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The Movie Magazine
Mainstream Monthly Magazine from New York ,United States
Ceased publication

- First and last issue: 1987-2007
- Hollywood movies and stars.
- Covered the top of the American cinema with movie reviews, interviews and articles.
- Editor in chief: Peter Herbst.
- 106 colour A4 pages.
- There is also a Czech , a French , a Russian , a Portugese, and a British version.
- Published by Hachette Filipacchi

Notes: Premiere is closing down
Last updated:
5 February 2023
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Issue 236
April 2007

Issue 235
March 2007

Issue 234
January/February 2007

Issue 233
December 2006

Issue 232
November 2006

Daniel Craig

Issue 231
October 2006

Issue 230
September 2006

Issue 229
July/August 2006

Issue 228
June 2006

Issue 227
May 2006

Halle Berry

Issue 226
April 2006

Issue 225
March 2006

Issue 224
February 2006

Issue 223
Dec/January 2006

Issue 222
November 2005

Issue 221
October 2005

Charlize Theron

Issue 220
September 2005

Issue 219
July/August 2005

Issue 218
June 2005

Issue 217
May 2005

Issue 216
April 2005

Issue 215
March 2005

Issue 214
February 2005

Issue 213
Dec/January 2005

George Clooney

Issue 212
November 2004

Issue 211
October 2004

Angelina Jolie

Issue 210
September 2004
Fall movie preview blowout!
Colin Farrell: Kicks off big-movie season with 'Alexander'.
Gwyneth, Jude & Angelina save the world in 'Sky Captain'
The real Brando: Remembered by Coppola, Duvall, Keaton, Lumet and more.
Deep dish on 60 new movies.

Issue 209
July/August 2004
Collateral: Tom Cruise at his baddest.
Anchorman: The devil in Will Ferrell.
Kirsten Dunst: The heart of Spider-Man 2. Plus inside the making of the movie.
Hollywood's new power: Kate Hudson, Jake Gyllenhaal, Eve and more.
Christopher Walken: The Premiere interview.
Shymalan's latest: We see 'Village' people.
Will Smith kicks 'bot.
Ethan Hawke: On sex, gen x, and lost love.
Jeff Bridges: The dude answers your burning questions.

Issue 208
June 2004
Power list 100: Who's hot now!
Keira Knightley: King Arthur's kickass queen.
Who ya gonna call? Ghostbusters exclusive: The inside story of a comedy classic.
Harry Potter goes to the dark side.
Frequent fliers: Hanks and Spielberg reteam for 'The Terminal'.
Plus, Kate Hudson, Jim Jarmusch, Willem Dafoe, The Get Shorty sequel.

Issue 207
May 2004
Sizzling summer movie preview!
'Troy' boy Orlando Bloom sexes up an epic.
Quentin Tarantino spills on Kill Bill Vol.2.
Van Helsing: Hugh Jackman has a monster'a ball.
The hot skinny on 59 new movies.

Issue 206
April 2004

Issue 205
March 2004

Issue 204
February 2004

Issue 203
Dec/January 2004

Issue 202
November 2003

Issue 201
October 2003

Issue 200
August/September 2003
Naomi Watts: From Mulholland Drive to The Ring to Le Divorce. The aussie star made it. Big.
The 10 hottest sex scenes of all time .
Everything I know about sex I learned from the movies: A guide to cinema's schwingiest sex scenes by Libby Gelman-Waxner.
Paul Walker: Take a spin with the 2 Fast 2 Furious star.
Kristanna Loken: This year's terminator is new and improved.
Who would you switch sides for?: Some celebs aren't afraid to wish-and-tell.
American Pie 3: The evolution of the teen sex comedy.
Paul Verhoeven's dirty directing: How to shoot a sex scene.
Seabiscuit: Tobey Maguire rides a legend.
Secrets of ''The Hulc'' revealed: An inside report.
S.W.A.T.: A shot-by-shot look at an explosive sequence.
Reviews: 28 Days Later, The Magdalene Sisters,The Secret Lives of Dentist.
Thirteen: An antidote to the sugarcoated teen movie.

Issue 199
July 2003

Issue 198
June 2003
X2: X-clusive on-set secrets revealed.
Hollywood's new power: Josh Hartnett, Kirsten Dunst, Ice Cube, and more.
Summer movie preview: The 10 films most likely to succeed at the boxoffice.
The Hulk: Not-so-jolly green giant.
Legally Blonde 2: To dye for?
The Matrix Reloaded: Keanu's excellent blockbuster.
Seabiscuit: Will it go the dustance?
Dustin Hoffman: An interview with this unpredictable actor who has a lot to say.
Reviews: The Shape Of Things, Only The Strong Survive, Gigantic: A Tale Of Two Johns, Owning Mahowny, A Decade Under The Influence, Friday Night, Whale Rider.
Capturing The Friedmans: A movie about an unspeakable crime.
Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle: Gentlemen, start your engines.

Issue 197
May 2003
The Matrix Reloaded: Rage against the machines. An exclusive report from the Sydney set of the Matrix sequels.
Power list: Class of '03: Hollywood's 100 most powerful people.
The it girls of 2003: Agnes Bruckner, Jena Malone, Taryn Manning, Monet Mazur, Roselyn Sanchez, and Gabriel Union.
Nick Nolte's long strange trip.
Can film be saved?: Digital projection may wipe out celluloid as we know it.
Aki Kaurismaki: The Finnish director behind The Man Without A Past.
Reviews: A Mighty Wind, People I Know, The Dancer Upstairs, Bend It Like Beckham, Buffalo Soldiers.
Barry Diller: The man who would be king.

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