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Quarterly Magazine from United States
Ceased publication

- First and last issue: 1995-2003
- Michael Stein of Filmfax created Outre magazine, in 1994, to cover art, music and other pop culture that wouldn't fit into Filmfax.
- It was published 4 times per year until 2003 when, for financial reasons, it was merged with Filmfax to form Filmfax Plus.
- Published by Filmfax
- Website: www.filmfax.com

Last updated:
5 June 2018
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Garry Malvern
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Issue 33

Issue 32

Issue 31

Issue 30

Issue 29

Issue 28

Issue 27

Issue 26

Issue 25
My Life with James Dean: A Personal Memoir by John Gilmore.
Behind- the-Scenes on the TNT Bio-Film.
Space Toys of the 1950s & '60s.
Interviews with: Mike Hammer Mentor Mickey Spillane.
Actress/Singer Joan Blackman on Elvis & Sinatra.
Science Fiction Artist Kelly Freas.
Jerry Mahoney Ventriloquist Paul Winchell.
Three Decades of Pop Music with Jody Miller.
Dick Van Dyke Co-star Morey Amsterdam.

Issue 24
Comedian George Carlin Interviewed
Surreal Sci-Fi Artist Richard Powers profiled
My Life with Charles Beaumont by William F. Nolan
Behind- the-scenes on '60s TV classic Route 66-plus star Martln Milner Interviewed. Sexy Dragstrip Girl Judy Bamber Interviewed
Men's Sweat Magazines of the '60s
Mystery Artist Edward Gorey profiled
Sex & Coke & Rock 'n' Roll at the Drive-In.

Issue 23
More about the Flying Saucer phenomenon: Dawn of UFO Era: Shadows on the Sky (Part 2)
Star Trek's Diana Muldaur Interviewed
'50s Space Artist Jack Coggins
UFO Movies of the '50s
The Invaders on '60s TV (Part 2)
Who Pilots the Flying Saucers?
The Space Children
Spies Who Surf
A Different Kind of Alien

Issue 22
Flying Saucer Issue- Cover painting by Vincent Di Fate
articles on the UFO phenomenon in pop culture
The Shaver Mystery
interview with Erich von Daniken on Ancient Astronauts
'60s SF TV The Invaders
rock 'n' roll from the other side with The Red Elvises
more Nordine and Russian SF

Issue 21
Interviews with futurist & NASA space Artist Robert McCall
The Moody Blues Justin Hayward
TV & Movie Star Stella Stevens
50 Years with Ra Bradbury
Nashville Horror Host Sir Cecil Creape
Growing up with Alan Rock'n'Roll Freed
The Jazz photography of Blue Note Records
Russian SF Fantastica (Part 15)

Issue 20
Cover painting and interview with artist/Syd Mead
interview with Justin Hayward of The Moody Blues
Frank Robinson conclusion
Lynn Borden on working with Elvis
Joe Meek
interview with Green Hornet Van Williams and Bruce Lee profile
more Ken Nordine, Russian SF

Issue 19
Interviews with SF author Frank M. Robinson, Barbara Eden, Soupy Sales, Pamela Tiffin, and classic Warner Bros./Pink Panther animator Friz Freleng, and Ray Bradbury illustrator Joe Mugnaini
more Ken Nordine, Russian SF

Issue 18
Cover by Neal Adams and interview conclusion
Stan Freberg interviewed again
Rod Serling profiled
Rick Wakeman interviewed
Black Crime Fiction
more Ken Nordine, Vaughn, Russian SF, and Von Braun conclusion

Issue 17
Harley Brown cover painting of Robert vaughn with interview
Paint-By-Numbers inventor Dan Robbins
more Nordine, Ed Wood, Neal Adams, Dolores Fuller, Russian SF and Von Braun

Issue 16
Harley Brown cover portrait of Ed Wood and an interview with his girlfriend/co-star Dolores Fuller
interviews with classic Sf/fantasy author Jack Finney, '60s kids' TV producer Marty Krofft, legendary comics artist Neal Adams, animator Ralph Bakshi, and Shelley Fabres on working with Elvis

Issue 15
Harley Brown cover painting of Julie Newmar
Raymond Scott
Greg Kihn
more Basil Wolverton
the beginning of a profile series on Wernher von Braun
more Russian SF

Issue 14
Harley Brown cover painting of Superman and Jimmy Olson with Jack larson interview
interview with Word Jazz genius Ken Nordine
Basil Wolverton's son Monte on the legendary artist
Anita Ekberg
The Rat Pack

