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- First and last issue: 1998-2000
- Editor: Michael Gingold.
- Published by Starlog Group

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Issue 9
February 2000
David Boreanaz: He wants to play the good abd bad sides of Angel.
Casper Van Dien:  He's so excited to be part of Sleepy Hollow, he's almost lost his head.
Denise Richards: In The World is Not Enough. she battles alongside Bond.
Robert Carlyle: The actor best known for The Full Monty is deadly serious opposing 007.
Roswell: Fitting in at high school is hard enough without being from another planet.
Starcade: Some of the biggest shocks this fall are on computer games.
Galaxy Quest: Washed-up sci-fi stars get to play real heroes in this interstellar comedy.
Supernova: Answering a deep-space distress call, a starship crew finds something deadly awaiting them.
Robin Tunney: Can the Craft actress survive both alien forces (Supernova) and Satan's attention (End of Days)?
Bridgette Wilson: In the midst of a busy fall, she's spooked by House on Haunted Hill.
Claudia Black: The rising star from Down Under talks up her Pitch Black and Farscape roles.
Sebastian Spence: On the run from aliens, he's gearing up for a second season of First Wave.
Matthew Blackheart: Meet Robert Bogue, playing a man out of his time who fights monsters in ours.
Michael Shanks: As scientist Daniel Jackson, he adds brains and laughs to Stargate SG-1.

Issue 8
November 1999
Kevin Bacon: He suffers his own personal haunting in the chiller Stir of Echoes.
Geoffrey Rush: He brings wit to Mystery Men and House on Haunted Hill.
Journey to the Center of the Earth: The classic lives again in an epic, made-for-cable production.
Treat Williams: At the Earth's core or at sea, he fights monsters and bad guy with ease.
Buffy Books: These authors won't ;et the slayer rest as they write her adventures.
Buggy and Angel: Sarah Michelle Gellar explores next season's mystery and last season's controversy, and the creators discuss the spin-off show.
The World is Not Enough: Bck in 007's shoes, Pierce Brosnan battles a villain who literally feels no pain.
Cyberzone: Buffy, the Blair Witch and other spooky stuff online.
Dina Meyer: The actress who talked to dragons and fought big bugs now goes Bats.
Ayako Seagal: Yes, that's Steven's daughter sharing the screen with giant turtle Gamera.
Animation Senseitions: These heroines demonstrate girl power, Japanimation style.
Anime Voices: The action speaks a universal language, but these actors give their heroes and heroines American speech.
Starcade: The Phantom Menace is more than visible in the world of computer games.

Issue 7
September 1999
Heather Graham: Meet the groovy new star of the Austin Powers sequel, baby, yeah!
Natalie Portman: She was queen for more than a day when she took the Amidala role in The Phantom Menace.
Samuel L Jackson: From Star Wars to shark wars, he brings a voice of authority.
LL Cool J: The recording star turned actor raps about his role in Deep Blue Sea.
Universal Soldier: The Return: Jean-Claude Van Damme is back and facing an army of trouble in this sequel.
Bill Goldberg: He's out of the ring and in the future as the villain of the new Universal Soldier.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer Third Season Episode Guide: A special gatefold chronicling all the action!
Jessica Alba: When James Cameron needed a new heroine, he gave this rising actress a call.
Janeane Garofalo: She adds her quirky sense of humor as the longe woman among the Mystery Men.
Claire Danes: In the animated epic Princess Mononoke, she gives voice to a Japanese heroine.
Review: The Blair Witch Project: Wanna see a really scary movie? Check out this terror-in-the-woods flick.
Virginia Hey: With blue skin and a priestly presence, she travels through Farscape.
Starcade: Fight monsters and more with online games.
Inspector Gadget: The hero of many (artificial) parts jumps from cartoons to the big screen.

Issue 6
July 1999
Sliders: Meet the two new TV heroes jumping between alternate worlds.
Eliza Dushku: She's upped the stakes as a sort-of-good girl gone bad on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
Seth Green: The werewolf of Buffy also deals with Isle hands and silly spies this year.
Brendan Fraser: His Egyptian expedition is rudely interrupted when The Mummy walks again.
Wild Wild West: Director Barry Sonenfeld brings a humorous, high-tech touch to this adventure.
Star Wars: The Phantom menace boasts a galaxy of creatures far, far beyond the previous films.
Cyberzone: May the Force be with you as you explore these Star Wars sites.
Farscape: The spectacular TV series allows Ben Browder to play the hero in a strange universe.
The 13th Floor: Vincent D'Onofrio sorts out parallel realities in this sci-fi thriller.
Terminator 2 3-D: Take a wild, futuristic ride with Arnold Schwarzenegger and company.
The Arrival II: The sequel pits new heroes against the ongoing alien threat to mankind.

Issue 5
March 1999

Issue 4

Issue 3
November 1998

Issue 2

Issue 1
July 1998

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