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Adult, Alternative Fanzine from United States
Ceased publication

- First and last issue: 1999-2007
- The legendary fanzine from the 80s is back.
- "Filled with rare ad mats, candid scenes of forty-deuce and the most graphic, explicit stills you 've ever seen!"
- Editor: Bill Landis.
- 60 pages.
- Website: www.sleazoidexpress.com

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8 January 2017

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Issue 8
Summer 2007
The first collection of solo writings by Bill Landis, including:
-Impossible to find, infamous excerpts of Sleazoid Express and articles considered lost including the 'Deep Fried Streets of Sin' tour of Times Square circa 1984 and the beginnings of the Avon Dynasty from that issue, 'Dollhouse'
-The original cover story interview with Ken Anger from The Soho Weekly News (June 1980)
-The original schedule/flyer for the first month long Sleazoid Express film festival in Spring 1983
-George Payne Superstar: a candid interview with the adult film star recorded at the boxoffice of the Doll Theater with Bill Landis for Sleazoid Express (1983)
-The Sporting Life - Our john in the field John Friday gives the lowdown on the cheapest to most expensive hookers and the spots he meets them in New York; originally written for Swank in 1986
-Friday the Sensuous John - a surreal turn on Mr. Friday's life from Sleazoid Express featuring a great deal of material that was censored out of Swank (Sleazoid Express 1985)
-Hustling the Deuce - a candid look at actual lives of Times Square male hustlers that originally appeared in The Village Voice. Written in December 1985 and shelved for 'politically correct' reasons until April 1986
-AIDS FEAR HAMPERS PORNO BUSINESS: XXX Houses Also Feel Impact of Home Video; 'Dark Underbelly' Patronage Doesn't Help - a round up of New York's last existing adult houses, including the foul projectionists' union strike against Mrs. Wilson's Greek Named 8th Avenue smut pits; from Variety, the showbiz bible, December 11, 1985
-Tromatized - from the Film Comment 'That's Exploitation' issue summer 1986 - a look at the bullying tactics and shoddy output of one of the most publicized self-conscious exploitation film studios. With kudos to Troma for saving two classic exploitation obscurities, Sweet Savior (The Love Thrill Murders) and Cry Uncle, from the glue factory.
-Point of Return - Originally published in The Village Voice on September 9, 1992, this look at ACT-UP at their Needle Exchange program also was featured in an ACLU Handbook about the second generation of AIDS and a book called Beyond Crisis.
-Sex Square - In July 18, 1995, the Village Voice waxed nostalgic about the pre-Disneyfied Times Square, and I give a brief re-cap of my career there, from the insane Night Shift Theater, to working at the Avon Chain, and ending with Mrs. Wilson's smut palaces named after Greek Gods of Love on 8th Avenue. The beginnings of the Avon Dynasty story is contained within this piece.
-Go E-Mail the Doctor - This October 15, 2003 story in The Village Voice was the first to come out in support of the new telemedicine industry, though it proved to be personally a double edged sword. It's since been reproduced on numerous drug-seeking messageboards like drugbuyers.com

Issue 7
The 7th issue of SLEAZOID EXPRESS in 2005 was entirely devoted to Joel M. Reed (Blood Bath, Blood Sucking Freaks)and his infamous exploits.
Bill made Reed look like a master scam artist and manipulator of the highest order.

That issue was briefly available from the Sleazoid website but then disappeared from their listings.
Was it a limited edition or did Reed take legal action?

Here's the cover (Thank you Gavin)

Issue 6
Winter 2004
Living Dolls: Clouzot's pioneering S&M psychodrama La Prisonnaire; Michel Piccoli discovers love and erotomania with a Life Size doll; Guido Crepax's Valentina slinks into kinky adventures in Baba Yaga with Carroll Baker.
Man's Best Friend: Marcello Mastroanni makes Catherine Denueve his bitch in Liza; Walerian Borocyzk's La Bete (The Beast) looks at interspecies lust.
Snuffsex: The two that started it all... through today's 'private' ventures; Marco Ferreri's La Grande Bouffe and Roger Vadim's Charlotte; The notorious 'Max' Bondage Tapes and 'HV' (Hanging Video) series.
The Telephone Book: A detailed look by Mrs. Sleazoid at Nelson Lyon's undiscovered classic satire of American sexual mores, including chats with the director, actor David Dozer, and 'Mr. Smith', voiceover king Norman Rose.
They Called Him Williams: The Story Of A Times Square Haitian: A true story from Mr. Sleazoid's days working at Avon Theaters on the Deuce.
New York Sleazebangers: Mike Findlay and John Amero's Satan's Bed with Yoko Ono; Barry Mahon's pioneering sexploitation Hot Skin and Cold Cash; Sal Mineo, Juliet Prowse and Times Square in Who Killed Teddy Bear; John Avildsen's raunchy Cry Uncle; Bobby Spector's only directorial effort, The Rented Eyes.
Futureshock: Godard's classic Alphaville featuring a fumetti strip of the movie.
Violated Youth: John Hayes' subversive teenpic Jailbait Babysitter; The sexual perils of freak era Thumb Tripping.
Post Modern Vampires: Jesse Franco's The Female Vampire (The Bare Breasted Countess); Alain Robbe-Grillet's La Belle Captive (The Beautiful Prisoner); E. Elias Merhige's Shadow of the Vampire.
Greek Pride: Costa Gavras' Z - with special commentary by Mr. Sleazoid on his lifelong multinational masquerade; and The Site of Movie Magazines' Mike Haritos reporting from Athens, Greece on the real events behind Z.
A Third World Empinada: Bare Behind Bars: The most naked women's prison movie ever.
Fully illustrated with graphic stills, rare original ad mattes and promotional materials

