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General, Mainstream Monthly Magazine from London ,United Kingdom

- First issue: 1991
- General cinema.
- Took its present form in May 1991 with the incorporation of Monthly Film Bulletin. Prior to that it was published quarterly.
- Half the magazine contains great articles on various topics and the other half has the film reviews for the contemporary releases. I especially like the full synopsis given for every movie: No surprises when you 're watching The Crying Game for the first time.
- Published by the British Film Institute.
- Monthly, 70 colour pages in A4 format.
- Published by British Film Institute (BFI)
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Issue 8
December 1991
Nobody's handmaid: article on importance of Jodie Foster
Tokyo stories: Tony Rayns on Tetsuo 2 and Japanese censorship
Apocalypse soon: post-franchise television
Grand illusions: Ian Christie on Cecil B. DeMille
Licensed infidelities: set report on Bruce Chatwin's Utz
Return to Dien Bien Phu: Pierre Schoendoerffer interview
Books: The art book of the art film
Film reviews: Ama, City Of Hope, Frankie & Johnny, Hangin' With The Homeboys, Harley Davidson And The Marlboro Man, Iron Maze, London Kills Me, Omen IV: The Awakening, Other People's Money, Out For Justice, Point Break, Proof, The Resquers Downunder, Shaking The Tree, Twenty-One, The Two Jakes, Valmont.
Television films: Ex, Filipina Dreamgirls, Prince.

Issue 7
November 1991
Eating children is wrong: mob movies from Scarface to New Jack City
Identity Parade: article on David Mamet and Homicide
Small pleasures: article on Screen One and the TV movie format
His ain man: Mamoun Hassain on Bill Douglas
Spiking the argument: Spike Lee and African-American culture
Books: Bernard Hermann's music
Film reviews: Blonde Fist, Boyz N The Hood, City Slickers, Doc Hollywood, Drop Dead Fred, Edward II, The Fisher King, Flirting, F/X2 - The Deadly Art Of Illusion, Get Back, Homicide, I The Worst Of All, Mannequin On The Move, Mortal Thoughts, Object Of Beauty, Rambling Rose, Shattered, True Identity, Welcome Home Roxy Carmichael, What About Bob?.
Television films: Hancock, Tell Me That You Love Me.

Issue 6
October 1991
Damning desire: Derek Jarman interview on Edward II, and Colin McCabe article
Tasteful tales: article on Todd Hayne's Poison
Whose television is it anyway?: broadcasting and cultural rights
Kane: for and against: Andrew Sarris on 50th anniversary of Citizen Kane
Blood on the tracks: set report from Paul Schrader's Light Sleeper
Buffer zone: article on changing Soviet Union film tastes
Books: Silent cinema
Film reviews: Aunt Julia And The Scriptwriter, Chattahoochee, The Commitments, Dead Again, Docteur Petiot, Everybody's Fine/Stanno Tutti Bene, Jacob's Ladder, Julia Has Two Lovers, Let Him Have It, Life Stinks, Meeting Venus, Nothing But Trouble, Paris Trout, Poison, Regarding Henry, Teen Agent, Toy Soldiers, Truly Madly Deeply, Under Suspicion, Uranus, Why Did Bodhi-Dharma Leave For The East?
Television films: Angry Earth, The Dive.

Issue 5
September 1991
Requiem for a rave: Hanif Kureishi on London Kills Me
Theatre of memory: article on Bertolucci's The Spider's Stratagem
Dreaming in the light: Hugh Hudson on David Lean
Nietzsche's boy: J. Hoberman on Arnold Schwarzenegger
Ritwik Ghatak and some directions for the future: film-makers and critics on his work
Books: Animation
Film reviews: Close My Eyes, Dying Young, Jungle Fever, Naked Tango, New Jack City, Only The Lonely, Oscar, Prospero's Books, A Rage In Harlem, Return To The Blue Lagoon, Soapdish, Stepping Out, Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Tetsuo: The Iron Man, Trust, Whore, Young Soul Rebels.
Television films: American Roulette, Bearskin - An Urban Fairytale.

Issue 4
August 1991
Flipper purify and furious styles: new wave of African-American cinema and John Singleton interview
Soul to soul: Isaac Julien interview on Young Soul Rebels
Moving Stories: article and interview with Xavier Koller about Journey of Hope by Mark Kermode
Roman Games: Spartacus article
The road from Coronation Street: franchise bids and regional TV
Books: Andrew Sarris on Brando

Issue 3
July 1991
The beauty of the beast: Ginette Vincendeau on La Bete humaine
Pride and prejudice: article on perceived 'low art' of ads and pop promos
Road works: roads to freedom - a different perspective on Thelma and Louise, plus Ridley Scott interviewed by Amy Taubin
Mixes: hidden British film tradition
Clogging corruption: article on Alan Bleasdale's GBH
China: Raise the Red Lantern set report
Screening China: Tony Rayns on censorship
Books: Film reference books.

Issue 2
June 1991
Rooms without a view: article on redundancy of E. M. Forster adaptations in the 90s
Every time we say goodbye: Why cinema in the century of unprecedented travel?
Paradiso lost: Morando Morandini article on Italian cinema and interview with Pupi Avati
Citizen Kael: the importance of Pauline Kael
Home screen home: the uncertain future of TV
Dark worlds: article on Don Siegel's Escape from Alcatraz
Books: Beyond the photocall - photoshoot collections.

Issue 1
May 1991
A partial eclipse of the Sun: Tony Rayns on Japanese cinema and the UK
Killing men: Amy Taubin on serial killers
The story of the eye: interview with Ed Lachman, Hanif Kureshi's DP
Books: Lust for lives - Hollywood biographies
Niche work if you can get it: Channel 4 article
A tale of two magicians: Peter Greenaway interview.

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