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- First issue: 1990s
- Editor: David McDonnell
- Published by Starlog Group

United States

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30 July 2014

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Issue 11
Bruce Boxleitner (Babylon 5), Rodney Rowland (Space), Bruce Greenwood (Nowhere Man), Brannon Braga (Star Trek: The Next Generation), Pierce Brosnan (Goldeneye), Gillian Anderson (X-Files), and more.

Issue 10
December 1995

X-Files writers Glen Morgan & James Wong launch Space: Above & Beyond; Deadly Games - game boy; Hercules & Xena - TV's most offbeat, legendary adventures; Timemaster - Michael Dorn's other new gig; Waterworld - Dennis Hopper's mad messiah; plus: Doctor Who, Space: 1999 & seaQuest. Kevin Sorbo & Lucy Lawless cover.

Issue 9
October 1995

Virtuosity - making the virtual reality killer thriller; Species - SF's deadliest beauty; Sly Stallone speaks; Batman Forever - Nicole Kidman's bat obsessions; Waterworld - designing the SF epic; seaQuest - Jonathan Brandis grows up. Denzel Washington & Russell Crowe in Virtuosity cover.

Issue 8
August 1995

Batman Forever - inside Gotham's Dark Knight; Star Trek: Voyager - on the bridge; Judge Dredd - the trials of Sylvester Stallone; Congo - gorilla guy; Species - in the lab; plus: VR.5, Babylon 5 & Doctor Who; bonus posters - Riddler, Judge Dredd, Two-Face, Batman & Robin. Batman Forever cover.

Issue 7
Babylon 5 - Andreas Katsulas salutes G'Kar; Sliders - Tracy Torme slips into Fox's parallel world adventures; The Outer Limits - SF-TV classic reborn; fantasy music thrills - from The X-Files to Beauty & the Beast; Mighty Morphin Power Rangers FX; illustrating the live-action Hitch-hiker's Guide to the Galaxy; posters - Voyager's Janeway & Neelix, Batman Forever, Forever Knight.

Issue 6
Star Trek: Generations - Brent Spiner laughs; Voyager - cast & starship posters; Stargate - beyond the heroics; animated Trek; rebel Voyager - Robert Beltran reports; Tank Girl - armor-plated action; Deep Space Nine - new possibilities; Next Generation - Starfleet nurse. Brent Spiner as Data cover.

Issue 5

Issue 4

Issue 3

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Issue 1

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