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The Women Of Television & Movies
Magazine from United States
Ceased publication

- First issue: 2001
- In-depth coverage, interviews and reviews of the actresses of television, video and the silver screen.
- The first 8 issues were published by Hugh Gallagher. Beginning with Vol. 2 #1 (the relaunch issue), the title is published by new owner RAK Media Group Inc & Robert Kuiper, and edited by Mike Watt.
- A4, colour, 50 pages.
- Additional website: www.sirensofcinema.com
- Published by Hugh Gallagher, RAK Media Group Inc.
- Website: www.myspace.com/sirensofcinema

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16 June 2018

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Issue 22
Vol 2 # 14
interviews with Lucy Lawless (Xena, Bedtime Stories), Zoe Bell (Bitch Slap, Angel of Death), an exclusive pictorial with Sybil Danning, a rare interview with original 'queen' Michelle Bauer and much more.

Issue 21
Vol 2 # 13

Issue 20
Vol 2 # 12

Issue 19
Vol 2 # 11
This issue boasts a gorgeous cover by Daniel Horne and a loving tribute to Vampira (Maila Nurmi). we have interviews with Lena Headey of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Melantha Blackthorne and director Mary Lambert. Also an amusing look at the women of Screwball Comedies, Debbie Rochon recaps the films she's shot in the last few months, and The Directrix Is In continues. And don't miss the exclusive preview of the new fairytale series by Justice Howard Once Upon A Tease.

Issue 18
Vol 2 # 10
STAR WARS collector's issue. It features a gorgeous wrap-around cover of Princess Leia from mega-talented Holly Golightly. We revisit the STAR WARS phenomenon on it's 30th anniversary. We catch up with MAY's Angela Bettis and introduce a new Dorothy in Sci-Fi Channel's TIN MAN. Meet Kristen Kerr from BLACK DAHLIA MOVIE and get the scoop on sisters Julie and Lizzy Strain. Debbie Rochon goes behind the scenes of THE COLOUR FROM THE DARK. This issue's Outsider Cinema Showcase spotlights Susan Adriensen, writer/producer/director of UNDER THE RAVEN'S WING. Includes features on the Indie films PocaHauntus and Splatter Movie: The Director's Cut. And so much more!

Issue 17
Vol 2 # 9
The new issue of Sirens of Cinema is now available! It features a gorgeous cover by none other than Joe Jusko. Meet Kyle XY's female foil Jaimie Alexander. Catch up with Marilyn Burns from the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre and '70s cult queen Lynn Lowry. We talk candidly with Lydia Lunch and get up close and personal with Mink Stole. We also sit down with the quintessential Kelli Maroney. Debbie Rochon files her report on the film Fearmakers, from German director Timo Rose; Melissa Bacelar Eats Your Heart Out. Then we kick it up further with part 2 of The Dark Ladies of Film Noir, touch bases with director Esther Bell and The Skeleton Factory's Tommy Brunswick. This issue's Outsider Cinema Showcase takes a look at Low Budget Pictures. And there's a whole lot more.

Issue 16
Vol 2 # 8
The cover of this issue boasts a variation of the Medusa myth by artist Romik Safarian. We talk with two of Tarantino/Rodriguez's GRINDHOUSE actresses: Zoe Bell and Sydney Tamiia Poitier; catch up with veteran Ingrid Pitt; and we remember Adrienne Shelly. Debbie Rochon discusses her new film SAVAGED, and Coralina Cataldi-Tassoni gets personal about the new long-awaited Dario Argento film MOTHER OF TEARS: THE THIRD MOTHER. Meet Gigi Bannister and the female side of TOETAG Pictures. Also the first part of a look at The Dark Ladies of Film Noir, and so much more!

Issue 15
Vol 2 # 7
In this first issue of 2007, we catch up with two of the Ladies of THE RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD-Beverly Randolph and Jewel Shepard, find out 'What Love Is' from Jud Tylor, Brinke Stevens' year in review. We visit with Jasi Cotton Lanier and Rachael Robbins and talk with SKIN CRAWL's Julian Wells. Debbie Rochon reports on APOCALYPSE AND THE BEAUTY QUEEN and also reflects on SKIN CRAWL. We look at the role of women in adventure films, Outsider Cinema Showcase and much more! Cover by Mike Okamoto.

Issue 14
Vol 2 # 6
Sirens is proud to introduce a series of mock posters by world-renowned photographer Justice Howard called EVIL DIVAS--in print for the first time. We talk with HOSTEL's Jennifer Lim who returns with WHEN EVIL CALLS. Also Kassie DePaiva, Fiona Horsey, Caitlin Ross and Syn DeVil. Debbie Rochon talks about the making of THE RICHARD SPECK STORY. On the set of TAKE-AWAY SPIRIT and a brief history of women in westerns. Outsider Cinema Showcase and much more!

