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The Perfectionist's Guide To Fantastic Video
Fantasy, Classic Monsters, Horror, Sci-Fi Bimonthly Magazine from Cincinnati ,United States
Ceased publication

- First and last issue: 1990-2017
- Fantastic cinema is the top priority but no genre is neglected.
- At the beginning there was Tim's column in Video Times and Gorezone and then in 1990 he started publishing VW.
- More details than any other edition is what characterizes VW. Usually there is a cover story with exclusive interviews and a lot of reviews.
In color, small size (A5), 80 pages magazine without any ads but with plenty to read.
- Published by Tim and Donna Lucas (Eds.)
- Website: www.videowatchdog.com

Last updated:
20 September 2021
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Special thanks for this page goes to:
Scott Matheson
Garry Malvern

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Issue 90
December 2002
Watchdog news: The Korean Mulholland Dr., Macaroni Western Bible: Minnesota Clay, Blind Man, Il Pistolero Dell' Ave Maria, Straw Dogs DVD.
Video Tapevine: Code Of Honor, Jet Li The Legend Of The Swordsman, Swordsman II, Lemonade Joe, The Phantom, The Thirteenth Guest, The Intruder, A Shot In The Dark, The Rats, Waking Life.
Joe Dante's Fleapit Flashbacks: The Laughing Woman, The Legend Of Hell House, Panorama Blue, Satan's Sadists, Teenage Fantasies, Touch Me, Voodoo Heartbeat.
Kay Linaker: At war with Tod Browning & James Whale: She lived next door to Freaks director Tod Browning during his early years of retirement, and was a featured actress in two films directed by Frankenstein's James Whale - including his last! What were these mysterious figureheads of 1930s fantastic cinema really like and why did their careers come to such abrupt and early ends? After decades of speculation, actress Kay Linaker provides the answers to these questions (and others) in a fascinating interview about Hollywood's WWII years!
DVDs : The Alien Factor, Harvesters, Bob Le Flambeur, The Crawling Eye, Cuban Story, The Devil's Backbone, J.D.'s Revenge, Juliet Of The Spirits, Notorious, The Others, Thesis, Tales From The Darkside: The Movie, Twice Told Tales, Kriminal, Il Marchio Di Kriminal.
Biblio Watchdog: H.G. Wells On Film: The Utopian Nightmare by Don G. Smith.

Nicole Kidman

Issue 89
November 2002
Watchdog news: Anchor Bay's The Evil Dead, Criterion's Spellbound, WHV's Exorcist II: The Heretic, Scream And Scream Again's music score, Flash Gordon's serials.
Video Tapevine: Arachnid, Astro Boy Volume 1,2 and 3, B And Below: We 're Not In Hollywood Anymore, Fist Of Fury, Martial Arts Master Wong Fei Hung, Night Walker: Prescription For Death, Night Walker: Eternal Darkness, Project Viper.
Joe Dante's Fleapit Flashbacks: The Cat O' Nine Tail, Coffy, Deep Thrust, Katmandu, Pit Stop, Vanishing Point.
We Are Controlling Transmission: The Outer Limits arrives on DVD: Novelist/screenwriter David J. Schow, author of the Outer Limits Companion, commemorates the release of MGM's First Season box set of The Outer Limits with a chronological overview of all 32 episodes! With many never-before-published photos!
DVDs : Africa Screams/Jack And The Beanstalk, Beast Of The Yellow Night, Cannibal Apocalypse, The Young Ones, Summer Holiday, Wonderful Life, Demons Of The Mind, Doctor Dracula, The Grapes Of Death, Hot Summer, Meet Joe Black: Ultimate Edition (with Death Takes A Holiday), The Revenge Of Frankenstein, Star Slammer, Straight On Till Morning, Zombie Holocaust, Gemini/Hiruko The Gobelin, Tokyo Fist/Bullet Ballet.
Biblio Watchdog: The Outer Limits Companion by David J. Schow.