Issue 5
Fall 2002
Gallic S&M Treats: Alain Robbe-Grillet's Eden and After, ''O'' Redux: Fruits of Passion, Helmut Newton Meets XXX: Spermula (Watcher in the Attic), Georges Pichard Onscreen: Paulette, La Pauvre Petite Milliardaire.
''We're All Freaks... One Way Or Another'': The uncut Ganja and Hess
Charles' Willis Man's Son: The most obscure Charlie flick, The Manson Massacre
Giallos: Dennis Hopper and Carroll Baker in Bloodbath; and The Night Evelyn Came Out of the Grave
Vintage Dyanne Thorne: Point of Terror
Exclusive: Interview with Dyanne Thorne and hubby Howard Maurer. With Very Special Pictorial
American Mixed Combos: Jackie Bisset and Jim Brown in The Grasshopper, Cheri Caffaro in A Place Called Today
Still Disgusting After All These Years: Mark of the Devil and Jesse Franco's Night of the Blood Monster
Sleazoid Verite: Portrait of Jason and Derby
Sleazoid Privileges and Punishments: Peter Watkins' Privilege and Punishment Park.
A Sixties Sexploitation Roundalay: The Pickup, The Ramrodder, Ron Sullivan's Lust Weekend, Felicia, Four on the Floor, Leonard Kirtman's Sex Circus, The Three Sexateers, Thigh Spy
A Chat With Terry Hawkins: Exclusive Interview with Roger Watkins, Director of Last House on Dead End Street
Doris Wishman Obit and a Multi-Participant ''Let Me Die A Woman'' Discussion
''Mister... Was Made For It'': The old carny chestnut Nightmare Alley.

Issue 4
Spring 2002
Three with Karin Schubert: The infamous S&M classic La Punition, Richard Burton Kicking Out the jams in Bluebeard, and opposite Laura Gemser in the Fabulously Sleazy Black Emmanuelle.
The bizarre world of Bob Cresse: Personal reminiscence and reviews of: Hot Spur, Love Camp 7, The Scavengers, The Pick-Up and The Invitation.
A sexual mystery story: Vampyres: Daughters of Darkness.
Sharon Kelly: Takes the Punishment in Alice Goodbody.
Surrounded in a big bust paradise: Uschi Digart, Candy Samples, Rene Bond & Roxanne Brewer in Female Chauvinists.
The late Paul Leder interviewed: Leder's classics I Dismember Mama and My Friends Need Killing revisited.
Manson on film: Special section on the AIP Manson documentary with amazing illustrations.
Original Ganga classic: The Harder They Come.
Rice and Beans: Visits to The Deuce's Spanish Language Houses.
Night of the Thousand Cats, El Transsexual, Giselle and Bell From Hell.
Mike Findlay is The Ultimate Degenerate.
Nunsploitation: Catherine Spaak in Diary of a Cloistered Nun.

