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The Perfectionist's Guide To Fantastic Video
Fantasy, Classic Monsters, Horror, Sci-Fi Bimonthly Magazine from Cincinnati ,United States
Ceased publication

- First and last issue: 1990-2017
- Fantastic cinema is the top priority but no genre is neglected.
- At the beginning there was Tim's column in Video Times and Gorezone and then in 1990 he started publishing VW.
- More details than any other edition is what characterizes VW. Usually there is a cover story with exclusive interviews and a lot of reviews.
In color, small size (A5), 80 pages magazine without any ads but with plenty to read.
- Published by Tim and Donna Lucas (Eds.)
- Website: www.videowatchdog.com

Last updated:
20 September 2021
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Special thanks for this page goes to:
Scott Matheson
Garry Malvern

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Issue 66
December 2000
Watchdog news: Frederick S. Clarke 1949-2000. Brief reviews: The Beast of Yucca Flats, The Body Beneath, Frankenstein's Daughter, Galaxina, The Hidden, Space Thing.
Video Tapevine: The Best of Bulgarian Animation, House of Black Death, Jill the Ripper, Kimba the White Lion Vol. 2 & 3, Konga, Masters of Russian Animation Vol. 1& 2, Psychomania.
Tapes from the attic: Paul Naschy: In this special extended installment, Shane M. Dallman, Tim Lucas and Richard Harland Smith examine several works by Spain's great hyphenate of horror: writer/producer/director/actor Paul Naschy! The Fury of Wolfman, The Wolfman Never Sleeps, Dr. Jekyll vs. The Werewolf, Curse of the Devil, House of Psychotic Women, The Blue Eyes of the Broken Doll, Night of the Howling Beast, Hall of the Mountain King, The People Who Own the Park.
Jorge Grau: Director of Manchester Morgue: Perry Martin and R.J. Gallentine interview the director of the classic Spanish zombie film, Let Sleeping Corpses Lie!
DVDs : Black Orpheus, The Blood Spattered Bride, Blue Velvet, Cannibal Man, Connan the Barbarian: Collector's Edition, The Erotic Adventures of Zorro, The Fly/Return of the Fly, Gorgo, Let Sleeping Corpses Lie, MS. 45, North By Northwest, Project Moon Base, Rocketship X-M, She Freak, The Adult Version Jekyll and Hide, She Killed in Ecstasy, Something Weird, The Vampires' Night Orgy.
Biblio Watchdog: Memoirs of a Wolfman by Paul Naschy, Zombie edited by Allan Bryce.

Issue 65
November 2000
Watchdog news: The long and short of Vampyres. Frogs. Spanish DVDs.
Video Tapevine: The Best of Zagreb Film: Be Careful Whar You Wish For/The Classic Collection, Cave of the Living Dead, Cinderella, The Cosmic Man, Deadly Snail vs. Kung Fu Killer, Filthy Guy, Hit Man in the Hand of Buddha, The Invincible Killer, Revengeful Swordswoman, Shaolin Disciple, The Young Avenger, Marlene, The Vampire Happening, The Woman Eater.
The Argument: Walking the extra mile for Donald Cammell: Sam and Rebecca Umland investigate the posthumous restoration and completion of a formerly ''lost'' short film by the notorious, late director of Performance, Demon Seed and White of the Eye!
Universal's classic monsters rerturn: DVD producer David J. Skal has served up another batch of ''Golden Age'' thrills fron the vaults at Universal Studios Home Video: The Invisible Man, Phantom of the Opera (1943), Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein and Creature from the Black Lagoon! How do they rate? How are the extras? Tim Lucas tells you!
DVDs : American Psycho, Antonio Gaudi, The Brain That Wouldn't Die, Dead of Night, End of Days, Fight Club, The Gore Gore Girls, Ilsa She Wolf of the SS, Ilsa Harem Keeper of the Oil Sheiks, Ilsa The Wicked Warden, I Married a Strange Person, Parsifal, Shock, The Slipper and the Rose: The Story of Cinderella, Swamp Thing, The 1000 Eyes of Dr. Mabuse, The Testament of Dr. Mabuse/The Crimes of Dr. Mabuse, L'Oiseau Au Plumage De Cristal, Le Chat A Neuf Queues, Suspiria, Tenebres.
Biblio Watchdog: The Lurker in the Lobby: A Guide to the Cinema of H.P. Lovercraft, Robin Hood, King Arthur on Film.

