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- First and last issue: 2000-2011
- Van Helsing's Journal started out as The Cushing Confidential.
- Covers Horror, Sci-fi and Fantasy from all over the world.
- Published by 'The Peter Cushing Association'
- Edited by Harry H. Long.
- 60 pages
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Issue 12
July/August/September 2011
The Seismic Influence of Ray Harryhausen - John P. Dods
Conversation with Harryhausen - Lawrence Fultz, Jr.
The Films of Fu Manchu (Part Two) -Harry H Long
Vampyr: A Soap Opera - Lelia Loban
Perry Rhodan: Peacelord of the Universe - Al Paige

The King's Speech, Mirrors 2, Predators, 2002 Maniacs, Unstoppable, The Wicker Man

Broken Mirrors/Broken Minds: The Dark Dreams of Dario Argento, Dracula in Visual Media, Ingrid Pitt: Queen of Horror, Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye, Scandinavian Blue, Touchstones of Gothic Horror

The Black Cobra, No Survivors Please, British Cinema volume 3, Cannibal Terror, Isle of the Damned, Eagles Over London, The Inglorious Bastards (not Basterds), Gamera the Giant Monster, Gamera vs Barugon, Goya, Hardware, Ip Man, Life on Mars, The Lord Peter Wimsey Mysteries, My Fuhrer, My Son My Son What Have Ye Done, A Nocturne, No Orchids for Miss Blandish, Old Mother Riley, Orlok the Vampire, Paula-Paula, The Sinister Eyes of Dr. Orloff, Prsenting Roger Corman's the Best of the Bs, Score, 7 Days, Ultraman

Issue 11
July/August/September 2010
An excerpt from Bill Maynard's The Terror of Fu Manchu
Bill on Sax Rohmer's Fu novels and stories
Harry Long on Fu films (part one)
Larry Fultz interviews Hazel Court (the last-known interview)
John-Paul Checkett on Carmilla films (part two)
Paul & Donna Parla interview Vera Day
Book reviews:
All About Almodovar; Little Shoppe of Horrors #20
DVD reviews:
Ahlaam; Bad Boy Bubby; Bloody Moon; Derek, Sebastiane & War Requiem; Dutch Junkies; Embodiment of Evil; House of the Sleeping Beauties; The Howl; Icons of Sci-Fi: The Toho Collection; In the Folds of the Flesh; Jeeves & Wooster: the Complete Series; A Jihad for Love; Kiss Napoleon Goodbye; The Last Laugh; Last House on the Beach; The Last Man on Earth; Nightmare Castle; On Each Side; Papaya: Love Goddess of the Cannibals; Passion & Power; The Perfume of Yvonne; Pieces; Red Room 2; The Rivals of Sherlock Holmes; Shiver; Silence of the Sea; Strange Circus; A Wonderful Night in Split; ZPG

Issue 10
HOW DO YOU SOLVE A PROBLEM LIKE CARMILLA? - part one of a look at the novella and films (Johnm-Paul Checkett) LUGOSI IN LONDON (part 2) by Frank J. Dello Stritto and Andi Brooks DYLAN AND THE DEVILS - Dylan Thomas' movie scripts (Brett Taylor) LA MOMIA AZTECA - We were supposed to get an article on the Aztec Mummy films. The writer dropped off the face of the earth, but we'd gotten hold of these faboo lobby cards and didn't want to just store them, so ... INTERVIEW WITH BRET WOOD - the produce behind many of your favorite titles from Kino by John Soister DVD Reviews: LA BELLA NELLO SPAZIO (J-P Checkett), BLACK SHEEP (John Stevenson), THE CARD PLAYER/DO YOU LIKE HITCHCOCK? (Michael Cornett), CASTLE OF THE WALKING DEAD (MC), COUNT DRACULA (HHL), THE EROTICIST (HHL), FIDO (JS), FROM BEYOND (HHL), GERMAN EXPRESSIONISM COLLECTION (HHL), GRAVEYARD ALIVE (HHL), GWENDOLINE (J-PC), HELL'S GROUND (Bob D Pyle), LITTLE OTIK/FAUST (MC), THE LIVING AND THE DEAD (HHL), THE LIVING DEAD AT MANCHESTER MORGUE (HHL), THE MAN WHO COULD CHEAT DEATH (HHL), MONSTERS & MADMEN (Farnham Scott), NOSFERATU: THE ULTIMATE EDITION (Kevin Shinnick), PICNIC AT HANGING ROCK (FS), THE PSYCHIC (BDP), SATAN'S BABY DOLL/THE SISTER OF URSULA (BDP), THE SILENT STAR (MC), THE SKULL (Paul Leggett), STORM (BDP), THINGS TO COME (HHL), TOWER OF EVIL (MC), WATCH ME (BDP), THE WITCH'S CURSE (FS), LES YEUX SANS VISAGE (Jack Randall Earles).

Issue 9
Bela Lugosi in PHANTOM SHIP (aka MYSTERY OF THE MARY CELESTE) and THE HUMAN MONSTER (aka DEAD EYES OF LONDON) by Frank Dello Stritto & Andi Brooks.
LA SPECTRE VERT, the French language version of THE UNHOLY NIGHT by John Soister.
THE BLIND DEAD films by Holger Hasse.
An in-depth review of the first BAVA BOX by Bob D. Pyle.
CD and book reviews.
15 pages of DVD reviews.

Issue 8

Issue 7
Spring 2006
THE PHIBES PHILES - Earl Roesel details the adventures, filmed and unfilmed, of the organ pounding avenger
LITTLE SHOP OF EURO-HORRORS - Holger Hasse ventures through the portals of Cozzi and Argento's shop and lives to recount his sojourn
THERE'S SOMETHING ABOUT ALRAUNE - Henry Nicolella investigates the paper and celluloid renditions of a scientifically created femme fatale
THE SPANISH MAN OF A THOUSAND FACES - John T. Soister uncovers the buried reputation of a forgotten fantasy actor
LOST AND FOUND - Harry Long re-evaluates three late entries from horror film's Gothic period of the 1950s to the 1970s
MAN OF STRAW - Christine Harper champions the often hotly-debated 'Citizen Kane of horror films'
CD REVIEWS - The sound of the movies
DVD REVIEWS - Spoilers alert!

Issue 5

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