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Monthly Magazine from Netherlands
Ceased publication

- First and last issue: 2003-2009
'- FilmValley is the largest magazine in The Netherlands on film, dvd and tv and is also published in (Dutch speaking region of) Belgium.
- Started in November 2003 as DVD Valley. In April 2005 the title changed to FilmValley.
- It has a split run: one version with a quality movie on dvd ( 9,95 Euro) and one without ( 6,95 Euro).
- Published 11 times a year.
- Final issue April 2009.
- Editor: Koen van Otterdijk.
- Published by Valley Publications
- Website: www.filmvalley.nl (dead link)

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12 February 2016

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Issue 61

2nd cover

Issue 60
March 2009

Issue 59
February 2009

Issue 58
January 2009

Issue 57
December 2008

Issue 56
November 2008

Issue 55
October 2008

Issue 54
August/September 2008

Issue 53
July 2008

Issue 52
June 2008

Issue 51
May 2008

Issue 50
April 2008

Issue 49
March 2008

Issue 48
February 2008

Issue 47
January 2008

Issue 46
December 2007

Issue 45
November 2007

Issue 44
October 2007

Issue 43
August/September 2007

Issue 42
July 2007
- Coverstory: Blood Diamond met Edward Zwick interview.
- Bioscoop: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Transformers, Die Hard 4.0.
- Interview: Bruce Willis, Len Wiseman.
- Interview: Antonie Kamerling.
- Studiogeschiedenis: Paramo

Issue 41
June 2007
- Coverstory: Death Proof, A Grindhouse Feature including Quentin Tarantino inteview
- Zodiac, including David Fincher interview
- Bioscoop: Ocean?s Thirteen, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World?s End, Ninotchka
- Interview: Rifka Lodeizen

Issue 40
May 2007
- Pan?s Labyrinth, and Guillermo Del Toro interview.
- Spider-Man 3.
- Interview Darren Aronofsky.
- Interview Tamar van den Dop.
- Profiel Spencer Tracy: De vleesgeworden integriteit.
- Foute films: van NSB-Filmdienst tot Duitse propa

Issue 39
April 2007
- Coverstory: 300
- Bioscoop: Hot Fuzz, The Good German, Shut Up And Sing, The Night of the Hunter
- Interview: Jan Decleir
- Feature: Monty Python?s Flying Circus
- DVD: Casino Royale, Brick, Twin Peaks - seizoen 2
- Inland Empire, in

Issue 38
March 2007

Issue 37
February 2007

Issue 36
January 2007

Issue 35
December 2006

Issue 34
November 2006

Issue 33
October 2006

Issue 32
August/September 2006

Issue 31
July 2006

Issue 30
June 2006

Issue 29
May 2006

Issue 28
April 2006

Issue 27
March 2006
Met in de hoofdrollen: Jason Statham, Peter McNicholl, Vinnie Jones, Dexter Fletcher
Bioscoopfilms oa.: Three Burials, The Weather Man, The Pink Panther
DVD-releases oa.: Wallace & Gromit in The Curse of the Were-Rabbit, Night Watch, Lord of War
En verder oa.: Interviews met Eddy Terstall, Peer Mascini, Wouter Bos

Issue 26
February 2006
Met in de hoofdrollen: Colin Firth, Liam Neeson, Bill Nighy, Emma Thompson
Bioscoopfilms oa.: Munich, Brokeback Mountain, Walk the Line
DVD-releases oa.: Kinsey, Het Schnitzelparadijs, Elizabethtown
En verder oa.: Interviews met Eric Bana, Ang Lee, Joaquin Phoenix

Issue 25
January 2006
Met in de hoofdrollen: Russel Crowe, Jennifer Connely, Paul Bettany
Bioscoopfilms oa.: King Kong, Chronicles of Narnia, Jarhead, Match Point
DVD-releases oa.: Mr. and Mrs. Smith, The Wedding Crashers, Millions
En verder oa.: Interviews met Lasse Hallstrom, Andy Serkis, Saskia Mulder, Pierre Bokma

Issue 24
December 2005
Met in de hoofdrollen: Russel Crowe, Oliver Reed, Joaquin Phoenix
Bioscoopfilms oa.: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Serenity, Murderball
DVD-releases oa.: War of the Worlds, Revenge of the Sith, Sin City, Lost, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
En verder oa.: Interviews met Johnny Depp, Bill Murray, Terrence Howard, Ralph Fiennes

Issue 23
November 2005
Met in de hoofdrollen: Tia Texada, Jeremie Campbell, Val Kilmer, Derek Luke
Bioscoopfilms oa.: Corpse Bride, Lord of War, A History of Violence
DVD-releases oa.: Batman Begins, Hotel Rwanda, Kingdom of Heaven
En verder oa.: Interviews met Jennifer Connely, David Cronenberg, Halina Reijn, Hany Abu-Assad

Issue 22
October 2005
Met in de hoofdrollen: Emilio Estevez, Judd Nelson, Molly Ringwald, Anthony Michael Hall
Bioscoopfilms oa.: The Brothers Grimm, Pride and Prejudice, The 40-year Old Virgin
DVD-releases oa.: The Assassination of Richard Nixon, Layer Cake, The Breakfast Club
En verder oa.: Interviews met Victor Low, Nick Park, Peter Blok, Keira Knightley en Gerard Soeteman

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