Issue 88
October 2002
Watchdog news: Critical visions of The Dead Zone.
Video Tapevine: Bullets Of Love, The Crimson Circle, Dagon, Ed Gein, The Exquisite Cadaver, Keep Your Right Up!, Megiddo: The Omega Code 2, The Terror.
Joe Dante's Fleapit Flashbacks: The Abominable Dr. Phibes, Count Yorga Vampire, Equinox, The Return Of Count Yorga, War Between The Planets, Witchcraft '70.
Reflections in a haunted eye: The making of The Watcher In The Woods: Filmmaker Paul Talbot returns to VW with a production history of Walt Disney's first excursion into 'young adult horror,' now available on DVD from Anchor Bay Entertainment! Read all about the Disney studio's struggle to regain an audience in the 1980s, and to find the right ending for their comeback feature! With comments from stars Bette Davis, Lynn-Holly Johnson, and director John Hough!
DVD spotlight: Harry Potter: Sam and Rebecca Umland tackle the modern wizardry of J.K. Rowling in a review of Warner Home Video's Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone!
DVDs : Bones, Britannia Hospital, The Changeling, The Woman In Black, The City Of The Dead, The Female Criminal, Fritz Lang: Circle Of Destiny, Ghosts Of Mars, Gosford Park, The Indian Tomb, The Stunt Man: Special Edition, Mondo Kammibalen, Jungfrau Unter Kannibalen, Mondo Kannibalen 4. Tiel Nackt Unter Wilden.
Biblio Watchdog: Spawn Of Skull Island by George E. Turner, The Cinema Of Tsui Hark, Jet LI: A Biography.

Issue 87
September 2002
Watchdog news: Hand Of Death lives again; London After Midnight reconstructed; The Haunted House Of Horror restored; DVD update: Guru The Mad Monk, Hellbound: Hellraiser II.
Video Tapevine: The Adventures Of Prince Achmed, Boogiepop Phantom: Evolution 1, 2, 3, 4, The Breed, John Canemaker: Marching To A Different Toon, The Man Who Haunted Himself, Plucking The Daisy, The Night Heaven Fell, Don Juan (or If Don Juan Were A Woman), Raptor.
Joe Dante's Fleapit Flashbacks: Behind The Green Door, Bloody Mama, Celebration At Big Sur, The Man Who Haunted Himself, Paranoia, Tale Of The Dean's Wife.
Boxed Turtle: The Gamera of the '90s!: Everyone's favorite flying turtle returns in Part 2 of Bill Cooke's overview of Gamera in the Cinema, which coincides with the release of the entire series on Japanese import DVD! In this final installment, Bill reviews Gamera-Guardian Of The Universe, Gamera 2: The Advent Of Legion, and Gamera 3: The Awakening Of Irys!
DVD spotlight: John Frankenheimer: In tribute to the late John Frankenheimer (who died on July 6), Bill Cokke offers in-depth reviews of two of his most controversial films, Seconds and Prophesy - now available on DVD from Paramount Home Video!
DVDs : And Soon The Darkness, Dracula 2000, From Hell, Giants And Toys, Afraid To Die, Gunman In The Streets, Killer Barbys, The Naughty Stewardesses, Primitive Love/Mondo Balordo, Series 7: The Contenders, Session 9, Strange Invaders, War-Gods Of The Deep.
Biblio Watchdog: Science Fiction Confidential: Interviews with 23 Monster Stars and Filmmakers by Tom Weaver. So You Want To Be In Pictures: From Will Hay To Hammer Horror And James Bond by Val Guest.

Issue 86
August 2002
Watchdog news: Lost Vincent Price interview comes to DVD; The Stratten story; Region 2 News; Sing a song of Tai Seng.
Video Tapevine: Batman: The Animated Series, Big Doll House, The Big Bird Cage, Women In Cages, Memoirs Of A Survivor, White Lotus Cult, Sam The Iron Bridge, One Arm Hero.
Joe Dante's Fleapit Flashbacks: Pufnstuf, The House That Screamed, Private Duty Nurses, The Student Teachers, Von Richthofen And Brown, To Hex With Sex, Willard.
Boxed Turtle: The classic Gamera on import DVD: In part 1 of a two-part overview, Bill Cooke profiles the prehistoric, hard-shelled friend of all children, Gamera! This installment reviews the first two of three deluxe box sets, now available in Japan, covering the years 1966-1980, which include classic battles with Barugon, Gaos, Guiron, Viras and more!
DVDs : Audition, A Bullet For The General, Donnie Darko, Four Of The Apocalypse, Hell Of The Living Dead, Rats: Night Of Terror, The Mummy, Peter Gunn Set 1 & 2, Ruby, Texas Adios, The Great Silence, Companeros, Thir13en Ghosts, Le Trou.
Biblio Watchdog: Amicus: The Studio That Dripped Blood.

