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Horror Irregular Fanzine from France

- First issue: 1996
- French zine.
- ''B movies, Horror, independent, euro & asia trash cinema, exploitation, cult, etc. ... from the 60s to present day.''
- Editor: Guillaume Richard.
- 36 pages, A4 format.
- Website: www.facebook.com/TRASHTIMES/

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24 December 2019

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Issue 13
Spring/Summer 2004
Dossier: Apocalypse Nuke: Les cinematographies de l'apres-bombe. Dossier de 30 pages sur les films post-nucleaire " mad-maxiens ". Introduction et caracteristiques du genre. Pas moins de 45 films critiques : du post-nuke eu-ropeen au philippin en passant par la se- rie B californienne...
Post-nuke review bonanza ! : Les Nouveaux Barbares, Les Guerriers du Bronx 1 & 2, 2020 Texas Gladiators, Le Gladia-teur du Futur, 2019 Apres la Chute de New York, Atomic Cy-borg, The Fishmen and their Queen, Rush 1 & 2, Le Cheva-lier du Monde Perdu, Final Executor, Les Exterminateurs de l'An 3000, Les Predateurs du Futur, 2072 Les Mercenaires du Futur, Les Rats de Manhattan, Diesel, Terminus, Stry-ker, Les Roues de Feu, Apocalypse Warriors, Future Hun-ters, The Sisterhood, Dune Warriors, Raiders of the Sun, Roller Blade, Roller Blade Warriors, Roller Blade Seven, Hell Comes to Frogtown, Return to Frogtown, Max Hell Comes to Frogtown, Aftermath, Le Camion de la Mort, Metalstorm, Survival Zone, Le Dernier Missile, Osa, America 3000, Survivor, Steel Dawn, 2099 Les Revoltes du Desert, After-shock, Neon City, Fist of the North Star, Goodman Town...
Interview de Donald G. Jackson: Les dernieres confessions de cet artisan de la serie B californienne, a qui l'on doit la serie des Roller Blade Warriors, ses bimbos guerrieres montees sur rollers et les mutants batraciens de la saga Frog-town, dans un entretien posthume retra- cant son incroyable carriere...
Critique de ses films: The Demon Lover, The Demon Lover Diary, I Like to Hurt People, Roller Blade, Hell Comes to Frogtown, Roller Blade Warriors, Roller Blade Seven, Return to Frogtown, Queen of Lost Island, Big Sister 2000, Roller Gator, Max Hell Comes to Frogtown, Guns of el Chupacabra.
Nos chroniques VHS & DVD: The Bat People (74), Duel of Fists (71), The Annihilators (85), Zeta One (69), Village People : Can't Stop the Music (80), I Drink your Blood (70), I Eat your Skin (64), Slaves in Cages (71), Together (71), Even Dwarfs Started Small (71), The Spook who Sat by the Door (73), Le Tigre Contre Ninja (82), Commando du Diable (85), Les 5 Anges de la Mort (83), Satan's Triangle (75), Ostria : End of the Game (84), 9 Lives of a Wet Pussy (77), Schizophrenia (83), Rolling Thunder (77).

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