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Fanzine from Denmark
Ceased publication

- First issue: 2001
- Danish moviezine written by Henrik Larsen.
- English and Danish text.
- Website: www.cultmovies.dk/obskur/default.htm

Last updated:
24 April 2016
(see recent updates)31 December 1899
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Scott Matheson

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CONTENTS: 2001 2002 2013 GALLERIES: 2001 2002 2013 All

Issue 12
November 2013

Issue 4
November 2002
D?dstruslen fra rummet'
'Zign me up for that Zci-Fi Zine!'
'Den uforudsigelige doktor'
'My Quest for The Mysterious Island of Captain Nemo' in English
'The Fascination of The Mysterious island' in English
'Some Personal Thoughts on The Mysterious Island of Captain Nemo' in English
'Gensyn med Survival Zone'
'Nekrolog: Sid Pink'
'Fanzine Fever!'
'Dengang jeg n?r havde skudt Heine'

Issue 3
June 2002
Kirk Morris, the Cinematic Adventures of an Italian Muscleman in English
The European Horror Films of Christopher Lee in English
Et gensyn med fψrste klasses supermζnd
Kilic Aslan (Lion Man) in English
En filmfantast i et land af muskelmζnd - Riccardo Fredas peplumfilm

Issue 2
February 2002
No Horror Films, We're German in English
Fri os fra de vilde normanner
3 Dev Adam (Three Mighty Men) in English
Cameron Mitchell: The Ultimate Viking in English
Supermen, Superguys... What's the Difference? in English
Det er en fugl, det er et fly... nej, det er Gekko Kamen!!!
Star-Lord, den evige sψgen
Djζvle-John lever
The KLF: America: What Time is Love?

Issue 1
November 2001

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