Issue 64
October 2000
Watchdog news: VW writers make good. Websites.
Video Tapevine: Asylum, The Boxer's Omen, Carnegie Hall, Devil Girl From Mars, Dragon Ball: The Magic Begins, Gamera vs. Guillon, The Girls From H*A*R*M, Impact, D.O.A., Kronos, The Orphic Cycle, Blood of a Poet, Orpheus, Testament of Orpheus, Sisters, Zatoichi The Outlaw.
The adventures of Hercules: Tim Lucas flexes his critical muscles on Trimark Home Video's new box set of seven classic sword & sandal pictures: Hercules vs. The Hydra, Hercules vs. The Sons of the Sun, Hercules vs. The Moloch, Medusa vs. The Son of Hercules, The Triumph of Hercules, Lion of Thiebes and The Trojan Horse with Steve Reeves!
DVDs : Beyond Atlantis, Twilight People, Bob Clampett's Beavy and Cecil: The Special Edition, Carnival Of Souls, Don't Torture a Duckling, La Grande Bouffe, It Happened Here, The Killing Of Sister George, Las Vegas Hillbilly's, Hillbillys in a Haunted House, The Mighty Peking Man, Nang Nak, Pandora and the Flying Dutchman, 70 Years of Popeye, Sleepy Hollow, The Strange Woman / Moon Over Harlem, Torso, Trader Hornee, The Vengeance Of She, The Bloody Judge, Peur Sur La Ville.
Biblio Watchdog: The Alien Quartet by David Thomson.

Issue 63
September 2000
Watchdog news: Discs from other regions.
Video Tapevine: The Buddhist Fist, Choo-Choo, Destiny's Son, Sword Devil, The Kingdom Of The Looking Glass/A Tale Of Lost Time, My Wife's Lover, The Ninja Dragon, The Omega Code, Tinto Brass Presenta: Corti Circuiti Erotici, Victory.
Eurocine: The best little horror house in France: Donald E. Hood and Curtis Fukuda interview Marius and Daniel Lasoeur, the pere et fils team responsible for over 30 years of bizarre cinema, including The Awful Dr. Orlof, Female Vampire, and Zombie Lake.
DVDs : 4D Man, Curse of the Voodoo, Deep Blue Sea, Desecration, Destination Moon, Extreme Crisis, The Ghost Goes Gear, Girl on a Motorcycle, Horror Express, House on Haunted Hill, Human Condition I, II & III, I'll Never Forget What's 'Isname, The Iron Giant, The Island at the Top Of the World, Mommy, Mommy 2: Mommy's Day, Mystery Men, Possession, Prehistoric Women, The Sixth Sense, Vampyres, The Viking Queen.
Biblio Watchdog: English Gothic: A Century of Horror Cinema.

Issue 62
August 2000
Watchdog news: DVD genre releases, Restored Spirits Of The Dead.
Video Tapevine: Dead Fright, The Devil's Sword, The Hideous Sun Demon, Jackie Chan's Project A, Narcotic/Maniac, The Return of the Frog, Strangers of the Evening, The Crooked Circle, Secrets of Wu Sin, Tomorrow at Seven, The Ghost Walks, One Frightened Night, The Rogues' Tavern, The Thousand Eyes of Dr. Mabuse, A Wife to be Sacrificed, A woman Called Sada Abe.
Tapes from the attic: Hunters of the Golden Cobra, The Ark of the Sun God... Temple of Hell, Jungle Raiders.
The rise and fall and rise of The 1000 Eyes of Dr. Mabuse: All Day Entertainment's David Kalat looks back on the production of Fritz Lang's final film and tells the story of its arduous restoration and resurrection on VHS and DVD.
The real Hammer film: Mickey Spillane's The Girl Hunters: For years, it was harder to find than a clean glass in Joe's Bar, and if you did find it, it was more cut-up than your worst broken heart... But here's Max Allan Collins with the scoop on Mickey Spillane's only performance as Mike Hammer - now restored for its home video debut.
DVDs : The Big Sleep, The Birds, Marnie, Bluebeard, The Bone Collector, Caligula 20th Anniversary Edition, Deadbeat at Dawn, The House of Whipcord, The Killing Hour, The Limey, They Might Be Giants, The Third Man.
Biblio Watchdog: The Essential Monster Movie Guide by Stephen Jones.

Issue 61
July 2000
Watchdog news: Hand Of Death, Supergirl, 2001: DVD oddities.
Video Tapevine: The Avengers '64 Set 1, The Bells, Captain Celluloid vs. The Film Pirates, The Fruit is Swelling, The Hunger Collection: Vampires, Kagero, The Killer Priest Comes Back, Kimba The White Lion, Lost Continent, The Sons of Great Fear, Womens Prison Massacre.
Tapes from the attic: The Lost Empire.
Supernatural - perhaps... Baloney - Most Definitely! Poverty Row Horror of the 1940s: Ken Hanke takes us on a sentimental tour of the benighted B-movies of Monogram and PRC, starring the likes of Bela Lugosi, George Zucco, Mantan Moreland and The Dead End Kids! With subject matter like that, can he help it that he's loquacious.
DVDs : Deep Red, Eyes Wide Shut, Horror Hospital, Inferno, The Mirror, The Rage: Carrie 2, The Sacrifice, Shogun Assassin, Stigmata.
Biblio Watchdog: Mental Hygiene: Classroom Films 1945-1970, Jack The Ripper: His Life and Crimes in Popular Entertainment.

