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Your Guide To Cult Movies, Arthouse Oddities, Drive-In Swill, And Underground Obscurities!
Biannual Fanzine from United States

- First issue: 1992
- Everything except "standard Hollywood slop".
- From the editorial to the last page Shock is a magazine with great personality. An informative source for weird movies.
- Before Shock Cinema Steve Puchalski was the creator of Slimetime. The reviews from that zine can be found in a wonderful book with the same title.
- Publisher/Editor: Steve Puchalski
- One issue per year, 40 black and white A4 pages.
- Website: www.shockcinemamagazine.com

Last updated:
1 January 2024
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Special thanks for this page goes to:
Scott Matheson
Garry Malvern

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Issue 28
Summer 2005
Interviews with actor Clint Howard, director Shinya Tsukamoto, stuntman-actor Bob Minor, director-producer Sig Shore, producer Richard Rubinstein and film composer Donald Rubinstein.
Reviews include Judy Geeson and Martin Potter in Goodbye Gemini; Mustang: The House That Joe Built; Ida Lupino and Jessica Walter in Women in Chains; Victor Mature in Every Little Crook and Nanny; Stanley Baker in Innocent Bystanders; Jindrich Polak's sci-fi comedy Tomorrow I'll Scald Myself With Tea; Shirley Knight in House of Women; Frank Perry's nuclear warning Ladybug Ladybug; Sandra Currie and Marki Bey in Class of '74; Takashi Miike's Izo; the Vietnam-vet psychodrama Night Flowers; Vaclav Vorlicek's secret agent spoof The End of Agent W4C; Lill, My Darling Witch; Hermoine Gingold in Winter of the Witch; Mikael Hafstrom's Evil; Carol Lynley in Blue Denim; Rolv Wesenlund in The Man Who Couldn't Laugh; Larry Kent's Canadian counterculture feature High; Hideaki Anno's live-action Cutie Honey; Night Watch; Tomasaburo Bando in Masahiro Shindo's Demon Pond; Patrick McGoohan in All Night Long; Liz Fraser in The Painted Smile; Gareth Hunt in The Man From S.E.X.; Bad Boy Bubby; Scooter McCrae's Sixteen Tongues; Hal Hartley's The Girl From Monday; The Nine Lives of Tomas Katz; Bless the Beasts and Children; Pete Seeger in A Song and a Stone; the fetishistic Japanese series Angel Guts; et cetera.

Issue 27
Spring 2005
Interviews with actor-director Bill Duke, actors Jon Finch and Vic Diaz, plus directors Ken Russell and Sean S. Cunningham.
Reviews include Victoria Principal in The Naked Ape; the Norwegian drug-scare drama Heaven and Hell; Gianfranco Rosi's Boatman; Tim Kincaid's grindhouse epic Riot on 42nd St.; Anthony Perkins in Stephen Sondheim's Evening Primrose; Patty McCormack in The Young Runaways; Ryuichi Hiroki's Vibrator; Charles Nizet's sleazy psycho-fest The Ravager; the British sci-fi-paranoia faux-documentary Alternative 3; Ingrid Thulin and Samantha Eggar in Return From the Ashes; the anti-civil rights propaganda film Anarchy U.S.A.; Jim McBride's Hot Times; Bo Hopkins and Steve Sandor in in The Only Way Home; Kim Ki-Duk's Bad Guy; David Hemmings in The Long Day's Dying; Raw Deal: A Question of Consent; Georgi Daneliya's absurd Russian sci-fi Kin-Dza-Dza!; H.H. Holmes: America's First Serial Killer; David McCallum and Rip Torn in Sol Madrid; John Drew Barrymore in The Shadow on the Window; Nancy Kwan and Ross Hagen in Wonder Women; the Chiller Theatre documentary UnConventional; Millie Perkins in The Witch Who Came From the Sea; Telly Savalas' musical TV special Telly...Who Loves Ya, Baby?; Douglas Buck's Family Portraits: A Trilogy of America; Tadanobu Asano in Sogo Ishii's Dead End Run; Sid Caesar in William Castle's The Spirit is Willing; et cetera.

Issue 26
Winter 2005
Actor William Atherton (Ghost Busters, Real Genius, The Sugarland Express, The Day of the Locust).
Actor William Sanderson (Blade Runner, Fight for Your Life, Deadwood. Lone Wolf McQuade).
Actor Joe Cortese (Death Collector, Evilspeak, American History X, Against the Ropes).
Writer-Actor Eric Bogosian (Talk Radio, Wonderland, SubUrbia, Special Effects).
Plus Filipino director Eddie Romero (Black Mama, White Mama, The Mad Dcotor of Blood Island).
Reviews: Raymond St. Jacques in Change of Mind; The Paul Lynde Halloween Special; the powerful Black Panther documentary The Murder of Fred Hampton; Peter Fleischman's Dorothea's Revenge; Michael Parks in Wild Seed; Robert Conrad and Don Stroud in Murph the Surf; Vincenzo Natali's Nothing; Alex Proyas' Spirits of the Air, Gremlins of the Clouds; Susan Tyrell in Amos Poe's Subway Riders; the South Korean A Tale of Two Sisters; Alex Rocco in Brute Corps; the wild French musical Paris-Champagne; James Darren in Rumble on the Docks; the Australian apocalyptic comedy Smoke 'Em If You Got 'Em; Alistair MacLean's Puppet on a Chain; Jillian Kesner in The Student Body; the Aussie biker-cheapie Cosy Cool; Chan-wook Park's OldBoy; Undead; Beto Brant's The Trespasser; the British hitchhiking scare-film Take an Easy Ride; Sammy Davis Jr., Adam West and Christopher Lee in Poor Devil; Vincent Cassel in Jan Kounen's Blueberry; Marshall Thompson in Dial 1119; Tadanobu Asano in Last Life in the Universe; Roger Leatherwood's Usher; All This and World War II; John Farrell's Richard the Second; Lee Majors in Starflight One; Brett Piper's Bite Me!; John Huston in Momo; Lech Kowalski's Story of a Junkie, a/k/a Gringo; Festival Express; Vernon Sewell's The Man in the Back Seat; Ross Hagen in Pushing Up Daisies; Meg Foster in Thumb Tripping; the public access talent-show Stairway to Stardom; The Dean and Company Christmas Special; Miguel Angel Vivas' I'll See You In My Dreams; Troma's Tales From the Crapper; I Drink Your Blood; Eric Thornett's Shockheaded; Michael Caine in Play Dirty; Kitty de Hoyos in Adventure at the Center of the Earth; Sabu's Hard Luck Hero; Elem Klimov's Farewell [Proshchanyie S Matyoroj]; Otto Preminger's Such Good Friends; Bruce Davison in Kiss My Grits; London Voodoo; Steve Ballot's The Bride of Frank; Gilles Marchand's Who Killed Bambi?; Omar Sharif and Jack Palance in Che!; Juraj Jakubisko's Frankenstein's Aunt; Ross Munroe΄s Brewster McGee; Paul Bartel's Cannonball!; and many more.

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