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General, Mainstream Monthly Magazine from London ,United Kingdom

- First issue: 1991
- General cinema.
- Took its present form in May 1991 with the incorporation of Monthly Film Bulletin. Prior to that it was published quarterly.
- Half the magazine contains great articles on various topics and the other half has the film reviews for the contemporary releases. I especially like the full synopsis given for every movie: No surprises when you 're watching The Crying Game for the first time.
- Published by the British Film Institute.
- Monthly, 70 colour pages in A4 format.
- Published by British Film Institute (BFI)
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Issue 80
December 1997
Born Again: Michael Eaton on Alien Resurrection
Gypsy time: set-report on Black Cat, White Cat with Emir Kusturica
Falling angel: Carine Adler's Under the Skin interviews
The dream of well-being: Nancy Condee on the ailing Russian Film Industry
Temporary gentlemen: Gillies MacKinnon's Regeneration plus Pat Barker interview
Flowers and fire: Tony Rayns' on-set report for Takeshi Kitano's Hana-Bi
S for smoking
The Box: BBC past and present

Issue 79
November 1997
L.A. lurid: Amy Taubin interviews Curtis Hanson on L.A. Confidential
The thoughts of Chairman Alan: Alan Parker on the bfi
Hollywood Berlin: Thomas Elsaesser on movies in the Nazi era
Body talk: Linda Ruth Williams on Demi Moore and G.I.Jane
R for road
Books: Robin Swicord and top 60s screenwriters
The Box: Damien Hirst

Issue 78
October 1997
Being there: Gary Oldman's Nil by Mouth
East End heat: Robert Carlyle and Antonia Bird talk about Face
Close to the edge: the repelling suburbs - Richard Linklater's SubUrbia
Recovery: Atom Egoyan on The Sweet Hereafter
Sharks keep swimming: interview with Pusher's director Nikolas Winding Refn
The mother the whore and the dandy: Keith Reader on the re-released La Maman et la putain
Licensed to check: Wilde article
Q for queer
The Box: C5 go soft porn

Issue 77
September 1997
Robert Mitchum: The four great roles of his career.
John Woo: With Face/Off takes screen violence and action excitement to new levels.
Kill and kill again: Why are seial-killer fictions so compelling ?
Gallivant: A new kind of British film.
Never a sure thing: How will the new Lottery Franchises redraw the map of British film distribution ?
A-Z of cinema: Performance
Reviews: Addicted to Love, Austin Powers International Man of Mystery, Career Girls, Cloud-capped Star, Conspiracy Theory, Deep Crimson, The Disappearance of Kevin Johnson, Frantz Fanon Black Skin White Mask, The Full Monty, Gallivant, Head Above Water, House of America, Jump the Gun, The Leading Man, Lost Highway,Love! Valour! Compasion!, Mrs Brown, My Best Friend's Wedding, Night Falls on Manhattan, 187, Photographing Fairies, Romy and Michele's High School Reunion, The Slab Boys, That Old Feeling, Plein Soleil.

Issue 76
August 1997
Voodoo Road: David Lynch's new Lost Highway.
Tierra: Basque director, Julio Medem, speaks about his third movie.
Spike Lee: Get on the Bus
Youssef Chahine: A troublemaker or Egypt's Fellini ?
Books: on Fritz Lang, Bruce Willis, Andre De Toth, cinema history, film criticism etc.
A-Z of cinema: Occult, Zombies Demons and Witchcraft
Reviews: Albino Alligator, The Associate, Bang, Baps, Batman and Robin, Bean, A Bit of Scarlet, Broken English, The Butterfly Effect, City of Industry, Grosse Pointe Blank, Ma Vie Sexuelle, Men In Black, Palookaville, Portraits Chinois, Preaching the Perverted, The Quest, Remember Me ?, Roseanna's Grave, Speed 2 Cruise Control, Thinner, Tierra, Warriors of Virtue.

