Monthly Magazine from Boone ,United States

- First issue: 1983
- It covers mostly fashion but there are some interviews with actors.
- First version was published from 1913 to 1936.
- The magazine was revived in its current form in March 1983.
- Published by Conde Nast
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Issue 388
December 1992
Cover: Candice Bergen
Hall of Fame; Michael Caine; Keith Richards

Issue 387
November 1992
Cover: Elizabeth Taylor
Whitney Houston & Bobby Brown; Carla Bruni; Gary Oldman w. Sadie Frost, Michaela Bercu, Monica Bellucci pic; Emmanuelle Beart pic; Woody Allen and Mia Farrow; Fabio.; Spike Lee, Denzel Washington.

Issue 386
October 1992
Cover: Madonna, nude in pool
Vanessa Paradis; Queen Elizabeth II; feature on Madonna includes topless pictures; "River Men" Brad Pitt, Craig Sheffer and Tom Skerritt; Paul Reichmann; Larry Kramer; Henryk de Kwiatkowski; Diane Lane licking Christopher Lambert's chin!; George Bush; Gary Sinise 1; Bill Clinton; Barney's ad featuring Linda Evangelista and Fred Ward; Linda McCartney; Alan Dershowitz and Laurence Tribe; Giancarlo Giammetti; Tom McGuane;

Issue 385
September 1992
Cover: Geena Davis
Henry Kissinger; Courtney Love; Camille Paglia; Angelica Houston; Brendan Fraser

Issue 384
August 1992
Cover: Demi Moore nude except for her Painted - on Suit
Barbara Bush; Sandra Bernhard; Sherilyn Fenn; King Juan Carlos of Spain; Stavros Niarchos; Alfonso Ossorio; Benno Schmidt and Chris Whittle; Bridget Fonda and Jennifer Jason Leigh; Polly Walker; Mikhail Gorbachev; James Hamilton-Paterson; Tim Robbins - Bob Roberts; Uday Saddam Hussein.

Issue 383
July 1992
Cover: Luke Perry
Marlene Dietrich; Russell Simons; Jane March; Gap ads w. Mike Myers, Julie Delphy, Luke Perry; Benny Hill.

Issue 382
June 1992
Cover: Annette Bening
Diane Sawyer; Richard Nixon; Wilson Phillips

Issue 381
May 1992
Cover: Ivana Trump
Jay McInerney; Hillary Clinton; Danny DeVito as the Penguin in Batman 2; Juliette Binoche; Gregory Hines tap dancing nude(but you don't see anything); Sigourney Weaver

Issue 380
April 1992
Cover: Jack Nicholson
Sharon Stone; Cindy Crawford

Issue 379
March 1992
Cover: Goldie Hawn
Patricia Bowman & William Kennedy Smith; fashion designer Zoran (includes 2 pictures of Isabella Rosselini, one with Zoran and another with Lauren Hutton); Patricia Bowman; Katarina Witt; Mike Tyson; Tara Fitzgerald and Adrian Dunbar; Marilyn Quayle and sister Nancy Northcott; John Singer Sargent and the National Gallery in Washington; Robert Maxwell's widow; Tatiana Iacovleff du Plessix Liberman; Phoenix House; Norma Shearer and Irving Thalberg; John Malkovich ad for Andrw Fezza; Barney's ad with Linda Evangelista - awesome! - trailer, butterflies; Lisa Taylor Calvin Klein ad; Donna Karan ad with Rosemary McGortha as lady president; Juliette Lewis 1; Thomas Hampson; Aileen Getty (former daughter in law to Elizabeth Taylor )Antoine Predock; Julie Burchill

Issue 378
February 1992
Cover: Mick Jagger
Lynda Carter; Gay Talese; Norman Mailer on JFK movie by Oliver Stone; Karl Lagerfeld (includes pic of Nadia Auermann ); John Sununu; Michael Jordan; Belinda Carlisle; Sheryl Lee; Peter Weller and William S. Burroughs; Nora Ephron; Ethel Merman; Tony Richardson.

Issue 377
January 1992
Cover: Kevin Costner
Lili Zanuck; Rene Russo 1 1; Karyn White 1 1; Gloria Steinem; Antonio Banderas and Armand Assante 1 1; 2p; Isabelle Huppert.

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