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    G-FAN/Daikaiju Society of North America, The/G-Force/G Fan
    The Fanzine of G-Force, The Godzilla Society of North America
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    22 August 2017
    28 April 2017
    Subject: Sci-Fi,  
    Special thanks for this page goes to:
    Debi Ziemkowski
    Scott Matheson
    Garry Malvern
    Sci-Fi, Quarterly fanzine from Canada

    - First issue: 1992
    - 118 issues are listed in the moviemags.com database. (full listing). Highslide JS
    - Godzilla and Japanese science-fiction and fantasy films.
    - Started out as a mimeographed newsletter by J. D. Lees.
    - Was called "The Daikaiju Society of North America" ( issues 1-3) and then "G-Force" (issues 4 -8).
    - Website: g-fan.com

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    Issue #77
    Fall 2006
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    Issue #76
    Summer 2006
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    Issue #75
    Spring 2006
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    Issue #74
    Winter 2006
    Tribute to Sadamasa Arikawa
    Gamera: Little Braves news
    The return of King Kong
    Interview with actor Richard Berger
    Profile of fan film: Godzilla Zero Hour
    Great War in Space analysis, by Peter Brothers
    Interview with Title Designer Kyle Cooper
    A final review of Godzilla: Final Wars
    Interview with dinosaur artist William Stout
    Down With Us by Jolyon Yates
    Evan Stultz' Godzilla fan club
    Godzilla Large Dictionary book review
    Godzilla Toho Large Monster Picture Book review
    Gfantis returns by Timothy Gagnon
    Japanese Monster Movies DVD review
    G-FEST XII Convention DVD review .
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