aka "Photoplay Film Monthly/Photoplay Film & Tv Scene/Photoplay Movies & Video"
The Magazine That Loves Movies
Fan! Magazine from United Kingdom
Ceased publication

- First and last issue: 1950-1989
- British version of Photoplay.
- Featured an equal mix of American and British films and stars.
- Was called "Photoplay Film Monthly" from February 1968 to January 1978.
- Was called "Photoplay Film & TV Scene" from February 1978 to October 1980.
- Was called just "Photoplay" from November 1980 to March 1981.
- Was called "Photoplay Movies & Video" from April 1981 to March 1989.
- Incorporated Films Illustrated in 1982.
- Changed name and continued as Film Monthly in April 1989.
- Published by Argus Press Ltd.

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Issue 333
December 1977
On cover: BOBBY DEERFIELD, Al Pacino

Albert Finney, JAWS 2, Stefanie Powers, Bing Crosby, OPERATION THUNDERBOLT, Ann-Margret, Marthe Keller, GOODBYE EMMANUELLE, Sylvia Kristel, Christopher Beeny, MARCH OR DIE, AUDREY ROSE, Oliver Reed, Lee Remick

Issue 332
November 1977
On cover: VALENTINO, Michelle Phillips, Rudolf Nureyev

Martin Scorsese, FEDORA, Billy Wilder, THE SHOUT, Barbara Carrera, Sylvester Stallone, STAR WARS, WOMBLING FREE, Elvis Presley, THE SAINT, Ian Ogilvy, James Franciscus, Cloris Leachman, THE DRIVER, COMA, THE BIG SLEEP, Oliver Reed, Robert Mitchum, THE RESCUERS, Charles Bronson

Issue 331
October 1977
On cover: NEW YORK NEW YORK, Robert De Niro, Liza Minnelli, THE STICK UP, David Soul, CASANOVA, Donald Sutherland, Robert Redford

THE GREEK TYCOON, James Dean, Linda Blair, DESPAIR, Dirk Bogarde, CONFESSIONS FROM A HOLIDAY CAMP, George Segal, Henry Winkler, Efrem Zimbalist Jnr, WONDER WOMAN, Lindsay Wagner, Paul Michael Glaser, Richard Burton, Tony Curtis, Clint Eastwood, Richard Kiel, Roger Moore

Issue 330
September 1977
On cover: VIVA KNIEVEL!, Evel Knievel

THE AMSTERDAM KILL, ORCA THE KILLER WHALE, ROLLERCOASTER, Barbra Streisand, STAR WARS, Kirk Douglas, Henry Winkler, Peter Gilmore, Jane Fonda, BLACK SUNDAY, GOOD GUYS WEAR BLACK, Shelley Duvall, Helen Reddy, Peter Falk

Issue 329
August 1977
On cover: THE SPY WHO LOVED ME, Roger Moore, DEMON SEED, Julie Christie

Stephen Boyd, Caroline Munro, Ali MacGraw, SINBAD AND THE EYE OF THE TIGER, Ray Harryhausen, Elliott Gould, Nick Nolte, A LITTLE NIGHT MUSIC, Lesley-Anne Down, Susannah York, Richard Pryor, STAR TREK, ARE YOU BEING SERVED?, Lynette Davies, Sally James, Bette Davis, CONVOY, Clint Eastwood, SLAP SHOT, Paul Newman, ISLANDS IN THE STREAM, George C Scott, Ernest Borgnine, Dustin Hoffman

Issue 328
July 1977

Tommy Lee Jones, George C Scott, ISLANDS IN THE STREAM, Joan Crawford, Keith Carradine, Cristina Raines, VOYAGE OF THE DAMNED, Krs Kristofferson, THE CHOIRBOYS, Raymond Burr, ROCK FOLLIES, THE PRINCE AND THE PAUPER, Dana Gillespie, MACARTHUR, Gregory Peck, Jane Seymour, Taryn Power, Donald Sutherland