Issue 85
July 2002
Watchdog news: Mexican film treasures available from the Agrasanchez Film Archive: El Fantasma Del Convento, Dos Monjes, El Baul Macabro, Herencia Macabra, La Llorona.
Video Tapevine: The Assassin, Escape Velocity, The Heroes, Pandora And The Magic Box, Red Roses Of Passion, Secret Of Tai Chi, Sleepless Nights, Tremors 3: Back To Perfection.
Joe Dante's Fleapit Flashbacks: The Big Doll House, Frazier The Lovable Lion, Fulfilment Something Worth Remembering, The Hot Box, The Incredible Two-Headed Transplant, Naked Angels, Night Call Nurses.
Riddle me this: Mulholland Dr., Rashomon and the puzzle movie tradition: Charlie Largent inserts a key into the puzzle box of David Lynch's Mulholland Dr. and discovers a subtle relationship to Akira Kurosawa's Rashomon and other movies that cast suspicion on the nature of identity and reality!
DVD spotlight: Eugenie De Sade: Tim Lucas compares one of Jess Franco's most audacious and compelling films to the Marquis de Sade story that inspired it! Plus a look at the three ''Unfinished Franco'' fragments included as supplements on the Wild East Production DVD!
DVDs : As Tears Go By, Days Of Being Wild, In The Mood For Love, Billy Liar, The Dr. Who Collection, HPE: Hardcore Poisoned Eyes, The Last Temptation Of Christ, Play Misty For Me: Collector's Edition, The Possession Of Nurse Sherri, Rebecca, Strange Illusion, Subway, The Vanishing, Sherlock Holmes: The Hound Of The Baskervilles, Play Of The Month: The Picture Of Dorian Gray, Count Dracula.
Biblio Watchdog: Fantasy Femmes Of Sixties Cinema by Tom Lisanti; Trash: The Graphic Genius Of Xploitation Movie Posters by Jacques Boyreau.

Issue 84
June 2002
Watchdog news: The two faces of Barrymore's Dr. Jekyll; DVD update: The Eternal Evil Of Asia, Death Race 2000, Marat/Sade, Vigilante.
Video Tapevine: The Black Coin, Holt Of The Secret Service, Drums Of Fu Manchu, The Great Alaskan Mystery, The Lost City, The Mystery Squadron, Ace Drummond, Raiders Of Ghost City.
Joe Dante's Fleapit Flashbacks: Black Caesar, Eugenie The Story Of Her Journey Into Perversion, 5 Fingers Of Death, I Escaped From Devil's Island, Night Of The Lepus, Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song, Teenage Sex Report.
Storming the Castle: Four new releases from Columbia Tristar present legendary spookmeister William Castle at his merry and malevolent best! But are the movies really that good, or just good fun? Charlie Largent takes a hard look through his Truth Viewer at the DVDs of 13 Ghosts, Homicidal, Mr. Sardonicus and Strait-Jacket!
Hammer House of Horror: Shane M. Dallmann unlocks the prime piece of unreal estate that is A&E's new DVD box set of Hammer Films' 1980 teleseries! Every episode is reviewed - including the one deemed too extreme for broadcast in America!
DVDs : An American Werewolf In London, Blood Simple, The Educational Archives Volume One: Sex & Drugs, The Educational Archives Volume Two: Social Engineering 101, 8 1/2 (Otto Y Mezzo), 8 1/2 Women, H.G.Wells' Things To Come, Jurassic Park III, The Last Wave, Lust For A Vampire, The Mummy Returns, Shrek, That Obscure Object Of Desire, Wuthering Heights, The League Of Gentlemen.