Issue 60
June 2000
Watchdog news: The long happy film life of Stephen Weeks. Brightness ahead for Night of Dark Shadows.
Video Tapevine: Breeders, Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde (1955), Even Dwarfs Started Small, Fist of Legend, Police Story 2, Supercop 2, Fugitive Mind, The Good Book, Habit, Her and She And Him, Murder By Invitation, Robo Warriors, Scream Bloody Murder, Sisters of Death, Squirm, Zatoichi Meets Yojimbo.
Tapes from the attic: Love Me Deadly.
Herschell Gordon Lewis on DVD: The Gory Details: John Charles reviews the new DVDs of Blood Feast, Tho Thousand Mamiacs!, Color Me Blood Red and The Wizard Of Gore from Something Weird Image Entertainment.
The schlock that wouldn't die! Herschell Gordon Lewis Interviewed: Bill Kelley and M.J. Simpson interrogate the Sultan of Slaughter on the occasion of his films' DVD debut.
DVDs : Army of Darkness: Limited Edition, Bats, Dance with the Devil, Dark Shadows, Edge of Darkness, House on Haunted Hill, In The Line Of Duty III, IV, V, Natural Born Killers, The Prophesy II, III, Running Time, Tourist Trap.
Biblio Watchdog: Herschell Gordon Lewis Godfather Of Gore The Films, The Naked And The Undead: Evil and the Appeal of Horror.

Issue 59
May 2000
Watchdog news: Image Entertainment's & Anchor Bay's new releases.
Video Tapevine: Coming Apart, Curse of the Black Widow, The Day It Came to Earth, Death is Nimble Death is Quick, East of Borneo, Freak, Fudoh The New Generation, Gallery of Horrors, Legend of the Chupacabra, Moon Over Tao/Makaraga, The Murder In The Museum, Open Your Eyes, Orochi The Eight-Headed Dragon, The Prodigal Boxer, Boxer's Adventure, Raiders of the Living Dead, Starlost, Witchcraft/Who Goes There.
The short, unhappy film life of Stephen Weeks: Rebecca & Sam Umland examine the neglected works of one of Britain's most promising directorial talents of the 1970s - I Monster, Madhouse Mansion and Sword Of The Valiant.
Godzilla Destroyed! Mothra Reborn!: Tim Lucas appraises the newest Toho double features to reach our shores, courtesy of Columbia Tristar Home Video
Discs : The Big Combo, Coma, Eaten Alive, Fright Night, The Last Broadcast, The Matrix Special Edition, Minnie And Moskowitz, Shaolin Master Killer, Shiver of the Vampires, The Stand, Stargate Special Edition, Stir Of Echoes, Tiger Cage, Trinity And Beyond The Atomic Bomb Movie, Tokyo Decadence.
Biblio Watchdog: A Guide to Charlie Chan Films, The Charlie Chan Film Encyclopedia, Jacques Tourneur The Cinema of Nightfall, Bizarre Sinema! Jess Franco: El Sexo Del Horror.

Issue 58
April 2000
Watchdog news: Restored footage in Spider Baby, Scream Your Head Off & Farewell My Concubine.
Video Tapevine: Animal Farm, Black Cat, Django, Django Strikes Again, Fitzcarraldo, The Intruder, Man Eater, The Phantom Planet, Puzzle, Queen Emeraldas, Riki-Oh: The Story Of Ricky, Schlock, Sofi, Two-Lane Blacktop, The Woman Who Came Back.
Tales from the attic: The Deadky And The Beautiful.
'Viddy Well?' A look at the Stanley Kubrick Collection: Glenn Erickson scrutinizes Warner Home Video's box set of seven Kubrick classics: Lolita, Dr. Strangelove, 2001: A Space Odyssey, A Clockwork Orange, Barry Lyndon, The Shining and Full Metal Jacket and ponders the question, 'Director-approved?'.
Discs : Bay Of Blood, Carmen Baby, The Demoniacs, Fascination, The Living Dead Girl, Requiem For A Vampire, Gulliver's Travels, The Hound Of Baskervilles, Lips Of Blood, Night Tide, Piranha, Ravenous, Return Of The Chinese Boxer, Royal Tramp II, Salem's Lot, The Sentimel, Shirobaru Gakuen: Soshite Zenin Okasareta, Tower Of Evil, The Untold Story 1 & 2, Yojimbo, Sanjuro.
Biblio Watchdog: Claude Rains: A Comprehensive Illustrated Reference, Peter Lorre.

