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General, Mainstream Monthly Magazine from London ,United Kingdom

- First issue: 1991
- General cinema.
- Took its present form in May 1991 with the incorporation of Monthly Film Bulletin. Prior to that it was published quarterly.
- Half the magazine contains great articles on various topics and the other half has the film reviews for the contemporary releases. I especially like the full synopsis given for every movie: No surprises when you 're watching The Crying Game for the first time.
- Published by the British Film Institute.
- Monthly, 70 colour pages in A4 format.
- Published by British Film Institute (BFI)
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Issue 32
December 1993
Federico Fellini: Martin Scorsese on the great Italian director
Dread and desire: article on Scorsese's The Age of Innocence
Imagined communities: Tony Garnet and TV drama
Memories of Vincent Price: Roger Corman and Joe Dante remember him
When Dr No met Dr Strangelove: Bond, Kubrick, The Manchurian Candidate and the president
Juliette Binoche: From gamine to Femme Fatale: article on Binoche in Three Colours Blue
Iranian Cinema: what happened in between: Abbas Kiarostami interview
Books: Howard Hughes
Film reviews: Aladdin, Amongst Friends, Assassin Of The Tsar, Benefit Of The Doubt, Black Diamond Rush, CB4, The Concierge, Demolition Man, The Hawk, IP5, Il Ladro Di Bambini/The Stolen Children, The Man Without A Face, Posse, The Remains Of The Day, Roadside Prophets, Ruby In Paradise.
Television films: Closing Numbers, A Foreign Field, One Man's War, Sam And Me, Shuttlecock, Wide Eye And Legless.

Issue 31
November 1993
Embarrassment and beyond: Mike Leigh's Naked
New Aladdins for old: Disney's Aladdin
Four days in October: television coverage of Moscow civil war
At home on the range: Gus Van Sant and Maggie Greenwald interview
New York and Ouagadougou: the home of African cinema: Manthia Diawara on the voice of Pan-Africanism
Genuine B Noir: article on James B Harris and Boiling Point
Tony Richardson: an adventurer: Gavin Lambert reflects
Film reviews: L' Accompagnatrice, Atlantis, Boiling Point, The Cement Garden, The Dark Half, Dave, La Fille De L'Air, Hard Target, Hocus Pocus, Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey, In The Soup, The Lie/Mensonge, Manufacturing Consent: Noam Chomsky And The Media, Mr Wonderful, Naked, Once Upon A Forest, The Piano, The Real McCoy, The Secret Garden, So I Married An Axe Murderer, Three Colours: Blue/Trois Colours: Bleu, True Romance.
Retrospective: Aventure Malgache, Bon Voyage.

Issue 30
October 1993
Bodyscape: Stella Bruzzi on Jane Campion's The Piano
War business: article on Rising Sun
The riddle of the rock biopic: Tina Turner and the life of rock music
Blue and the outer limits: Paul Julian Smith on Jarman's Blue
All that is light: Brakhage at 60: Stan Brakhage interview
Video diaries: What's up doc?: effect on the documentary
Out of the ruins: Agnieszka Holland interview about The Secret Garden
Books: Siegel and Fleischer's autobiography
Film reviews: Anchoress, Blood In Blood Out, Blue, Careful, Como Agua Para Chocolate/Like Water For Chocolate, The Crush, Dirty Weekend, The Firm, The Fugitive, Hard-Boiled, Laws Of Gravity, The Night We Never Met, The Punk, Raining Stones, Rising Sun, Sleepless In Seattle, Stepping Razor - Red X, This Boy's Life, What's Love Got To Do With It, The Wedding Banquet, The Young Americans.

Issue 29
September 1993
Stepping out: Clint Eastwood interview and article on In The Line Of Fire
Clinton's Hollywood: Martin Walker on presidential movies, including Dave
The importance of being ordinary: article on Kenneth Branagh
Daughters of the Dust: Julie Dash interview
Mixing it: Paul Gilroy on Robert Hughes' Culture of Complaint
Sayles Talk: Interview with John Sayles
In time of war: Balkan war and faked footage
Books: Francois Truffaut
Film reviews: Accion Mutante, Agantuk/The Stranger, Apres L'Amour, The Baby Of Macon, Benny's Video, Chain Of Desire, Daughters Of The Dust, Dennis, Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story, A Far Off Place, Hot Shots! Part Deux, In The Line Of Fire, Lake Consequence, El Mariachi, Much Ado About Nothing, Passion Fish, Puerto Escondido, Sliver, El Viaje/The Voyage.
Re-releases: Les Enfants Du Paradis, Le Samourai.
Television film: The Last Bolshevik.