Issue 13
Vol 2 # 5
This issue of SIRENS OF CINEMA is our special 1-year anniversary issue! It features a beautiful foldout cover by Mike Lilly. We talk with BLADE'S Jill Wagner, meet the Women of ABATTOIR, P.J. Soles gets married to Death By Engagement, Debbie Rochon visits Cannes the Troma way. Also meet Zoe Daelman Chlanda, Robin Sydney and Wendy Kremer. We introduce the Outsider Cinema filmmaker Andy Copp, the conclusion of Amber Benson's production adventure, and much, much more!

Issue 12
Vol 2 # 4
This issue of SIRENS OF CINEMA is sure to please with articles on Mama Firefly herself, Leslie Easterbrook, the victims of CHAINSAW SALLY, SLITHER'S bathtub girl Tania Saulnier, the lovely Lilith Stabs, TROMEO & JULIET's Jane Jensen, the women of JACQUELINE HYDE, part 2 of Amber Benson's production adventure, and so much more!

Issue 11
Vol 2 # 3
With an exciting new layout and a jam packed issue, SIRENS OF CINEMA is back at it! Go behind the scenes with the ladies of SLITHER, meet the beautiful Rachel Luttrell of STARGATE ATLANTIS, get down and dirty with legendary scream queen Linnea Quigley, Tina Krause, Hollywood's 'Golden Wild Child' Mamie Van Doren and a whole lot more! Also includes Part 1 of a special essay from Amber Benson.

Issue 10
Vol 2 # 2
KONG is coming! Help celebrate the arrival of the sure to be classic remake of KING KONG with this Special Edition of Sirens of Cinema. A beautiful wrap around cover by artist Michael Apice pays homage to all three film versions of the legendary beauty and the beast story. Inside we bring you pieces on the three women who played opposite the eighth wonder of the world, FAY WRAY, JESSICA LANGE and NAOMI WATTS. The women of SERENITY, coverage on the wild world of MIRRORMASK and so much more is also included in this jam packed issue.

Issue 9
Vol 2 # 1
The relaunch issue--over 60 pages! Coverage includes Amber Benson, Sheri Moon Zombie, Kim Little, April Monique Burril & Tiffany Shepis. Articles on KATIEBIRD and the Halloween Horror Picture Show with separate articles on each of the cover girls of this exciting issue, Brinke Stevens, Debbie Rochon, Denice Duff and Amy Lynn Best. Also Michelle Williams and Jenna Mattison. To help kick off the rebirth of the magazine, the cover was created by renowned fantasy artist Dave Nestler.

Issue 8
Coverage of Sarah Michelle Gellar's newest film THE GRUDGE! Interviews with GRUDGE star KaDEE STRICLAND! Interviews with Buffy star ROBIA LaMORTE, Baywatch babe TRACI BINGHAM, Silk Stalkings siren SARAH SCOTT DAVIS, Scream Queen DEBBIE ROCHON and LORI DAWN MESSURI. Flip the magazine over for our Asian coverage with Hong Kong news, VICKI ZHAO Wei interview, TWINS EFFECT 2, 2046 and THROW DOWN.

Issue 7
Spring 2004
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Back cover
Sirens of 2004 are Stacey Scowley and Karen Mok. Also in this issue: Woman of Battlestar Galactica, interviews with stunt doubles Gloria O'Brien-Fontenot and Caryn Mower. Plus Eliza Dushku, MTV China's Style Awards, Bao Lei and Anita Mui.

Issue 6
Fall 2003
This issue features a guest editorial by Debbie Rochon. U.S. & Hong Kong News. Interviews with Margot (Superman) Kidder, Alicia (Roseanne) Goranson, Alana (Terminator 3) Curry, Moneca (Inuyasha) Stori, Lela (Tremors) Lee, and Bianca (Farscape ) Chiminello! Also includes and in-depth overview of Die Another Day beauty Halle Berry. Plus a look at the Karen Mok Live Tour and more

Issue 5
Summer 2003
Asia Argento ''I Like Cloning'': Guest editorial by xXx star Asia Argento!
U.S. & Hong Kong mews: The latest word on your favorite Sirens!
Kelly Goldsmith: A short interview with Survivor III: Africa contestant.
Rachel Grant: Exclusive interview and photo layout with a beautiful temptress from the U.K. fresh from her role in the latest 007 feature Die Another Day.
Adrienne Barbeau - Maude, Escape From New York, The Fog: Adrienne talks to SoC about her latest movie Ghost Rock.
Michiko Nishiwaki: Japanese star in her latest U.S. film Ghost Rock.
Mui matters: The latest word on Anita Mui.
So Close: It's coming! Get the inside scoop on this hot film soon to hit the U.S.!
Vicki Zhao: A quick look at the star of Shaolin Soccer, Chinese Odyssey 2002, So Close and many more!
Karen Mok: Part 2 of our look at the beautiful Karen Mok.
Haunted Office: A spooky review...
Dagon: Macarena Gomez: A look at the film and this Iberian beauty.
Soledad Miranda remembered: A long overdue look at the stunning Vampyros Lesbos star.
Enid-Raye Adams: From TV shows Stargate SG-1, The Outer Limits and Babylon 5, SoC talks to this rising star.
Jenna Mattison: A frank interview with the star of Alex In Wonder.
Jennifer Aniston: From Leprechaun to The Good Girl, an in-depth look at the this woman of TV and films plus a complete filmography with reviews!
Georgine Darcy: An interview with 'Miss Torso' from the classic Rear Window.