Issue 57
March 2000
Watchdog news: Sound errors with Argento's The Phantom Of The Opera.
Video Tapevine: The Abominable Snowman, The Brothers Quay Collection, Institute Benjamenta, The Bubble, Deluge, The Devil Bat's Daughter, First Option, From Dusk Till Dawn 3: The Hangman's Daughter, Nude For Satan, Peter Pan, Strangler Of The Swamp, Tales Of Tomorrow Volume 1 & 2, Wizards Of The Demon Sword.
Lasers revoked. Revisiting the Criterion Bonds: In this special report, Tim Lucas casts a fond look back at three classics: The Criterion Collection's rare CAV pressings of Dr. No, From Russia With Love and Goldfinger.
The James Bond Collection. A critical dossier: 'DVD Savant' Glenn Erickson investigates MGM Home Entertainment's luxurious new boxed set of 007 entertainments on DVD: Goldfinger, Thunderball, Live And Let Die, For Your Eyes Only, Licence To Kill, Goldeneye and Tomorrow Never Dies!
Discs : Black Mask, Bye Bye Monley, Don't Look In The Basement, Driller Killer, eXistenZ, Fando & Lis, Gargoyles, Idle Hands, Jack Be Nimble, The Miracle Fighters, Mosquito, Night Of Cabiria, And The Ship Sails On, Pleasantville, Tenderness Of The Wolves, Virus.
Biblio Watchdog: Forbidden Fruit, Reptilicus the screenplay.

Sean Connery

Issue 56
February 2000
Watchdog news: Monty Python's Flying Circus, Night of the Living Dead.
Video Tapevine: Boiling Point, Comin' At Ya, The Day Of The Locust, Erotic Ghost Story, The Flying Serpent, General Chaos: Uncensored Animation, The Moon Child, My Lucky Stars, Sleepy Eyes Of Death: Sword Of Satan, Violent Cop, Virgins from Hell, Woyzeck.
Tapes from the attic: Blackenstein, The Headless Eyes, Keep My Grave Open.
Size does matter. The Bert I. Gordon interview: David Dell Valle delivers an exclusive Q&A with Mr. BIG himself, the American master of B-movie cinema who turned napkin-sized ideas into colossal entertainments! Want to know more about how The Cyclops, Earth vs. The Spider and The Magic Sword were made? You 'll find the long and the short of it right here.
Discs : Bride Of Chucky, Child's Play 2, Creepshow, Dracula (1931), EdTV, 8 Man, Excalibur, I Saw What You Did, Jackie Chan: 5 Hard-Hitting Movies (Half A Loaf of Kung Fu, The Killer Meteors, New Fist of Fury, Spritual Kung Fu, To Kill With Intrigue), The Lair Of The White Worm, Meet Joe Black, Monkeyshines, The Dark Half, Night Of The Living Dead, Salome's Last Dance, The Tingler, Tommy: The Movie, Twin Dragons.
Biblio Watchdog: Vincent Price A Daughter's Biography, Midnight Marquee Actors Series: Vincent Price, Tim Burton: An Unauthorized Biography of the Filmmaker.

Issue 55
January 2000
Watchdog news: The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles: Reinventing the mythos on video.
Video Tapevine: Cappuccino, The Crier, House Of Pancakes, Fade To Black, Gate Of Flesh, James Ellroy: Demon Dog of American Crime Fiction, Kolobos, The Last Way Out, Mr. Vampire, The Night Caller From Outer Space, Progeny, The Stendhal Syndrome, Willis O' Brien Films, Zeder.
The Blair Witch Project: Tim Lucas reviews the film that took Artisan Entertainment out of the woods and into the black! Also reviewed are Curse of The Blair Witch and the Blockbuster video exclusive, Sticks And Stones!
Richard Gordon: The face behind the fiends: M.J. Simpson interviews the producer of such films as First Man Into Space, The Haunted Strangler, Island of Terror and Fiend Without A Face on the occasion of his 50th anniversary in show business!
Discs : The Last Man On Earth, Panic In Year Zero, Blithe Spirit, The Bride Of Frankenstein, Halloween: Limited Edition, Kill, Baby...Kill, Last Year At Marienbad, Long Arm Of The Law I & II, The Mummy (1999): Collector's Edition, Nightmares, The Phantom of the Opera (1990), La Fantasma Dell' Opera (1998), The Playgirls And The Vampire, Tekken: The Motion Picture, Terror of Frankenstein, The Wolf Man, X The Man With X-Ray Eyes.
Biblio Watchdog: John Carradine: The Films, Of Gods And Monsters.

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