Issue 13
Harlan Ellison on The Bettie Page Controversy
cover painting by classic pin-up artist Gil Elvgren
Di Fate part 2 and color poster
George Barris
more Russian SF and Wally Wood
'50s comic actor Dayton Allen

Issue 12
Wrap-around cover by Vincent Di Fate and interview
more Bonestell with color poster
Dr. Demento
Steve Allen part 2
more Wood and Russian SF
The Bettie Page Controversy

Issue 11
Vincent Di Fate on SF art
interviews with Steve Allen, Tom Lehrer, Kristin Nelson Tinker on her late husband Ricky Nelson, Jane Wyatt and Lauren Chapin on Father Knows Best, Man or Astroman
more Bonestell, Wood, and Russian Sf

Issue 10
Full-color covers and poster by Chesley Bonestell with profile
interviews with John Astin, Linda Lawson, and Chris Noel.
More Wally Wood, Gerry Anderson, and Russian SF
short story The Black Ferris by Ray Bradbury

Issue 9
Cover painting by Wally Wood.
Full-color poster and profile of Dorian Grey artist Ivan Albright
interviews with Pam Grier, The Ventures, Gerry Anderson part 3, and Bruce Dern.
More Russian SF.
Short story The Party by William F. Nolan.

Issue 8
Interviews with Tina Louise, Gerry Anderson part 2, Ghoulardi, and Edie Adams on her late husband Ernie Kovacs
the Lone Ranger
more Wally Wood and Russian SF

Issue 7
The Return of Duck Dodgers: Sequel to a Cartoon Classic
In the Beginning, There was....Stan Freberg: My Pal the Social Satirist
Davie Allan and the Arrows: Return of the FuzzMaster General
Wheels on Reels: Harleys, Hogs and Hells Angels on the Highway
Mars Attacks: The Never-Ending Invasion Begins Again
Zina Saunders: Her Incredible Fantasy Art: Every Picture Tells a Story
Wally Wood: "His World" and the Price of Dreams
Gerry Anderson: Maverick Producer on a Puppet-String Budget
Tommy Sands: The Original "Singin' Idol" Sets the Record Straight
Red Star Rising: The Death and Rebirth of "Fantastica" in the Soviet Union
England's Glamour Parade: The Golden Age of British Pin-Ups

Issue 6
Life with Jerry Warren: "I Married the Man Who Created Teenage Zombies"
Red Star Rising: Lost Years of "Fantastica" in the Soviet Union: Part Two
Wayne Barlowe: Portrait of the Artist as a Young Alien
June Wilkinson: Picture Perfect Interview with a 1960s Playmate
Beyond Avalon: More Than Just a Teen Idol: Frankie Avalon Interviewed
Ballyhoo!: The Hollywood Sideshow Documented
Dick Dale: An Interview with the "King of the Surf Guitar"
Marlowe's Mean Streets: The Cinematic World of Raymond Chandler
Lee Marvin: Revealing the Man Behind the Muscle
David F. Friedman: An Interview with the Grand Vizier of Voyeurism
Reel Wild Cinema: Something Weird gets Weirder with Sandra Bernhard
Walter Lantz: Woodpeckers, Rabbits and Pandas...Oh My!

Issue 5
Cover feature:interview with EC's Al Feldstein
interviews with Richard Matheson, Bill Mumy, and Buffalo Bob Smith
Los Straitjackets
Clutch Cargo
EC artist Graham Ingles
the first part of continuing series on Soviet SF movies

Issue 4
Interviews with Ray Bradbury, Rod Steiger and Bobby Boris Pickett
Tomorrowland part 3
more Beat Generation on CD and video
profile and poster of Brigitte Bardot

Issue 3
Cover feature: Bettie Page
a strange tour down Route 66
inter-views with Ed Big Daddy Roth and Edd Kookie Byrnes
Rod Serling profile by William F. Nolan
Tomorrowland part 2
a guide to Beat Generation recordings on CD
full-color Bettie page poster

Issue 2
Cover feature: Disney's Tomorrowland
inter-views with hard-bolied crime writer Mickey Spillane, '50s rocker Del Shannon, Joseph Stefano on the new Outer Limits, bombshell and character actress Joi Lansing, writer Max Allan Collins, and Jackie Chan
plus reviews

Issue 1
Cover feature: Jayne Mansfield
a profile of the late fantasy author, Charles Beaumont
rock-abilly band The Riptones plus bonus flexi-disc
Martin Landau on the Ed Wood bio movie
Sam Arkoff on re-making AIP drive-in classics for TV
Chow Yun Fat

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