The Women Of Television & Movies
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- First issue: 2001
- In-depth coverage, interviews and reviews of the actresses of television, video and the silver screen.
- The first 8 issues were published by Hugh Gallagher. Beginning with Vol. 2 #1 (the relaunch issue), the title is published by new owner RAK Media Group Inc & Robert Kuiper, and edited by Mike Watt.
- A4, colour, 50 pages.
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- Published by Hugh Gallagher, RAK Media Group Inc.
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Issue 17
Vol 2 # 9
The new issue of Sirens of Cinema is now available! It features a gorgeous cover by none other than Joe Jusko. Meet Kyle XY's female foil Jaimie Alexander. Catch up with Marilyn Burns from the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre and '70s cult queen Lynn Lowry. We talk candidly with Lydia Lunch and get up close and personal with Mink Stole. We also sit down with the quintessential Kelli Maroney. Debbie Rochon files her report on the film Fearmakers, from German director Timo Rose; Melissa Bacelar Eats Your Heart Out. Then we kick it up further with part 2 of The Dark Ladies of Film Noir, touch bases with director Esther Bell and The Skeleton Factory's Tommy Brunswick. This issue's Outsider Cinema Showcase takes a look at Low Budget Pictures. And there's a whole lot more.

Issue 16
Vol 2 # 8
The cover of this issue boasts a variation of the Medusa myth by artist Romik Safarian. We talk with two of Tarantino/Rodriguez's GRINDHOUSE actresses: Zoe Bell and Sydney Tamiia Poitier; catch up with veteran Ingrid Pitt; and we remember Adrienne Shelly. Debbie Rochon discusses her new film SAVAGED, and Coralina Cataldi-Tassoni gets personal about the new long-awaited Dario Argento film MOTHER OF TEARS: THE THIRD MOTHER. Meet Gigi Bannister and the female side of TOETAG Pictures. Also the first part of a look at The Dark Ladies of Film Noir, and so much more!

Issue 15
Vol 2 # 7
In this first issue of 2007, we catch up with two of the Ladies of THE RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD-Beverly Randolph and Jewel Shepard, find out 'What Love Is' from Jud Tylor, Brinke Stevens' year in review. We visit with Jasi Cotton Lanier and Rachael Robbins and talk with SKIN CRAWL's Julian Wells. Debbie Rochon reports on APOCALYPSE AND THE BEAUTY QUEEN and also reflects on SKIN CRAWL. We look at the role of women in adventure films, Outsider Cinema Showcase and much more! Cover by Mike Okamoto.

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