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Horror Irregular Fanzine from France

- First issue: 1996
- French zine.
- ''B movies, Horror, independent, euro & asia trash cinema, exploitation, cult, etc. ... from the 60s to present day.''
- Editor: Guillaume Richard.
- 36 pages, A4 format.
- Website: www.facebook.com/TRASHTIMES/

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24 December 2019

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Issue 9
October 2001
Previews: Blood Feast 2, Astro Zombies 2.
Reviews: Incredible Two-Headed Transplant, Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers, Qualcosa Striscia nel Buio, Nightmare Concert, Charlie's Family, Candy Snatchers...
Baby Cart Saga: Part 2: la serie samourai.
Japan cult previews: Versus et Avalon.
Fest report: Le festival de Bruxelles 2001.
Interview Lloyd Kaufman: Troma Films.
Demoni: Les Demons de Lamberto Bava.
Charles Manson: Sa vie et son impact sur le cinema.
Iinterview Andrew Parkinson: (I, Zombie).

Issue 8
March 2001
Rebirth Issue
Previews: Fantastic Factory (Faust, Beyond Re Animator...), Jason X, Citizen Toxie : The Toxic Avenger Part 4, Godzilla X Megaguirus, House Of 1000 Corpses.
Godzilla 2000 Millenium review: Le titan nippon entre dans le troisieme millenaire...
Baby Cart Saga Part 1: la serie samourai des Baby Cart decortiquee en detail avec filmos completes.
Afros & Fangs Part 1: Blacula. Les vampires blacks au cinema avec Blacula et les filmos completes des acteurs.
''Q'' - Jean Francois David: la carriere chaotique de l'inventeur du porno en France (Exhibition).

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