Issue 3
Summer/Fall 2000
8th Avenue classics: Playing at Times Square's Cameo Theater: the twisted visions of Confessions of a Psycho Cat, The Findlays and Ameros Kick Out the Jams in The Lusting Hours, Andy Milligan's notorious first film Vapors.
Friday night at the baths: Behind the Scenes of Andy Milligan's Vapors.
Andy Milligan's last gasp: Joel Shepard on Monstrosity.
Eurosleaze S&M: The infamous Deuce Classic Slaves in Cages.
Pretty girls get whipped: Bob Cresse's The Invitation at 42nd Street's Victory Theater
Inquisition follies: Jesse Franco's Love Letters of a Portuguese Nun.
Featuring: A special section on De Sade in exploitation film starring: Alice Arno and Romina Power as Justine and Keir Dullea as De Sade . . . with a very special pictorial . . .
Personal reminiscences of seeing Pasolini's "Salo" including: Jamie Gillis, Lasse Braun, John Waters, George Payne, Kenneth Anger and many others.
Guido roughies: Joe D'Amato's The Porn Shop on 7th Avenue.
Fernando Di Leo's legendary Being Twenty.
David Hess and Corrine "Story of O" Clery in Hitch-Hike.
The wild papagallos: The Mondo Men Run Amok! The Private Perversions of Gualtiero Jacopetti; The Final Jacopetti-Prosperi Mondo Movie, Mondo Candido; Franco Prosperi's Wild Beats.
Cannibal sadism: Make Them Die Slowly - "The Most Violent Film Ever Made!".
Orientalia: B&D Camera Clubs in Nanami-Inferno of First Love.
The cinema of cruelty: Art-House Torture in The Round-Up.
Joe Dallesandro and Gerard Depardieu in J'Taime Moi Non Plus.
Candice Rialson in Mama's Dirty Girls.
The violent sexual freakouts of I Drink Your Blood.
Classic early seventies shocker Toys Are Not For Children.
Richard Speck fantasies burst out in Tomcats.
Also Man Friday and Wattstax.

Issue 2
Fall 1999
The fabulous Olga movies: On the set of Olga's Girls, White Slaves Of Chinatown with their producer/distributor Stan Borden.
Kiss of Her Flesh: Terminal erotomanias from Mike and Roberta Findlay.
California sleaze: Candice Rialson's erotic allure in Pets, L.A. weirdos, creeps and hangers on in Boardinghouse, The Candy Snatchers: 'It started as such a simple crime.'
The violent hallucinations of Cutthroats 9, Viva La Muerte and The Headless Eyes.
The fatal Kool-Aid party of Guyana-Crime Of The Century.
Race relations: Racial epitaphs so bad you have to Fight For Your Life to leave the grindhouse; The bloody pacifism of Black Jesus; Farewell Uncle Tom: A film to offend everyone.
Eurosleaze kink: Female dominance in Battle Of The Amazons; The tasty sprinkles of Vanessa; Sex meets death in Jose Larraz's Vampyres; The nasty habits of The Nuns of Saint' Archangelo.
Vintage Jesse Franco: Woman hunting woman in La Comptesse Perverse; The sexsational Succubus.
Mondos then and now: Mondo Cane and Mondo Magic.
A gigolo on bum kicks in Scratch Harry.
Orientalia: Weng Weng, the world's shortest secret agent, kicks butt and flies around in For Y'ur Height Only and Nothing Is Impossible.
Lavender lights: aul Morrisey's misguided Forty Deuce; The private passions of Joe Dallesandro in Little Joe Superstar; The twisted daisy chain of Her And She And Him.
Metasex editor Michell Clifford muses on: Groupies-A rock'n roll sexual Grapes Of Wrath; Infantile horrors: The Psychopath and The Baby.

Issue 1
Spring 1999
The Fatal Kinks: 1960s Roughies From Mike and Roberta Findlay: The Touch Of Her Flesh and The Curse Of Her Flesh.
Blind Rage at 42nd Street's Empire Theater.
Rene Bond on the Run From Feebed Out Ed Wood in Fugitive Girls.
Forty-Deuce Snuff Shockers: Last House on Dead End Street (The Funhouse) and Faces of Death.
Doris Wishman's gendertwisted Let Me Die A Woman.
Cannibal vomitoriums: Ruggerio Deodato's Carnivorous (aka The Last survivor, Jungle Holocaust), Umberto Lenzi's Sacrifice (aka Man From Deep River.)
The freaky world of Andy Milligan.
Andy Milligan on His Sexploitation Films.
A Look at Andy Milligan's Fleshpot On 42nd Street (aka Girls On 42nd Street, Dusty.)
The definitive look at Ilsa: Ilsa: She Wolf Of The SS, Ilsa: Harem Keeper Of The Oil Shieks, Ilsa The Wicked Warden, Ilsa: Tigress Of Siberia.
Human tornado Rudy Ray Moore.
Chicks in chains: Pam Grier Whips Ass In Women In Cages and Black Mama/White Mama.
Eurosleaze Delirium in Island Women.
Jesse Franco's Eurotrash S&M From Barbed Wire Dolls to Sadomania.
Rock & Roll Roughies: Gimme Shelter & Cocksucker Blues.
Going Beyond Love and Evil Into the world of eurosleaze kink.
Celebrity freakouts: Mickey Rooney's Dementia in B.J. Lang Presents (The Manipulator), Troy Donohue as Charlie Manson in Sweet Savior.
Sweet Savior director Bob Roberts Interviewed.
Grindhouse horrors: Don't Answer The Phone, Zombie, Night Of The Bloody Apes.

Fall 1985

Vol 4 No 1
Summer 1984

Vol 2 No 2
June 1981

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December 1980

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October 1980

Issue 2
Vol 1 # 2
2 July 1980

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