Issue 4
Fall 2002
The most Overrated and Underrated Actresses: Get the shocking results of what readers think of Hollywood's actresses!
Asia Argento: From xXx to Scarlet Diva, an interview with the Italian seductress!
Cherrie Ying: Star of such movies as Visible Secret 2 and My Left Eye Sees Ghosts - don't miss this interview with this hot Asian starlet!
Hot TV action: A look at Fastlane, Birds Of Prey and an interview with Firefly star Jewel Staite.
Inside The Box: Interview with director Michael Burlingame and actress Caroline Cho about their controversial film.
Cassandra Peterson: Just in time for Halloween, an interview with Elvira and the word on her newest film Elvira's Haunted Hills!
Karen Mok: A look at sexy Asian star Karen Mok!
Ellen Dubin: An interview with the Lexx star!
Sarah Michelle Gellar movie checklist: Reviews of all Sarah Michelle Gellar films!
Amber Benson: An interview with controversial Buffy the Vampire Slayer star!
Movie Reviews: Blue Crush, Full Frontal, Simone, Swimfan, The Good Girl.
Plus Hong Kong News, U.S. News and more!

Issue 3
An In-Depth Look At Yancy Butler: From Mann & Machine to to Witchblade - a look at the life and career of Yancy Butler. Includes quotes and photos from the new 2nd season of Witchblade! Also, reviews of the yet-to-be-aired first two Witchblade episodes!
Shu Qi: Mockingly called the 'Traci Lords of Asia' because she attempted the impossible... to transform herself from porno starlet to respected thespian. She shed her past and surpassed mere mainstream acceptance to become one of the leading actresses in all of Asia. In-depth look at her career with exclusive quotes from the actress!
Anita Mui Fantasy Gig Tour 2002: Exclusive coverage of the Anita Mui tour by Vanessa Fan in Hong Kong! Includes fantastic one-of-a-kind photos that you will not see anywhere else! Also coverage of the accidental uncoverage on stage!
Kirsten Dunst Movie Checklist: From Interview With A Vampire to Spider-Man, we review every movie Kirsten Dunst has ever been in! This 16-page report includes photos, quotes and news bits about every Dunst film! Find out all there is to know about this beautiful actress!
Chona Jason: Exclusive interview with stuntwoman and rising action star Chona Jason! Includes never seen photos by writer/photographer Danny Shamon.
Stella Stevens: She has worked with some of the biggest stars in Hollywood and now she is spilling the beans! Who was the real 'ladies man' - Elvis Presley or Jerry Lewis? Find out in this exclusive interview with Stella Stevens!
Virginia Hey: From Road Warrior to the hit TV show Farscape. An interview with the spiritual warrior Virginia Hey.
Plus: The Women of Star Wars, James Bond crossword, Kirsten Dunst Movie Giveaway, Movie reviews and both U.S. and Asian movie news!

Issue 2
The Women Of V.I.P: In-depth look at Pamela Anderson, Molly Culver, Natalie Raitano, Leah Lail and Angelle Brooks from the hit TV show 'V.I.P.!' The careers and the scandals!
Almen Wong: In-depth Interview and pictorial of super-hot Asian actress Almen Wong, star of Her Name Is Cat.
Natasha Yi: Interview with 'Playboy' model and actress Natasha Yi! Great color photos!
Dragon And The Hawk: Interview with producer Darlene Cypser and actress Barbara Gehring!
Plus: Movie reviews, videos reviews and both U.S. and Asian movie news!

Issue 1
The Women Of Charmed: In-depth look at Shannen Doherty, Holly Marie Combs, Alyssa Milano and Rose McGowan! The careers and the scandals! Not a little overview but 26 pages of information!
The Source: Interviews with Melissa R. Martin and Alice Frank - the stars of this new supernatural thriller from The Asylum Productions!
Jacquelyn A. Ruffner: Interview with actress behind the movie The Third Society. Find out all the ins and outs of this 35mm action flick!
Plus: Movie reviews, videos reviews, Wolf Girl, Sirens of Cinema news and more!

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