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The Magazine Of Digital Filmmaking
Bimonthly Magazine from New York ,United States
Ceased publication

- First and last issue: 1997-2006
- Covers the technology and technique of digital film.
- Published by Digital Film & Print.
- Published by RES Media Group Inc.
- Website: www.res.com

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25 July 2014

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October 2006
Final issue.

Festival Preview #1
Award-winning director Rob Nilsson shares his love for the 'distinct acidy bite' of video transferred to celluloid.
Craig McGillivray investigates Frank Grow's Love God - first digital feature at Sundance.
Spin Cycle Post's Steve Hamilton on the Digital Age of Filmmaking
FireWire, SpyCams, Adobe After Effects, FWB Jackhammer and more...

Festival Preview #2
Inside H-Gun Labs, Chicago's groundbreaking digital production studio.
SMOG - a new design boutique clears the air in LA.
Filter It! Our roundup of the desktop's essential filters and plug-ins.
Jack into the Jaz Drive, HDCam, VX1000 and more...

Issue 11
Vol 3 #2 Spring 2000
Tim Burton: Scott Smith examines the versatile director's entry into online animation, with Stain Boy.
RES10: The annual look at individuals and groups who stir things up in the digital world.
DV Underwater: James Forte on MiniDV for aquatic use.
Shoot First Play Later: Filmmaking with gaming engines.
The Promise of 24P: Sony and Panavision team up to move digital imaging into the film age.
Plus inside the home studio of Julie Hirshfield and Bennett Kilmer.

Issue 10
Vol 3 #1 Winter 1999
Mike Figgis: Holly Willis sits down with the celebrated director of Leaving Las Vegas to discuss his new DV feature TIMECODE.
PAL Production from Start to Finish: A case study of the digital filmmaking process from script to screen. Includes our annual Tape-to-Film Guide.
DVD 1.0: How-to create a DVD on your desktop video system.
A Falling Camera: The Making of Rolf Gibb's Sundance short film G.
DVD creation tools reviewed plus Sony PC100, XL-1 Eyepiece extension, and a DV tripod.
Plus inside the home studio of Stu Maschwitz former ILM effects artist.

Issue 9
Vol 2 #4 Fall 1999
Spike Jonze: Peter Relic unmasks America's most celebrated Music Video director and the creator of the new feature Being John Malkovich.
The Net Cinema - Web video tips and tricks.
Digital Hollywood - the future of exhibition and distribution.
Canon GL1, iMac DV, Sony MD-Cam reviewed
Plus RESOURCE London, Richard Kenworthy, Harmony Korine, home studio twenty2product.

Issue 8
Vol 2 #3 Summer 1999
Blair Witch Project: Anthony Kaufman speaks with Eduardo Sanchez and Dan Myrick about the making on their underground hit.
Building the Ultimate FireWire System.
Final Cut, EditDV and Premiere Compared.
Hollywood Wakes Up: Holly Willis speaks with industry insiders about where they stand on digital filmmaking.
Digitizing Primer: Todd Sines leads the way on the steps to great-looking video.
Monitor: Chris Cunningham's Bjork video, Jonathan Glazer's surfer spot, Better Living Through Circuitry, Buena Vista Social Club.
Plus RESOURCE Chicago, Sony DSR-500WS, 16:9 Adapter, XP-Pro lens and more.

Issue 7
Vol 2 #2 Spring 1999
Michael Moore: Joe Nickell tracks down guerilla filmmaker behind Roger and Me, TV Nation, and the new Bravo series, The Awful Truth.
RES 10 - 2nd annual look at companies on the forefront of the digital filmmaking revolution.
Telecine Tricks - Part two on the film-to-tape process.
HDTV on the Desktop by Debra Kaufman.
The Mobile Studio - FireWire is coming to the laptop...
The Ultimate After Effects Plug-in Buyer's Guide.

Issue 6
Vol 2 #1 Winter 1998/ 1999
Lars von Trier and Thomas Vinterberg - Dogma 95.
Electronic Cinema - Satellite-transmitted cinema is coming.
DV Filmmaking by the Numbers - Filmmakers James Brett and Lori Fontanes steer a clear path through the DV to Film transfer process.
DV Camera Shootout - A look at 3 chip DC camcorders - VX1000, XL1, AG-EZ30U and the PD100.
Plug & Play - CobraCrane, HDTV VHS deck, and a FireWire-equipped laptop
Plus Brian Maffitt's on After Effects 4.0 and a new column from John McIntosh.

Issue 5
Vol 1 #4 Fall 1998
Chris Cunningham: Peter Relic catches up with the visionary director on the set of his latest video for the Aphex Twin.
Telecine Techniques - John Turk outlines the steps of a successful film-to-tape transfer.
Dive into Streaming Video - Ten innovative web video sites and how to distribute your own films online using RealVideo or Flash.
Budget Breakdown of A DV Feature - A cost analysis of Bennett Miller's poignant new film The Cruise.
Plug & Play - Transform your 35mm camera to shoot digital stills, Apple's portable moviehouse, and ICEBlast.
plus Brian Maffitt's motion graphics column, product and fest/expo reviews and much more...

Issue 4
Vol 1 #3 Summer 1998
John Knoll: From Star Wars to Photoshop & Back Again - A visit with the talented visual effects supervisor as he works on next Summer's most anticipated film, Star Wars Episode One.
The Cruise - Tunde Whinten catches a ride with Bennett Miller, creator of the acclaimed digital documentary, The Cruise.
Building the Perfect Beast - Dean Mermell on how-to construct a digital video system.
Plug & Play - The VX-1000 that swims, Apple's flat screen, world's smallest DV camcorder, and Sony's DV Walkman. plus product/festival reviews and much more...

Issue 3
Vol 1 #2 Spring 1998
EBN - Joe Nickell goes channel surfing with broadcast pirates, Emergency Broadcast Network.
RES 10 - Our first annual look at people pushing the envelope of digital filmmaking. This time around we focus on Broadcast Design.
Plug & Play - Panasonics handheld DVD player, CapSure Card (bringing video to laptops), a Stedicam for DV, and a look at the DV-Drive.
Easy Access - Community Television: writer Joe Nickell explores a virtually untapped distribution network. plus product/festival reviews and much more...

Issue 2
Vol 1 #1 Winter 1997/ 1998
Iara Lee - Aidin Vaziri goes one-on-one with the ambitious director of the new electronic music documentary Modulations.
The Art of the Prelude - There's a renaissance in the field of film title design. Joe Nickell takes a look at some of the leaders.
Plug & Play - Canon's groundbreaking XL1 digital camcorder, MetaCreations Final Effects Complete and a peek at the new QuickTime 3.0.
Turning Tape into Film - More and more filmmakers are shooting or finishing on video. D.W. Leitner explains how to get back to celluloid.
plus product/festival reviews and much more...

Issue 1
Premiere Issue Fall 1997
Dayton Faris - Smashing Success - Mark Mullin visits the award-winning directorial team behind alternative music videos biggest stars and discovers there is more than promo clips in their future
Gus Gus - Aidin Vaziri catches up with the Icelandic band of filmmakers, artists and musicians responsible for both stunning music and jaw-dropping videos.
Plug & Play - Canon's DV Optura, the VX-Files, Iomega Buz, Sony HDCam and more.
Low Budget Visual Effects - Digital tools have been the great equalizer, Zane Rutledge unveils the tricks of the trade now available to the desktop filmmaker

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