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Movies And Whatever

- First and last issue: Fall 1995-Summer 1999
- Hard to find or under appreciated films alongside interviews and profiles of the people who make them.
- Editor: Rob Hauschild
- 36 b+w pages.
- Website: www.vexmag.com

Action, Martial Arts
United States

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5 February 2019

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Issue 4
Spring/Summer 1999

Issue 3
Summer 1997

James Dean: Chapters taken from the book, James Dean Beyond the Grave by Robert Rees.
The Apes of Wrath: A hairy history of gorilla movies.
A boy and his dog: A true story as told to Don Wilson.
Bodil of Denmark.
Porn to be wild: A novice's guide to the zoophile porn underground.
Doggie movies: Another guide starting with Beethoven and ending with Dog of Hell.
The Animal Round-Up: Table scraps, movie tie-ins and the obsession results.
Gorehound gone good: Confessions of Nick the Yak, former movie fanatic.
G. Gordon Liddy: A covert look inside the media life of the nation's favorite quiet man's man.

Issue 2
Spring/Summer 1996

All Director's Issue
William Girdler: Sheba Baby, Abby, Three On A Meethook, Asylun of Satan, Day of the Animals, Grizzly, The Manitou.
Doug Langway: Talks about his debut feature, Raising Heroes.
Oliver Stone: Let the truth be $old.
Ivan Hall: Funeral For An Assassin, Kill Or Be Killed, Kill and Kill Again.
Robert Wise: Interview with the director of The Haunting.
John Hyams: On making One Dog Day.
Sophisticated Porn: The films of Andrew Blake, Cameron Grant and Michael Ninn.
Michael Winner: Making movies for men.

Issue 1
Fall/Winter 1995 1996

Kill and Kill again: South Africa Kung Fu production.
O.J. Simpson: 20+ year exploitation movie career.
Quentin Tarantino: Well, he is not Sam Peckinpah....
Jap & Anglo monsters: How to make a Giant Monster movie.
Favorite fatties: George "Buck" Flower, Stefan Gieracsh, Bill Thurman, Del Close, Joe Spinell.
Al Adamson: Dead and remembered.

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