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- First issue: 2010
- "Dedicated to the world of scare entertainment".
- Free online digital version and also primted magazine.
- Published by AtmosFEAR
- Website: www.scareworld.co.uk

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United Kingdom
Last updated:
6 May 2012
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6 listed issue(s)

Issue 6
June/July/August/September 2012

Witches of Warwick
Thorpe Park Fright Nights
The Art of Fear
Krake Lebt!
The Black Chasm
Frightwater Valley
Deadwalk Designs
The Haunted Howse
Leonard Pickel
Horror Camp LIVE!
The Science of Scare - Part 4
Senritsu Meikyu

Issue 5
February/March/April/May 2012

The House of Fear
CarnEVIL or Horrors
Rat's Alley Home Haunt
Scarefest Scare Rooms
Le Manoir de Paris
Port Aventura Halloween
The Science of Scare - Part 3
Meet Giuseppe Savage
Gutrot FX
Scare Kingdom Scream Park
Stingy Jack
Chessington Hocus Pocus

Issue 4
October/November/December 2011

Scare News
Split Personality
Carnival Arcane
The Screts of Scarefest
The Fear Horror House
Blackpool Tower Dungeon
City Scares,
Scary FX
Dominic McChesney Interview
Carnesky's Ghost Train

Issue 3
June/July/August/September 2011

Scare News
The London Dungeon
The Woman in Black
London Tombs
Pandora's Box CD Review
Hi-Rez Designs
Interview with Lynton V Harris
The Science of Scare Part 1
Scary World
House of Nightmares CD

Issue 2
February/March/April/May 2011

Scare News
Alton Towers Scarefest 2010
Ghost Stories
Blackthorn Asylum CD
Scare Zone Film
The Voice from Hell
Dracula's Castle
Bloodshed Brothers
The Haunt Rocker

Issue 1
October/November/December 2010

Scare News
Deranged Live
The Warnings Project
Nightfright's Latest Products
Warwick Ghosts Alive!
How to Haunt your House
Meet The Master!
Composer Tony Longworth
Universal Halloween Horror Nights
The Creaky Cauldron

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