Issue 83
May 2002
Watchdog news: Luchino Visconti arrives on DVD: Il Gattopardo, The Damned, Rocco E I Fratelli. DVD update: Dr. Phibes Rises Again, Die Monster Die, The Dunwich Horror.
Video Tapevine: Body Weapon, Cop On A Mission, The Double-D Avenger, New Mr. Vampire, Play-Mate Of The Apes, Sexy Beast, Super Kung Fu Kid.
Joe Dante's Fleapit Flashbacks: Bonnie's Kids, Daddy Darling, The Daughter (I A Woman Part III), Dr. Frankenstein On Campus, The Ghastly Ones, I Drink Your Bloof, I Eat Your Skin, It Happened In Hollywood, Kama Sutra, Mafia Girls, Man And Wife, Plucked, Raw Meat, The Seducers, Sweden Heaven And Hell, Together, Werewolves On Wheels, Whirlpool.
DVD spotlight: Planet Of The Apes: Tim Lucas reviews Tim Burton's take on the Apes saga - and as much of the 13 plus hours of DVD extra as time permitted!
DVDs : A Better Place, Axe, Astro Zombies, Blood Orgy Of The She-Devils, The Corpse Grinders, The Doll Squad, Girl In Gold Boots, 10 Violent Women, The Worm Eaters, Bloodsucking Pharaohs In Pittsburg, The Mind Benders, The Servant, Accident, The Notorious Daughter Of Fanny Hill/The Dead Mistress, Planet Of The Apes: The Complete TV Series, Schizo, The 10th Victim, Kill Baby... Kill.
Biblio Watchdog: Tokyo Scope: The Japanese Cult Film Companion.

Issue 82
April 2002
Watchdog news: Midnight Marquee's Luminary Press; Creature Features on DVD; DVD update: Daimajin Box Set.
Video Tapevine: Aenigma, Caged Heat, The Erotic Rites Of Countess Dracula, Fist Power, Mau Mau Sex Sex, The Raiders Of Leyte Gulf, The Ravagers, The Walls Of Hell, The Young Bruce Lee.
The Adventures Of Buckaroo Banzai Across The Eighth Dimension - The true story declassified at last: Almost two decades after its theatrical release, the filmed exploits of the world's greatest scientist/philosopher/rock star makes its DVD debut with 14 once deleted scenes recently declassified by The Banzai Institute! Blue Blazer Irregular Sean Murphy has been entrusted with the whole story, straight from the mouths of director W.D. Richter and Team Banzai historian Reno Nevada.
DVD spotlight: Space: 1999: John Charles reviews not one, not two or three episodes of the Gerry & Sylvia Anderson live action series, but the entire first season of episodes, now available on DVD from A&E Home Video!
DVDs : The Adventures Of Buckaroo Banzai Across The Eighth Dimension, Big Trouble In Little China, Cape Fear 1961, Cape Fear 1991, Escape From New York, Kiss Me Quick/House On Bare Mountain, Mee Pok Man, Moulin Rouge, Please Don't Eat My Mother, The Sadistic Baron Von Klaus, Scare Their Pants Off/Satan's Bed, Stargate SG-1: Season 1, Uncensored Bosko: Volume 1 and 2, Godzilla X Megaguiras, Godzilla vs. Megaguirus.
Biblio Watchdog: Christopher Lee The Authorised Screen History by Jonathan Rigby.

Issue 81
March 2002
Watchdog news: BMW's The Hire; Italian DVDs from Media Blasters; UK DVDs: Whistel And I'll Come To You, The Sorcerers, The Key; DVD update: Breeders, Halloween II, A Night To Dismember, Reptilicus, Schlock.
Video Tapevine: Cecil B. Demented, Creature Features: Earth vs. The Spider, Creature Features: How To Make A Monster, Creature Features: Teenage Caveman, The Dominici Affair, Around The World With Orson Welles, The House Of Seven Corpses, Tigris.
Monsters crash the pajama party: Bill Cooke reviews Something Weird Video's, jam-packed Spook Show DVD! Trailers, stills, ads, home movies, commentaries, 3-D - even London After Midnight - with no menu verbiage to help you locate any of it! Sly prank or an inspired work of art? Find out here!
Spooks-A-Talkin'! Mike Vraney on Something Weird's DVD Spooktacular!: SWV grand poobah Mike Vraney regales interviewer Bill Cooke with the incredible ''behind the screams'' story of how the Monsters Crash The Pajama Party DVD was born!
DVD spotlight: Hannibal: Stephen R. Bissette And Tim Lucas say a mouthful about Ridley Scott's admirable sequel to The Silence Of The Lambs and its release as a deluxe MGM double-disc DVD!
DVDs : The Amazing Transplant, At Home Among Strangers A Stranger Among His Own, Blind Beast, The Day The Earth Caught Fire, Doomwatch, Howling III: The Marsupials, Jungle Girl, Monster From Green Hell, Rififi, She Demons, Terror In The Midnight Sun/Invasion Of The Animal People, Voices From Beyond, Zero Kelvin, Thunderbirds: The Complete Series, Stingray: The Complete Series.
Biblio Watchdog: Art Of Darkness The Cinema Of Dario Argento. It Came From Bob's Basement.

