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REEL WILD CINEMA (1997-1999) Fanzine The Journal Of Eclectic Film & Video

CINE REVUE SPECIAL PHOTOS (1978-1986) Magazine Published by Cine-Revue S.A.
CINE TELE REVUE (1944) Magazine Published by Cine-Revue S.A.
CINEMA (Be) (1977-1991) Magazine
IMMORTELS DU CINEMA | LES (1975-1989) Magazine Published by Cine-Revue S.A.

G-FAN (1992) Sci-Fi Fanzine The Fanzine of G-Force, The Godzilla Society of North America

CINEMA PLUS (1985-1986) Magazine
CREEPY IMAGES (2009) Horror Fanzine The World's First Fanzine Entirely Devoted To Rare And Hard To Find Exploitation Memorabilia.

CINEMANIA (Mx) (October 1996-August 2013) Magazine

CAMERA OBSCURA (NL) (1992-1998) Fanzine
CRITISCH FILMFORUM (1965-1969) Magazine Critical Filmforum
FILMKRANT | DE (1981) Magazine The Movienewspaper
FILMVALLEY (November 2003-April 2009) Magazine Published by Valley Publications
SCHOKKEND NIEUWS (1992) Fanzine Published by Stichting Schokkend Nieuws
SKOOP (1963-1993) Magazine Published by Stichting Skoop
SKRIEN (1968-2009) Magazine Published by Stichtin Skrien

United Kingdom
007 MAGAZINE (April 1979-August 2012) 007 Fanzine Published by 007 MAGAZINE
007 MAGAZINE ARCHIVE FILES (March 2010-December 2012) 007 Fanzine Published by 007 MAGAZINE
1-SHOT PUBLICATIONS (February 1992-April 1996) Fanzine
ABC FILM REVIEW (1950-April 1972) Fan! Magazine
BLOOD AND BLACK LACE (1989-1989) Horror Fanzine
BOMBA MOVIES (1997) Fanzine
CINEMA X UK (1969-1977?) Adult Magazine International Guide For Adult Audiences Published by Top Sellers
CRIMSON (1990s?) Fanzine Published by Thee Vampire Guild
EMERGENCY TELEVISION (1996) TV Magazine Published by Visual Imagination
EMPIRE (1989) General, Fan!, Mainstream Magazine Britain's Biggest-Selling Movie Magazine Published by Bauer Media
GIALLO PAGES Magazine Exploitation All' Italiana
HEADCHEESE AND CHAINSAWS (1990s?) Horror Fanzine
JOHN CARPENTER FILE (1987-1989) Horror Fanzine
KISS KISS BANG BANG (2005-2009) 007 Fanzine Published by James Bond Int. Fan Club
MAGAZINES OF THE MOVIES (1990-1995) Fanzine Published by Magazines of the Movies
MI6 CONFIDENTIAL (October 2007) 007 Magazine
NORA K (1990-1996) Adult Fanzine
PHANTASMS (1990-1990) Horror Fanzine
PREMIERE (1970) (1970?) Magazine The Film Magazine Published by Tonic Productions or Tonic Publications Ltd
PREMIERE UK (Autumn 1992-July 1998) Mainstream Magazine The Film Magazine Published by EMAP Metro ltd
SFX (1995) Sci-Fi Magazine Adventures In Science Fiction Published by Future Publishing
SFX COLLECTION (2000?) Fantasy, Sci-Fi Magazine Published by Future Publishing
SHEER FILTH (1988-1990) Adult Fanzine Published by Divine Press
STAR TREK MAGAZINE (UK) (March 1995-June-July 2006) Sci-Fi, Star Trek Magazine Published by Titan Magazines
VULCAN (1987) Magazine The Magazine Of Classic Film And Television
WE BELONG DEAD (1991) Classic Monsters, Horror Fanzine The Fanzine Of The Classic Age Of Horror

United States
ADULT CINEMA REVIEW (1981) Adult Magazine Published by Adult Movie Review Inc.
BANNED (PEC) (1965) Adult, Early Sexploitation Magazine Published by Publisher's Export Co.
CINEMA BLUE (1984) Adult Magazine Published by Hudson Communications Inc.
CINEMA KEYHOLE (1968) Adult Magazine
CINEMA-X (1980) Adult Magazine
DAREDEVILS (November 1983-May 1985) Magazine Published by Schuster/New Media Publishing Inc.
EROSCREEN (1969) Adult Magazine Published by Chelsea Publishing / Parliament News
FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND (1958/02-2016) Classic Monsters, Horror, Sci-Fi, Fantasy Magazine The Magazine Of Classic Fantasticinema Published by Warren Publishing Co., Ray Ferry, Philip Kim/IDW
FANGORIA (1979-2016) Modern Horror, Classic Monsters Magazine America's #1 Horror Magazine Published by Starlog Group
FANTASY EMPIRE (1981-1985) Sci-Fi Magazine Published by Schuster/New Media Publishing Inc.
FREAKY MONSTERS (2010) Classic Monsters, Horror, Sci-Fi, Fantasy Magazine Published by Ray Ferry
GORE GAZETTE (1981-1991) Horror Fanzine Your Bi-Weekly Guide To Horror, Exploitation And Gore In The N.Y. Metro Area
HORRORHOUND (2005) Horror Magazine
INTERVIEW (1969/09) Magazine A monthly film journal Published by Brant Publications
MAXIM (1997) Adult Magazine
MAXIM MOVIES (2003) Magazine
MONSTERS FROM THE VAULT (1996-2017?) Classic Monsters, Horror Fanzine
PAINFUL EXCURSIONS (1990s?) Horror Fanzine Horror * Splatter * Exploitation Published by Scott Stine
PHOTO FIENDS (1978-1979) Classic Monsters, Horror Fanzine Published by Timothy Paxton (Kronos Productions)
STARLOG (1976-2009) Sci-Fi Magazine Published by Starlog Group
WENGS CHOP (2012) Cult, Horror Fanzine

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