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                            Posted by Mike @ 22/03/2019 22:27GMT
These were part of a run of really good free magazines that you would pick up at the cinemas in Canada.
The first one was SHOWBILL, which was obviously inspired by the similar UK cinema publication ABC FILM REVIEWS.
SHOWBILL inspired a competitor in MARQUEE, then SHOWBILL died.
Five years later, MARQUEE inspired it's own competitor, TRIBUTE, which began as 4 x 4 quarterly (4 issues every season, the early issues with the large color borders). That evolved into a semi-monthly publication in 1984.
In it's last few years, MARQUEE stopped being distributed in cinemas and instead became an insert in daily newspapers, without anyone knowing when it was published and available. That's why later listings of MARQUEE are so sporadic.
In the late 90s, a rival movie chain began to publish their own free movie mag, FAMOUS.
That title was later changed to the current CINEPLEX.
Three issues from 1977 are very hard to find (Star Wars may have something to do with that) Around 2000/2001 the magazine declined considerably in quality.
They stopped being a movie magazine, instead becoming more of a celebrity/gossip/teen/shopping catalog going directly into the garbage. FAMOUS and CINEPLEX are both complete rubbish, barely anything to do with movies.
The main appeal of these magazines from the very beginning was their full-page (sometimes 2-page) full color movie poster reproductions (movie ads). There were sometimes up to a dozen of these per issue, the rest of the mag was nothing more than promotional fluff.
The appeal of the movie ads was something that the publishers never understood and that is why the current CINEPLEX mag contains none and the end runs of both MARQUEE and TRIBUTE contained very few.

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