Issue 75
July 1997
Tommy Lee Jones: A profile
Unhook the Stars: Nick Cassavettes is carrying on the family business.
Marcel Carne: Paradise regained
Love is the Devil: The movie biographie of painter Francis Bacon.
Michael Benson: Censorship and fear at the Seoul Documentaryt Film and Video Festival.
A-Z of cinema: The Film-Noir.
Reviews: Adrenalin Fear the Rush, Alive and Kicking, Anacoda, The Chamber, Con Air, Entertaining Angels The Dorothy Day Story, The Fifth Element, Get on the Bus, High School High, Intimate Relations, Kama Sutra A Tale of Love, The Lost World: Jurassic Park, Love Jones, Madame Butterfly, Marvin's Room, Murder at 1600, Private Parts, Rumble in the Bronx, Sebastian, Select Hotel, Shadow Conspiracy, Skin and Bone, Swingers, Unforgettable, Unhook the Stars.

Issue 74
June 1997
Infinite city: articles on The Fifth Element
The Kaurismaki effect: Jonathan Romney interviews Aki Kaurismaki's Drifting Clouds
Road rage: Mark Kermode and Julian Petley on the controversy over David Cronenberg's Crash
The thriller inside me: Larry Gross on his adaptation of Jim Thompson's This World, Then the Fireworks
Me and Hitch: Evan Hunter (aka Ed McBain) remembers working on the scripts for The Birds and Marnie
M for marketing
The Box: Michael Jackson moves house

Issue 73
May 1997
The Infiltrator: Mike Newell interview for Donnie Brasco
Ali's rumble: article on When We Were Kings by Gerald Early
To the end of the world: Chris Doyle's Happy Together shooting diary
Sleeping with guns: Wim Wenders on-set interview for The End of Violence
King of the hill: Mark Cousins on Sean Connery
L for low-budget
Books: Angus Finney reviews David Puttnam's history of the Anglo-American celluloid-supremacy struggle
The Box: TV drama now

Issue 72
April 1997
Dealing with the now: Abel Ferrara interview for The Addiction
Talking too much with men: Hadani Ditmars on Iranian film-making
Compulsion: Peter Wollen on Hitchcock's Vertigo
The Jeweller's eye: Pat Kirkham on Saul Bass' Vertigo credits sequence
Sweet unison: David Thomson on Everyone Says I Love You
Monsieur memory: Jacques Audiard interview about A Self Made Hero
K for kino (Soviet and Russian cinema)
The Box: tooth and claw soap

Issue 71
March 1997
Kiss kiss bang bang: article on Baz Luhrmann's Romeo & Juliet
Songs from the heart: Andy Medhurst on Allison Anders' Grace of My Heart, plus interview with Anders
Confrontations: Tsai Ming-Liang talks to Tony Rayns
War zone: Iain Sinclair on Sam Fuller and Shock Corridor
I can't sell my acting like that: Maggie Cheung interview for Irma Vep
J for Jewish
Obituaries 1996
The Box: digital takeover

Issue 70
February 1997
Pax Americana: Tim Burton's Mars Attacks!
Hill on Hawks: Walter Hill on Howard Hawks
Hawks and the angels: Larry Gross on Only Angels Have Wings and Hemingway
I don't wanna be like everyone else: Quadrophenia article by Jon Savage
Suspense and the moral: Paul Attanasio interview (Donnie Brasco)
Near and far: Abbas Kiarostami on his Through the Olive Trees
I for intoxication
Books: Christopher Frayling on Clint Eastwood
The Box: Channel 5 and digital TV

Issue 69
January 1997
The dead: Christopher Walken article
Desperation and desire: Leslie Dick on Roeg's Don't Look Now
The look of Evita: interviews with the film's production designer and costumer
Andrei Tarkovsky special: celebration including career overview by Julian Graffy, Layla Alexander Garrett remembers working on The Sacrifice, and Olivier Assayas on Mirror
H is for Hitchcock: (David Thomson)
The Box: news in the future

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