Issue 28
August 1993
Arnold through the looking glass: Jonathan Romney on Last Action Hero
Gong Li and the glamour of the Chinese star: Berenice Reynaud on female stars in China
Girl N the hood: article on Just Another Girl in the I.R.T.
Inside the belly: Roy Chubby Brown article
A white star: Richard Dyer on Lillian Gish
First and last Mohicans: article on the enduring appeal of The Last of the Mohicans
In praise of a poor cinema: article on Scottish cinema by Colin McArthur
Books: John Huston
Film reviews: Baraka, Born Yesterday, Champions, The Cure Show, Innocent Blood, Jurassic Park, Just Another Girl On The I.R.T., Last Action Hero, Made In America, Sofie, Storyville, Super Mario Brothers, Tango, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III, Three Of Hearts, Tom And Jerry: The Movie.
Re-releases: The Abyss: Special Edition, Bambi, The Man In The White Suit.

Issue 27
July 1993
Theme parks and variations: Peter Wollen on Spielberg's Jurassic Park
Erotic thrillers and rude women: Linda Ruth Williams on Indecent Proposal and Carnal Crimes
Dream on: Tony Rayns in China
Facing the sun: Colin Nutley interview
Hijacked: Ginette Vincendeau on US remakes of French films
Sibling rivalry: the role of the video camera in recent films
Books: Marilyn Monroe
Film reviews: Anglagard/House Of Angels, The Assassin, Benny And Joon, Boxing Helena, Cliffhanger, Cop And A Half, Cows/Vacas, Equinox, The Fencing Master, Fire In The Sky, I Was On Mars, The King's Whore, Mad Dog And Glory, Madame Bovary, Mistress, The Old Lady Who Walked In The Sea, Red Rock West, South Central, Sure Fire, Swing Kids, 3 Ninja Kids, The Trial, Virgin Machine, Wide Sargasso Sea.
Television film: Histoire(s) Du Cinema.

Issue 26
June 1993
Terror master: Joe Dante interview and article on horror
Black and white light: Wings of Desire cinematographer Henri Alekan interview
Out of the shadows: Simon Louvish on Hollywood Jewishness
The French connection: Simon Watney on Aids, the French and Les Nuit fauves
The wretched of the earth: Christopher Frayling on the Italian western
New Mexican tales: article on young Mexican film-makers
Days of independence: the state of art-house cinemas in seven cities
Books: Orson Welles
Film reviews: Army Of Darkness, Bad Behaviour, Being At Home With Claude, Braindead, Close To Eden, Cup Final, Dust Devil, Falling Down, Frauds, From The Pole To The Equator, Indecent Proposal, Jack The Bear, Jamon Jamon, Map Of The Human Heart, Matinee, National Lampoon's Loaded Weapon 1, Nowhere To Run, Passenger 57, Ruby Cairo, Savage Nights, The Vanishing.
Television film: The Snapper.

Issue 25
May 1993
White noise: Carol Clover on Joel Schumacher's Falling Down
Sex violence and videotape: censorship
Snapshots of the 60s: retrospective by Jon Savage
The end of the line: Jiri Menzel on Czech future, films and censorship
John Woo's art action movie: set report from Hard Target
Films: why do some survive and others disappear?: Peter Wollen on canon changes
Books: Oscars
Film reviews: Alive, Best Of The Best 2, Body Of Evidence, Un Coeur En Hiver/A Heart In Winter, Groundhog Day, Leolo, Mr Nanny, Mr Saturday Night, The Mystery Of Edwin Drood, Rich In Love, Seduction: The Cruel Woman, Sommersby, A Song For Beko, Splitting Heirs, The Story Of Qiu Ju, Untamed Heart, Wild West.
Re-releases: An Actor's Revenge.
Television film: The Cormorant, Femme Fatales, The Long Roads, Man To Man, Seven Songs For Malcolm X.

