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- First issue: 2008
- Deals primarily with genre films: thriller, fantasy, comedy, SF, westerns, erotic, musical.
- Website: fanzinepeepingtom.blogspot.com/

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3 February 2017
25 March 2013

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11 listed issue(s)

Issue 9
January 2016

Issue 8
December 2014

Issue 7
October 2012

Issue 6
April/May/June 2012

Issue 5
September/October/November 2011

Charlton "SF" Heston, Marilyns, Eddie Constantine, Victorian Horrors, Speech, speech, speech, Between Heaven and Hell, Last Action Hero, French Connection II, Tachiguishi Retsuden, Museum imaginary film.

March 2011

Paul Schrader.

Issue 4
September/October/November 2010

Joel Seria (interview and back), Steve Buscemi, Flash Gordon, John McTiernan, Roger Corman, Harvey Pekar, More American Graffiti, Ciao Stefano vs. Whatever Works, Even murderers tremble.

Issue 3
January 2010

Milos Forman, Improbables sequelae Psycho II, Time out of sight, BA secret passions, desire Red, Warren Oates (continued), The Imaginary Museum of Cinema (4).

Issue 2
May 2009

Warren Oates, Dancing in the penury, Sex in the 70's, The Bat Whispers Max, hear and V8, Paul Verhoeven, a trilogy American (continuation and end), The Imaginary Museum of Cinema (3).

Issue 1
September-December 2008

Martine Beswick, Paul Verhoeven, American trilogy, The Chariot exist, Batman / Christopher Nolan, Behm Tribute to Maro, Eternal Evil of Asia, Bruce Lee against Philip Marlow, The Imaginary Museum of Cinema (2).

Issue 0

Bullit, Elisha Cook Jr., David Twohy, New vignettes from the walled Alive, Dear Lila Prado, Four Spanish fantasy films, Angie Dickinson at the Museum, The Jericho Mile, The Imaginary Museum of Cinema .

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