Issue 327
June 1977
On cover: ROCKY, Sylvester Stallone, Talia Shire

Valerie Perrine, FREAKY FRIDAY, Peter Bogdanovich, Kay Lenz, AUDREY ROSE, Richard Harris, GULLIVER'S TRAVELS, AIRPORT 77, Robert Culp, Pamela Stephenson, FUN WITH DICK AND JANE, AMELIA EARHART, Derek Jacobi, Angie Dickinson, Peter Strauss, Henry Winkler, Patrick Wayne, Sophia Loren, LEOPARD IN THE SNOW, John Cleese, Clint Eastwood

Issue 326
May 1977
On cover: CHARLIE'S ANGELS, Jaclyn Smith, Farrah Fawcett-Majors, Kate Jackson

Katharine Ross, Walter Matthau, Rod Steiger, THE EAGLE HAS LANDED, JABBERWOCKY, Christopher Lee, STAND UP VIRGIN SOLDIERS, Robin Askwith, CHARLOTTE, Roger Vadim , THE SENTINEL, Michael Winner, SEXTETTE, Mae West, George Peppard, SILVER STREAK, William Holden, Ellen Burstyn, COUND FOR GLORY, EMILY, Koo Stark, VANESSA, Olivia Pascal, Robert Redford, Nick Nolte, Al Pacino

Issue 325
April 1977
On cover: THE SPY WHO LOVED ME, Roger Moore, Barbara Bach

Olivia Hussey, Michael Caine, Oliver Reed, Jodie Foster, SLAPSHOT, Paul Newman, Sissy Spacek, THE SQUEEZE, James Caan, Raquel Welch, Marlon Brando, Frank Sinatra, Caroline Munro, Dawn Rodrigues, Sue Vanner, Valerie Leon, Charlton Heston, Faye Dunaway, THE PURPLE TAXI, Fred Astaire, Robert Blake, POLICE WOMAN, NICKELODEON, Ryan O'Neal, Charles Bronson, Jill Ireland, TWILIGHT'S LAST GLEAMING, TREASURE OF MATECUMBE

Issue 324
March 1977
On cover: A STAR IS BORN, Kris Kristofferson

Lillian Muller, NETWORK, Peter Finch, Marthe Keller, KING KONG, Jessica Lange, Rick Wakeman, Robert Redford, TWO MINUTE WARNING, CALIGULA, Malcolm McDowell, Paul Michael Glaser, David Soul, Rita Moreno, ROCKY, Sylvester Stallone, RAID ON ENTEBBE, Natalie Wood, CROSS OF IRON, Sam Peckinpah, James Brolin, Jacqueline Bisset, George C Scott, Kirk Douglas, Ron Howard, Liza Minnelli

Issue 323
February 1977
On cover: KING KONG

EMMANUELLE, Sylivia Kristel, Richard Kiel, CARRIE, Piper Laurie, THE DEEP, Nick Nolte, Beau Bridges, Huntz Hall, MARCH OR DIE, MACARTHUR, Gregory Peck, THE TURNING POINT, Shirley MacLaine, A BRIDGE TOO FAR, Robert Redford, Elizabeth Taylor, Robert Stevenson, Patrick Mower, Tim Woodward, AIRPORT 1977, JOSEPH ANDREWS, Lalo Schifrin, A MATTER OF TIME, Liza Minnelli, Joanne Woodward, Paul Newman, Barbara Perkins, THE WATER BABIES, Billie Whitelaw, Telly Savalas

Issue 322
January 1977
On cover: A STAR IS BORN, Barbara Streisand, Kris Kristofferson

Charles Bronson, KING KONG, Glenda Jackson, Terence Hill, SILENT MOVIE, Ava Gardner, Susan George, Will Sampson, THE SONG REMAINS THE SAME, Led Zeppelin, Paul Michael Glaser, THE SCARLET BUCCANEER, Cornelia Sharpe, Holly Palance, Christopher Plummer, Patrick McGoohan, THE PINK PANTHER STRIKES AGAIN, THE ENFORCER, Clint Eastwood, Henry Fonda, Elvis Presley

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