Issue 24
April 1993
Accidental auteur: article on Stephen Frears
Juke Box and Johnny Boy: the sound of Martin Scorsese's Mean Streets
Federico Fellini: Geoffrey Nowell-Smith on the director and an interview
Dark Side: Alison Maclean interview about her film Crush
Fire and Ice: Ginette Vincendeau on Catherine Deneuve
Philosophical extras: Michael O'Pray's account of being an extra on Jarman's Wittgenstein
Victor Erice: interview about Painting the sun
No particular place to go: reflection on low-class monster movies
Books: Gore Vidal and the movies
Film reviews: Accidental Hero, Blue Black Permanent, A Brighter Summer Day, Crush, The Distinguished Gentleman, Forever Young, Hoffa, Indochine, Leap Of Faith, Mediterraneo, A Midnight Clear, Night Of The Living Dead, One False Move, The Ox, Paris Is Burning, The Quince Tree Sun, Romper Stomper, Shadows And Fog, The Silent Touch, Sniper, Trespass, Used People, Wind, Wittgenstein.
Re-releases: Mean Streets.
Short films: The Attendant, Now That It's Morning.

Issue 23
March 1993
Heroes and memories: article on Danny DeVito's Hoffa
Immortal longing: Sally Potter interview about Orlando
Lonesome tonight: Tony Rayns on Edward Yang's A Brighter Summer Day
Sounds and silents: Ian Christie on movie music
More things in Heaven and Earth: Colin McCabe on Bernard Rose's Candyman, plus interview
Private lives of Russian cinema: the new post-Soviet cinema
Gamine against the grain: celebration of Audrey Hepburn
Books: Virtual reality
Film reviews: Annabelle Partagee, Candyman, Consenting Adults, Honeymoon In Vegas, Jit, The Last Days Of Chez Nous, Leon The Pig Farmer, Lorenzo's Oil, Malcolm X, Orlando, Scent Of A Woman, Stay Tuned, Tale Of A Vampire, Toys, Triple Bogey On A Par Five Hole, Under Siege.
Re-releases: Knife In The Water.
Television film: Clothes In The Wardrobe, Dead Romantic, Maria's Child, Voices In The Garden.

Issue 22
February 1993
Is Malcolm X the right thing?: article and interview with Spike Lee
Making Whoopi: article on Whoopi Goldberg
Portrait of the artist as a young woman: Thomas Elsaesser on Leni Riefenstahl
The gambler: Abel Ferrara interview
Whose African cinema is it Anyway?: Manthia Diawara reports from Carthage
The future of the BBC: public service or commercial player?
Obituaries: remembering those who died in the last year
Books: Oshima
Film reviews: Bad Lieutenant, Damage, Deep Cover, Dracula, The End Of The Golden Weather, Folks, Hellraiser III: Hell On Earth, Honey I Blew Up The Kid, Labyrinth Of Passion, The Living End, Man Trouble, The Muppet Christmas Carol, Night And The City, Olivier Olivier, The Public Eye, A River Runs Through It, Sarafina, Schtonk, Singles, Sweet Emma Dear Bobe, Traces Of Red.

Issue 21
January 1993
Dracula and desire: various articles around Coppola's Bram Stoker's Dracula
Essays in mad love: Tom Gunning on the cinema of Frank Borzage
Green paper blues: government's BBC discussion document
Staying power: Harvey Keitel interview
Riding with ambulances: television and its uses: 'reality programming' in the US
Dancing in the streets: On The Town article
Television: Prime Suspect 2
Books: film editing
Film reviews: The Bodyguard, Chaplin, Conte D'Hiver/A Winter's Tale, Cool World, A Few Good Men, Home Alone 2: Lost In New York, Into The West, L.627, Man Bites Dog, Of Mice And Men, The Princess And The Goblin, Reservoir Dogs, Soft Top Hard Shoulder, Spotswood, Tous Les Matins Du Monde.
Television films: Ghostwatch, The Hummingbird Tree, Losing Track, Trust Me.

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