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- First and last issue: 1988-

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23 July 2013
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Issue 3
Winter 1988
TABLE OF CONTENTS 6 HOLIDAY FOR SEX Love making the Italian way! 14 CLUB ECSTASY Franco-American porn making at its best! 18 ERIC AND ERICA! A couple of live sex performers! 24 LA SLUT DE MARSEILLE She'll do anything for a cock! 28 SEX TUNISIAN STYLE is it porn! 36 STRONG AND WIDE! Samantha Strong makes it in Germany! 40 DEDE JADE & KEVIN JAMES Mixed coupling for interracial sex fans! 56 DANISH LOOP STARS The nastiest girls in North Europe. 60 TRIPLE PLAY! The French show so to mix gags with sex! 68 HELEEN VASKO Sizzling Swede wrestler turned porno star! 74 KATHY KEILLOR: THE MISTRESS OF COPENHAGEN! A Danish sex star on the rise! 82 INTERVIEW: SONYA BIEULLER A Slavic slut speaks out! 86 STUD CHEK Profile of a Czechoslovakian porn stud!

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