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Classic Monsters, Horror Irregular Fanzine from United States
Ceased publication

- First and last issue: 1978-1979
- Editor: Timothy Paxton.
- About 30 pages.
- Published by Timothy Paxton (Kronos Productions)
- Website: www.facebook.com/tim.paxton1?v=wall&ref=mf

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19 January 2013

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Issue 3
February 1979
Paul Blaisdell (Monster Maker) Interview Battlestar Galactica Lost in Space Space 1999 Mark Persons Interview The Crawling Eye filmbook

Issue 2
Kronos: The movie's Story Summary and Special Effects
The Outer Limits: Aliens and Special Effects
Space 1999 Episode Summary Year II
Grizzly Games
Visions of Venus
Fanzine Review

Issue 1
April 1978
Front cover: The tentacled terror from "Dragon's Domain" an episode of SPACE:1999
- Space: 1999, The Show’s Amazing Aliens and Spectacular Spacecraft
- A Word From The Editor
- Photo Fiends Art Gallery
- The Best of 1977
- The Robot Years, A Brief History of Mechanical Beings
- Photo Fiends Art Gallery
- What The Hell?, A demonic SPACE: 1999 story by T.C. Paxton
- Grizzly Games Department Part I, The Frankenstein Evolution Quiz
- Grizzly Games Department Part II, SPACE: 1999 Quiz
Back cover: Boris Karloff as the Monster of FRANKENSTEIN (Universal, 1931)
It measures about 21,6 * 14 centimeters and has 26 pages.

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