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- First and last issue: 1987-2007
- Hollywood movies and stars.
- Covered the top of the American cinema with movie reviews, interviews and articles.
- Editor in chief: Peter Herbst.
- 106 colour A4 pages.
- There is also a Czech , a French , a Russian , a Portugese, and a British version.
- Published by Hachette Filipacchi

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Issue 129
Women in Hollywood 1997

Issue 128
December 1997
Matthew McConaughey: A Time To Kill put his career into overdrive; he'll soon be seen playing a lawyer of a different stripe in Steven Spielberg's Amistad.
Tomorrow Never Dies: With HK action heroine Michelle Yeoh chained to his wrist, 007 Pierce Brosnan brings new meaning to the word bondage in a spectacular cycle chase from the new Bond's adventure.
Alien Resurection: Sigourney Weaver describes how she managed to swim like an alien, get sucked into the Viper Pit, and shoot the ball like Sheryl Swoopes.
Janeane Garofalo: Bruce Wagner discovers how dizzying the spotlight can be when he goes to the Emmys with her.
Titanic: Monomaniacal director James Cameron pushed his cast and crew to the breaking point to realize his version of the doomed ship. Working with a set the size of a small city, a studio-busting budget, and his gifted but increasingly exhausted stars Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio, Cameron propelled one of the most ambitious films ever made through sheer force of will.
Hollywoodland: The Christmas card that spawned South Park; Hollywood's elite jockey for sneak peeks; Robert Zemeckis votes for Richard J. Daley. Plus Danny DeVitto and Minh-Na Wen.
Gummo: While lunching amid the suits, 23-year-old iconoclast and Kids screenwriter Harmony Korine chews on his latest film about aberrant teens.
Kundun: Director Martin Scorsese reveals why he decided to film his risky, luminous look at the life of the Dalai Lama.
The Rainmaker: How Francis Coppola kept his movie from becoming just another Grisham courtroom drama.

Issue 127
November 1997
Brad Pitt: Shooting Seven Years in Tibet, the epic true-life adventure of an Austrian mountain climber who became the Dalai Lama's tutor, was a new high point in his career.
Bai Ling: In the upcoming Red Corner, she plays a lawyer who puts her freedom on the line to expose the shady side of the Chinese legal system.
The Ice Storm: Kevin Kline, Sigourney Weaver, Joan Allen, and James Sheridan play parents facing the sexual revolution in a wealthy, Waspy Connecticut suburb in 1973.
A Life Less Ordinary: Ewan McGregor, Andrew Macdonald, John Hodge, and Danny Boyle have made a very American film filled with guns, cars and Cameron Diaz.
In the works: Saving Private Ryan loses a shot; Deep Impact collides with Armageddon; Dave Chappelle gets Half Baked.
Hollywoodland: Linda Manz, lost and found; long distance direction from Steven Spielberg; the best of the late-summer film fests; Rod Steiger, Tobey Maguire, and Guy Pearce.
Paul Verhoeven: He took a beating after Showgirls, but now is mobilizing Starship Troopers, a violent $100 million sci-fi gamble that pits beautiful young people against nasty giant insects.
Warner Bros. has long been Hollywood's most respected studio. So why has its winning formula suddenly faltered this year ?

Issue 126
October 1997
Auteurs de force: At a time when Hollywood increasingly plays it safe, today's actor-directors are willing to gamble their careers to make movies they believe in.
Ten movies that defined our decade: Schindler's List, Unforgiven, Beauty and the Beast, Pulp Fiction, Thelma & Louise, Wings of Desire, Do the Right Think, Broadcast News, Good Fellas, Terminator 2: Judgment Day.
The sweet hell of success: Top Hollywood directors talk about working in the air-conditioned inferno of Hollywood.
Being there: A photo gallery of moviemaking moments and indelible portraits - including shots of Jack Nicholson, Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts, and more - celebrating ten years of shooting dangerously.
William Hurt: In the '80s he was poised to be Hollywood's next big leading man, but he steered himself into relative obscurity instead. Now, back onscreen in Dark Empire and the upcoming Lost In Space.
Jeff Bridges provides the ultimate insider's view into filmmaking with photos taken on his movie sets over the years.
Ten events in the film business that remade the map of Hollywood
Hollywoodland: The facts and figures on the industry's bottom line.

Issue 125
September 1997
The Ultimate Fall preview: From Tarantino to Spielberg, Alien Resurrection to The Sequel to Scream, Paltrow to Pitt.
Keanu Reeves: He won't sell his soul in Devil's Advocate.
The men who new too much: Martin Scorsese examines the work of recently departed screen legends James Stewart and Robert Mitchum.
Boogie Nights: An edgy epic about porn in the '70s L.A.
Lolita: Adrian Lyne has completed his labor of love but no U.S. studio wants to touch it.
Is The Tin Drum child porn?: An Oklahoma judge says yes.
Mimi Leder: Director of Dreamworks' first film, The Peacemaker.
U-Turn: Oliver Stone gets back to his low-budget roots with a gritty thriller.
Paul Rudnick: Screenwriter of In And Out let us peek at his on-set diary.
Also Chris Tucker, Letters, News, This month's movies, Video and more.

Issue 124
August 1997
Sebastian Junger: The hot new lit boy in town.
Cop Land: The ampitious police drama.
Titanic: Cameron brings two studios to the brink of war.
Cannes Festival
Isabell Adjani... for President.
Alicia Silverstone: Through the looking glass.
The Godfather: The 25th anniversary.
Brendan Fraser: Myth Demeanor.
Jack Nance: Cult-movie icon of Eraserhead.
Also Heather Graham, Jay Mohr, Phil Strub, Nic Cage, Letters, News, This month's movies, Video and more.

Issue 123
July 1997
Peter Fonda: Ballad of easy rider.
Jodie Foster: The woman who fell to earth.
John Woo: Duel nature.
MIB: Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones hold their own against the morphing monsters.
David Arquette: Lord of the fly-boys.
Jay Moloney: Angent under the influence.
Also Letters, News, This month's movies, Video and more.

Issue 122
June 1997
Summer Movie Preview: Titanic, Speed 2, Men ib Black, Contact, The Lost World, Batman and Robin, Hercules, Con Air and 40 more new films.
Nicholas Cage: Stranger in Paradise
Con Air: Crashing a plane into a Vegas casino.
Speed 2: Cruise Control: Director Jan De Bont is the captain.
Nude Awakenings: Is it liberating or exploitative
Hong Kong Cinema: Will it survive the Chinese takeover ?
Also Kelly Preston, Nastassja Kinski and more.

Issue 121
May 1997

Issue 120
April 1997

Issue 119
March 1997

Issue 118
February 1997

Issue 117
January 1997

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