001-2015
- A fanzine by 'Necro Neil'.
- It chronicles his life through the horror films he watches.
- Website: www.facebook.com/necroneil

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14 January 2016

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Issue 32
December 2015

Issue 31
December 2014

Issue 30
August 2014

Issue 29
March/April/May 2014

Issue 28
December 2013

Issue 27
October 2013

Issue 26
January 2013

Issue 25
September 2012
A5 12 printed pages Black and white
Hannibal Lecter trilogy
Alien quadrilogy, Halloween
Predator, Parasite, Manhunter
...and lots more!
Plus: Bram Stoker International Film Festival playlist for October!

Issue 24
July 2012
A5 12 printed pages
Black and white
The Keep,
The Tenant
House on the Edge of the Park
The Evil
Spontaneous Combustion
...and lots more!

Issue 23
April 2012
A5 14 printed pages
Black and white
More Brains!
Woman In Black
Night of the Demons
My Bloody Valentine
Lifeforce, The Blob
Shadow Creature
Let Me In
Tokyo Gore Police
The Fades, Eaten Alive
...and lots more!

Issue 22
March 2012
Monster In The Closet, Rubber , Wolfen, The Hand, Boggy Creek Boogeyman, Splinter, Ogre Metamorphosis, Body Parts Necro Film Cult reviews and lots more!

Issue 21
January/February/March 2012
Featuring: From Beyond Burial Ground Poltergeist 2, The Thing Human Centipede 2 Exorcist 2, Alligator Creepshow 2, Hell Night Cats Eye, Shivers, The Fog Hatchet, Jaws, Rabid ...and lots more!

Issue 20
December 2011
Films reviewed in this issue: Nightbreed, Cassadaga, Absentia, Vamperifica, Millenium Bug, Edgar Allen poe short films, An Evening with my Comatose Mother, The Sentinel, Rose Red, The Shining, The Burning, Monster Dog, How to Make a Monster.
Plus interviews with Bram Stoker director Michael McCarthy, claymation horror maker and ABC of Death winner Lee Hardcastle plus monster mask maker Neal Harvey of Rubber Gorilla.

Issue 19
September/October/November 2011
Features Troll Hunter, found footage films such as The Tunnel, Rec, Grave Encounters, Collingswood Story, plus The Jar, Magic, Mutilations, Pinocchios Revenge, Tucker and Dale vs Evil, Lost Skeleton of Cadavra and much more as usual.

Issue 18
July/August 2011
Video Dead
The Slayer
The Gate 2
Pumpkinhead 2
cellar Dweller
Final Exam
Death Machine
The Willies
Bad Biology
Scream 4
Devil Rides Out
Devil's Rain
and tons more

Issue 17
February/March/April 2011

Issue 16
October/November/December 2010

Issue 15
July/August/September 2010

Issue 14
March/April/May/June 2010

Issue 13
November/December 2009

Issue 12
July/August/September/October 2009

Issue 11
August 2008

Issue 10
October 2007

Issue 9
February 2006

Issue 8
August 2004

Issue 7

Issue 6
May 2003

Issue 5
November 2002

Issue 4
July 2002

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Issue 2
November 2001

Issue 1
May 2001

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