Anthony Hopkins

Issue 80
February 2002
Watchdog news: East German fairy tales: The Golden Goose, The Devil's Three Golden Hairs, The Story Of Little Mook, The Singing Ringing Tree. French DVDs: Cinema de Quartier. DVD update: Deadful Melody, Green Snake, Wife to Be Sacrificed.
Video Tapevine: Creature Features: Day The World Ended, Creature Features: She Creature, Crucible Of Terror, The Duel, Death Ring, Inheritor Of Kung Fu, A Life Of Ninja, Ninja Hunter, Ninja vs. Ninja, Mantis Combat, Masters Of Russian Animation Vol 3 & 4, Therese Raquin, Venomous, Vibration.
Yilmaz Atadeniz: Superman of Turkish Cinema: An overview of the weird and wonderful Turkish fantasies of Yilmaz Atadeniz on VCD!
DVD spotlight: Paul Verhoeven: Nathaniel Thompson reviews three new DVD releases from Anchor Bay Entertainment: Turkish Delight, Soldier Of Orange and The Fourth Man!
DVDs : Basket Case, Beast From Haunted Cave, Bruiser, The Caveman's Valentine, Circus Of Horrors, Davey And Goliath: vol 1 & 2, Marihuana/Assassin Of Youth/Reefer Madness, Memento, Piranha Piranha, Ruslan I Lyudmilla, Theatre Of Death, Triumph Of The Will: Special Edition, Wham-Bam-Thank You Spaceman, Au Coeur De La Nuit (Dead Of Night), Crimes Au Musee Des Horreurs (Horrors Of The Black Museum).

Issue 79
January 2002
Watchdog news: Overseas DVDs: Witchfinder General, Phenomena, Perdita Durango. Indian films: Sangharsh, 100 Days, Gumnaam, China Gate, Devi Maa-Boon Of Goddess, Dil Se, Sholay. The Francois Ozon Collection: See The Sea, Sitcom, Criminal Lovers, Water Drops On Burning Rocks, Under The Sand.
Video Tapevine: Jesse James Meets Frankenstein's Daughter, Leonard Maltin's Animation Favorites From The National Film Board Of Canada, Mystery Of The Necronomicon: Book Of The Dead, Demon Warrior Koji, Running Out Of Time, The Saint '66-67, Village Of The Giants.
Tapes from the attic: The Courtyard, The Tempter (L'Anticristo) .
Four films on silver circles: The latest Argento DVDs: We've got everything you need to know about the latest Dario Argento releases from Anchor Bay and Image Entertainment! Richard Harland Smith explores the ''found family'' theme of Dario Argento's warmest thriller The Cat O'Nine Tails, Nathaniel Thompson notices some surprising differences of sight and sound in Suspiria and Opera, And Tim lucas reviews the Channel Four Documentary Dario Argento-An Eye For Horror!
DVDs : Blood From The Mummy's Tomb, The Flesh And The Fiends, Un Flic, The Flying Saucer, Hollywood Boulevard, The Horror Of Frankenstein, The Horror Of Hammer, Tales Of Frankenstein, Pulp Cinema, How To Get Ahead In Advertising, Invasion Of The Blood Farmers, The Invisible Ghost, Ghost On The Loose, Just For The Hell Of It/Blast-Off Girls, The Mad Butcher, Monster From The Ocean Floor, Out Of The Present, The Sword And The Sorcerer, The Thing With Two Heads, X2000-The Collected Short Films Of Francois Ozon, The Yakuza Way, Young Hannah Queen Of The Vampires, Croix De Fer (Cross Of Iron), Massacre A La Tronconneuse (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre).
Biblio Watchdog: Anticristo: The Bible of Nasty Nun Sinema and Culture by Steve Fentone.

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