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CINEMATIC CREATION aka Dian ying chuang zuo/Dianying Chuangzuo ("Film Dramas") Monthly Magazine from China
(1968/12 (#1)-2002/11 (#247))
(Ceased publication)
- Also called DIANYING CHUANGZUO ("Film Creation").
- Suspended from 1963 to 1978.
- Bimonthly (1990-2002), monthly (1979-1989), bimonthly (1961-1962), monthly (1958-1960).

DIANYING YANJIU ("Film Studies") Magazine from China
(Ceased publication)
- "Reprints of selected articles from national and local newspapers and periodicals on various subjects."

FILM AND TV PRODUCTION REVIEW Magazine from United Kingdom
Published by Response Publishing Group (1996-)
(Ceased publication)

FILM ART ( An Independent Quarterly Devoted To The Serious Film ) Magazine from United Kingdom
(Ceased publication)

IAC NEWS aka Institute of Amateur Cinematographers Magazine from United Kingdom

(Ceased publication)

KINOEYE Magazine from United States
(Ceased publication)
- English-language analysis of cinema.
- Prior to this magazine it was a column in Central Europe Review.
- Covers Eastern European independent cinema.
- Edited by Andrew James Horton.

NOUTATILE ECRANULUI (News of the screen) Magazine from Moldova
(Ceased publication)
- In two languages: Romanian and Russian.
- Founder: Victor Andon.

OSCAR MICHEAUX SOCIETY NEWSLETTER Irregular Magazine from United States
Published by Duke University Press (1993-2004)
(Ceased publication)
- "The Oscar Micheaux Society formed in the early 1990s to promote the study of the early African-American film director, writer, and producer Oscar Micheaux. It released its first newsletter in February 1993 under the editorship of Jane Gaines and Charlene Regester, professors of film at Duke and UNC, respectively.
- Beginning with the twelfth issue in 2004, the newsletter was published electronically."

SCOTTISH EDUCATIONAL FILM REVIEW ( Issued By The Scottish Film Council In Co-Operation With The Scottish Educational Film Association ) Magazine from United Kingdom
(Ceased publication)
- Issued from 1938-1952 but not from 1942-1948.

(Ceased publication)
- Subtitle means "UNDER EDITING BY CLOSE-UP".
- "Close-up" was the pseudonym of film critic Adrianus Johannes Petrus van Domburg.
- Became Katholiek Filmfront in 1938.
- In 1948 there was a fallout between the publisher and the editors. The editors then merged with the Belgium magazine Filmstudien.
- The new magazine was called Filmfront-Filmstudien.

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