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Sci-Fi, Classic Monsters Irregular Magazine from United States
Ceased publication

- First and last issue: 1978-1981
- Published by W.G. Wilson Jr.

Last updated:
24 July 2014
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CONTENTS: 1978 1979 1980 1981 GALLERIES: 1978 1979 1980 1981 All

Issue 13
October 1981
BS Mystery Theater, Superman II, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Escape from New York, Heavy Metal, Dr. Asimov's Future Prescription, Eroticism in Fantasy Cinema, and fiction by Robert Silverberg, Richard Matheson, and Ron Frenz.

Issue 12
June 1981
Video Buyers Guide', 'SF For a Quarter', fiction by H.L. Gold, and the Surrealistic art of Tito Salomoni. Features a preview for Howling the horror movie about werewolves. 82 pages, full color, 8.25-in x 10.75-in.

Issue 11
February 1981
Features The Art of Boris Vallejo, Jayge Carr, Gordon Dickson, Gernsback. Plus: Special - Cinema 1980-81. Cover by Boris Vallejo.

Issue 10
December 1980
The Great Nuclear Debate', 'TV vs. SF Could It Be War?', 'The Special Effects of Cosmos', and 'John Chambers: Master of Make-Up.' 74 pages, full color, 8.25-in x 10.75-in.

Issue 9

Issue 8
August 1980
Paul Kantner (Jefferson Airplane) interview, Robert Bloch interview, Chuck Jones interview, The Empire Strikes Back Feature (with Mark Hamill interview), Bigfoot Lives, and Just Imagine: Jeanie strip by Forrest J Ackerman (script) and James Warhola (art).

Issue 7
June 1980
Don Post (part two), A.E. Van Vogt interview, The Art of David Mattingly, Caroline Munro, Conan movie preview (art), Forrest J Ackerman interview, Lee Cole profile (Star Trek), Saturn 3, and The Fog.

Issue 6
February 1980
a short letter from Kirk Alyn, John Norman interview, The Black Hole feature, Frank Langella vs. Bela Lugosi, Don Post interview, Jack Davis interview, The Fall and Rise of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Just Imagine: Jeanie strip by Forrest J Ackerman (script) and James Warhola (art), and Star Trek-The Motion Picture feature.

Issue 5
November 1979
A short letter from Robert Bloch, Mike Gornick interview, Alien feature, Just Imagine: Jeanie strip by Forrest J Ackerman (script) and James Warhola (art), Kirk Alyn interview, The Rescue strip by Steve Ditko, Moonraker feature, Gene Simmons and Ace Frehley interview, and Star Trek movie preview.

Issue 4
August 1979
Larry Niven interview, Star strip by Steve Ditko, George Romero interview, Tom Savini profile, Just Imagine: Jeanie strip by Forrest J Ackerman (script) and James Warhola (art), James Bond: Enduring Super-Hero, Superheroes on the Small Screen, Buck Rogers returns to the screen, and Fantasy Film Celebrity Con 78 report.

Issue 3
March 1979
Fred Hembeck Adam Strange strip, Superman-The Movie, Battlestar Galactica, The Expert strip by Steve Ditko, Lord of the Rings (animated), Stanley Kubrick, The Assassin illustrated story by W. McKay, Dawn of the Dead preview, and Invasion of the Body Snatchers (remake).

Issue 2
Summer 1978

Issue 1

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