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The Women Of Television & Movies
Magazine from United States
Ceased publication

- First issue: 2001
- In-depth coverage, interviews and reviews of the actresses of television, video and the silver screen.
- The first 8 issues were published by Hugh Gallagher. Beginning with Vol. 2 #1 (the relaunch issue), the title is published by new owner RAK Media Group Inc & Robert Kuiper, and edited by Mike Watt.
- A4, colour, 50 pages.
- Additional website: www.sirensofcinema.com
- Published by Hugh Gallagher, RAK Media Group Inc.
- Website: www.myspace.com/sirensofcinema

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16 June 2018

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Issue 8
Coverage of Sarah Michelle Gellar's newest film THE GRUDGE! Interviews with GRUDGE star KaDEE STRICLAND! Interviews with Buffy star ROBIA LaMORTE, Baywatch babe TRACI BINGHAM, Silk Stalkings siren SARAH SCOTT DAVIS, Scream Queen DEBBIE ROCHON and LORI DAWN MESSURI. Flip the magazine over for our Asian coverage with Hong Kong news, VICKI ZHAO Wei interview, TWINS EFFECT 2, 2046 and THROW DOWN.

Issue 7
Spring 2004
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Back cover
Sirens of 2004 are Stacey Scowley and Karen Mok. Also in this issue: Woman of Battlestar Galactica, interviews with stunt doubles Gloria O'Brien-Fontenot and Caryn Mower. Plus Eliza Dushku, MTV China's Style Awards, Bao Lei and Anita Mui.

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